It's All About Love!

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1 Corinthians 13:4-8

We all LOVE to be loved. We need it. We desire it. And we need to be givers of it. So what better place to turn today than 1 Corinthians 13:4-8? We can learn a bunch about love from all sides from this passage.

So how are you doing when it comes to receiving love? How are doing with being a giver of love? What are some things you can do to get better in each category? Tami W.

P.S. Today we're beginning a new series on Back to the Bible, Five Lessons Kids Learn by Example. And today's topic, love, goes right along with our P4 readings.

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Love is the reason to live. Love is the primary action we are to be involved with. A great exercise to do with this passage is to replace the word "love" with your first name. Does it still fit? If not, then release the love that God has for you. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ then the love we see in this passage of God's word is the love that resides in you.

Ok, Tami..I know it's a cliche, but, I couldn't resist: With regard to your question, It IS more blessed to give than to receive! AND, when we give Christlike love to anyone, we WILL receive...GUAR...UNN...TEED! So, we will have filled up a soul with God's love; and He will have filled us up, too (right back at us). Blessings to all at P4! .

This weekend I went to a family reunion. I wanted so much to bless our host. But He insisted he get the blessing another way. I said I was robbing him of his blessing. I've got to quit trying to make God do things my way...I will choose to recieve love from others in their way and know I can't make things happen.God help me to love YOUR WAY.

That we all want love is almost unnecessary to say. Some people do not know how to give it, much less receive it. Some can easily give it, but still it is hard to receive. This is God's recipe that we should use daily.

1 Corintians 13 has always been one of my favorate scriptures. I am going to take this scripture and think upon it for a time. I like to do that at times about scriptures I read that I need work on. Love is patient, Thank God I am a patient person. and Kind, I think I could use some work on that one. I think by watching my tounge! I suppose we all need that type of work now and again! love does not envy, Thankfully Christ has dealt with me on this already; it is not irritable, hum I need to contemplate on that some more. or resentful, I don't think I'm resentful. It does not rejoice in wrongdoing, that is a hard one I find I laugh and I need to really contemplate on that as well. but rejoices with the truth, I'm not sure on this one. I will contemplate on this as well. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. I think from this scripture I am 50 / 50. So often times I just pass by that which isn't true and right. I printed it out it will go with me for a time!

If I'm really honest, I would have to say that I am "careful" when it comes to receiving love. I know it may seem easier to receive love, but sometimes I am sceptical....sure if the feeling is mutual, its not a big deal, but I think in my mind I do question at times when persons have said they love me. With regards to giving love, I am a bit better, although I could use some help with this as well. I am now learning to reach outside of my circle, or the people I think needs love, and to stretch my hands to those who are even unlovable in my eyes... So all in all, I am really a work in progress, needing lots of assistance. For starters, I should reach out more to strangers (don't pre-judge), and don't question why people want to hang out with me, or be aroud me because that may just be a way that they are able to show their love for me (simple as that!).

For me, I receive love a bit guarded. I am working on this so that being vulnerable is not scary. As far as giving love and showing love I find it most difficult with family, especially siblings. I think it is because we have a history with them that alters our perception of that person. Here to I am allowing God to change my heart so I can give it away more freely.

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