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Isaiah 40:1-11

I love the rich and vivid descriptions we're given in Isaiah 40:6-8. Isaiah lets us know that we (people) are basically like perishable plants. And then he puts the most important message before us emphasizing it through contrast. "But the word of our God will stand forever." That's a message that I need to draw on every day.

So what does knowing that God's Word will stand forever mean for you today? How does it give you hope? Courage? Strength? Encouragement? Tami W.

P.S. All this coming week on Back to the Bible is our special Christmas series called Voices of Christmas. It's basically short dramas paired with Dr. Kroll's teaching on the Christmas story. (To whet your appetite, you can listen to an audio clip (right) or watch a preview from Dr. Kroll.) Make sure and check it out starting tomorrow.
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The word of God which stands forever is truly the greatest comfort for God's people. Everything and everyone else around us will fade away and will also often hurt us, intentionally or unintentionally. Everyone around us will sometimes give bad advice or counsel. But the word of God is not like that. It stands forever as a beacon of light and a guide to the truth. It binds up the brokenhearted and keeps the joyful humble. Praise God for His EVERLASTING word!

"Every mountain and hill will be made low"
"all flesh shall see it together, for the mouth of the LORD has spoken"

Incredible almost incomprehensible. A small measure of the lords power emulated in these verses.

Yes, comfort HIS people, but STAND for The WORD OF GOD Because it IS forever and sin will be wiped out. Our county is in a terrible danger when it comes to ignoring God. No matter what governing authorities allow, the Bible says SEXUAL SIN demoralizes whole nations and WILL FORFEIT His protection, Sin is still sin. God’s law hasn't changed FOR THOSE WHO REFUSE CHRIST’S SALVATION. Those who know Christ and believe His Word better be prepared and get out there, fight harder to win souls and snatch them from the fire and destruction. God became a man because He loves us. Statistics show more than 80% claim to be Christians in the USA. We the people are guilty of allowing sin to rule our country if we don’t stand up for our GOD. There should be no comfort until we stand up- or - lose the freedom that so many young and old fought for over the years. If we sin at even one point of the law we are guilty all of it. We cannot hide behind our church doors and not expect HOMOSEXUALITY to affect OUR nation. We will reap what we sow. We can wither and fade away.Please pray for our nation.

"And the glory of the lord shall be revealed,and all flesh shall see it together,for the mouth of the lord has spoken" this caught me ,i just wait for this to come to pass.Praise God!

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