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Genesis 18:1-15

Abraham and Sarah entertain heavenly visitors in Genesis 18:1-15. Abraham is...well like he always is...respectful and reverent. Sarah, on the other hand, isn't quite that. When she overhears the Lord say "'I will surely return to you about this time next year, and Sarah your wife shall have a son,'" her response is sarcastic, even a little skeptical. Quite a contrast between Abraham and Sarah here, don't you think?

So when circumstances are tough or just don't seem to make sense, what can we do to help us respond more like Abraham and less like Sarah? Tami W.

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What I find interesting is that Abraham did not have the benefit of the testimony of the Scriptures to reflect on the faithfulness of God. He could only act out of his personal experience with God!
I need to really get to know Him more, so that just like my daughter trusts me to take care of her in EVERY situation, I will trust God at all times.

This is one of my favorite little "quirky" passages in the Bible. There is a little bit, or sometimes a lot, of "Sarai skepticism" in all of us. This especially comes out when God says He is going to do something in His word that doesn't seem to match up with the world around us; or when one or more of His promises in His word don't seem to match up with the circumstances of our lives. To me it seems to boil down to a matter of trust. Abraham trusted God. Sarai wasn't so sure. Of course, Abraham had doubted earlier himself. We all doubt. I'm just so thankful that God doesn't remove His favor from us when we have our doubts. He works with us despite the doubt. That's not an excuse for doubting; we should never presume on God's mercy or grace, but it is sure comforting to read things like this and know that God is still at work anyway.

When we don't believe we can pray and ask for God to help us with our unbelief. It's also imoportant not to react too quickly but to wait, ponder and walk in faith into what God has promised or told us about. Often outside forces distract us and taunt us so this is harder to do than to say but each time we take that step of faith, our belief and trust increases. We have to take the first step to believe. God is sovereign and trustworthy.

Head of the household and virtuous women come to mind. I just pray that my wife and I are obedient to God and the roles that he's placed on us. I don't want to be an unloving husband with a wife that's like a dripping faucet. I also see hospitality in which our Samoan culture is high on. I just pray that our heart matches God's when we are hospitable. Thank you Lord for Your Word today.

Consider the times. Not many people covering the world at the time. God comes for a visit and Abraham recognizes Him as Lord. Sarah on the other hand is probably not quite so sure. However she does obey her lord . Then a promise is presented.

When circumstances are tough or just don't seem to make sense, we have to pray and ask God to strengthen our faith. We must keep in His Word which we know is true. Live the life He tells us to live. We are blessed today that we have God's Inspired Word to guide us and we must trust in Him.

It find it amazing, Abraham's ability to recognize God each time he appears or speaks to him. It causes me to reflect on my relationship and interaction with God in being able to immediately recognize Him, in immediately knowing his voice apart from the other "voices" or feelings. Also the importance of being reminded that God knows our every thought, just like Sarah's thoughts so we must be mindful of our thoughts......allowing Jesus to control our thoughts or being able to honestly acknowledge our thoughts before God.

I too am awed at how Abraham recognizes the Lord. Although we see that Sarah doubts, we can also see that she doesn't question what Abraham is asking her to do to prepare for their guests. I think most of us would be similar in our reactions to the news about Sarah even though we WANT to be more like Abraham. I try to remind myself frequently tha nothing is impossible for Him.

This events was the visitations of God to Abraham and Sarah, God see the heart of Abraham that He will make him the father of all Nations, so what ever God said it surely come to past.. but Sarah has doubt about what the Lord said to Abraham that she will bore a son..in order to make His plan accomplished. Every child of the Living God has a purpose and destiny... if we fallow the God's principles..i believe that God has a big dream for my life.. which is good and perfect.

I too, am amazed at how Abraham was able to know and recognize Gods voice among all the others.I pray that one day I will be able to rocognize his voice when he speaks to me .Praise God.

Sarah and Abraham both laugh within themselves. Sarah is the one who will give BIRTH. So for me to question her motive is not important. In the end both obey their God, which is the most important. Trust sometimes is hard when it comes to what God can and will do in our lives.

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