Faulty Thinking

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Genesis 12:10-20

Every time I read Genesis 12:10-20 about Abram and Sarai's journey to Egypt, I kind of scratch my head. Just a few verses earlier Abram is so tuned in to God and now, here he is really off course. Abram is fearful of what might happen as he and his family come into Egypt. I can understand that... So he sought the Lord and turned it over to Him, right? Not hardly. Instead of consulting God about the situation and seeking His protection, Abram relies on his own thinking--which is, by the way, faulty. And Sarai seems to be right there with him in this thinking.

Well as much as I don't want to admit it, I react like Abram and Sarai...oh...plenty often. (I'm guessing you do to?) So, what can we do to help make sure God is the first place we turn when we encounter fearful, unpleasant, or overwhelming situations? How might we help someone else if we see them reacting like Abram or Sarai here? Tami W.

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I think when I pray I must reflect on God's presence in every area of life.I must stop and think first...about God! I must stop and think...that is my problem I usually react instead of respond...
If we could just stop and picture or imagine and see God as if HE is the other people in our situations. Let His love flow and His wisdom take over. Guess that takes pracice. AND reading/knowing the WORD. There is so much in the Bible and sometimes I get overwhelmed
but God is not a god of confusion and He has all the answers. Trusting Him will make the outcome more joyful. I need to be a more positive person. Not argumentative or negative. I treasure your prayers.

I too have often wondered how Abram could flip the switch on obedience so quickly...and then I remember that I can flip that switch pretty well myself! I've often wondered why God put this little story into His word. In part, perhaps, it is to show us that even great faithful men like Abram made mistakes. I also think there is a lesson in how difficult it is to obey when God leads us into unfamiliar territory or situations. When He does that, and we begin to fear, we tend to revert back to what WE think is going to happen and how WE think it should be handled. This never works. The God who leads us into unfamiliar territory is walking beside us every step of the way and knows what we need.

Truth is, yes, I too react like Abram and Sarai at times. I try to 'help God out' on a particular matter. I believe the sure way to put God first place when we encounter challenging situations is to put Him first before we get there!... It's like a fire drill, you do all the preparation and dry runs when there is no fire so that when there is a fire, you know exactly what to do without second-guessing. So, by reading His Word, reflecting on what is says and asking Him to help me apply it to my life, one day at a time on a consistent basis, is what will prepare me for those diffifult times. Hey, sounds like what Powered by 4 is all about.

One way I TRY to act according to the will of God is to keep His power flowing into me. Thankfully you have provided a simple reminder to START my day in His word with P-4 and Early in the morning, which always encourages me to stay connected to the source of all good things throughout the day!

This verse makes me think of our every day life. We need to be careful not to let others talk us into half truths which is a lie. it's our friends and family that we can be blind to, and just go along with the lie because we drop our guard with those who are close to us. We may not not to fight or argue, so we go along with it. I believe that God gives us that opportunity to make the right choice, to please Him or to please man. It is hard at times, but we know God is Faithful and we CAN trust Him. That is when it feels good when we have made the right choice, going against the norm,(what everybody else is doing). I am so thankful for God's patience with us. Each and every day is a new day.

I think that we are all capable of going our own way. We need to get in the habit of talking to God first thing in the morning, and continuing on with every situation throughout the day and night. It takes faith and practise for sure! (Not that I am "there" yet!) The more we do it, the easier it becomes.

Thank you so much for your comments. They have help me:)

I too need to think about God first, but sad to say I don't.I flip the switch to often and make my own decisions with out asking God first 'I am thankful that God is so faithful and trustworthy .And as Janice said, I need to get in the habit of talking to God first about everything, and yes it won't be easy and I have a long way to go but I know God won't give up on me so I can not give up on Him.thank you to Powered by 4 ,you are making it easier for me to learn about Gods ways

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