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Psalm 95:1-11

"Oh Come, let us sing to the Lord..." (Psalm 95:1). I'm a singer and musician so those words really resonate with me. Of course I'm going to sing to the Lord. But what if you're not a singer? Maybe you can't really sing on tune and singing where someone might hear you is a little intimidating. No problem because although Psalm 95 starts by telling us to sing to the Lord, it then expands on that to say (twice) "make a joyful noise" to the Lord (vs. 1 & 2). I lead worship at my church, and one of my favorite things is seeing and hearing all the voices (on tune, kind of on tune and not on tune) raised in praise to the Lord. It's simply beautiful.

So how are you doing in the "make a joyful noise" department? What reasons do you have to sing to the Lord this weekend? Tami W.

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What about laughter? As I contemplated your question, this thought just hit me. Laughter is the epitome of "a joyful noise". Who can laugh without having a joyous feeling accompanying it?
But not just random, rather laughter in the face of extreme difficulty...THAT would be a personal song of praise! The peace that surpasses all understanding manifesting itself in personal joy regardless of circumstances---can you hear the concert of praise exploding forth from heavenly hosts as they witness Christ's awesome power over the darkness of this world?
God has blessed me with an extreme set of circumstances that would, by the admission of observers both inside and outside of the church, send them running and screaming as fast as they could go. But the fact that I've been given the stamina with which to withstand the circumstances and also that there is still laughter within my home daily is testament to the truthfulness of His promises. I believe that from this day forward I'll take moment to pause during those times of laughter and join in with the heavenly praise, acknowledging God's faithfulness.

This weekend has been hard for me to "make a joyful Noise" We have had much rain and then it turn cold. Aa result we had water damage in our basement. My wife and I took turn on three hours shifts cleaning up water for 48 hours trying to limited the damage. I found that in the middle of a Crisis it is hard to give thanks, but my wifes advise was "lets not give up" we have had other major trials in the past while so it was tuff. We prayed and then prayed some more asking the Father for guiadance and for strength to get us through yet another event. We can only keep trusting and "making a joyful noise".

I am not always in tune when I sing to God , but I sing anyway.I tell my grand children that God doesn't care if they are in tune or not, He loves to hear them.My reasons to sing ,My God,My Savior/Lord,my family ,my Church family.

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