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2 Timothy 4:5-8

We're in 2 Timothy today looking at a portion of a letter Paul wrote to Timothy. In 2 Timothy 4:1-8 Paul is giving instruction to Timothy about preaching the Word and making sure he understands how important this is.

These verses are good for us, too, because they also highlight the importance of the Bible and proclaiming God's Word. Now you might be thinking, But I'm not a preacher. Well, even if we're not preachers by vocation (and I'm guessing that's most of us) we still have a responsibility to spread the message of Christ, introduce people to the Bible and share Scripture with them when possible. And Paul's words in verse 7 tell me that this responsibility is for life. "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."

So what does fighting the fight, finishing the race and keeping the faith look like for you? How can we take part in combating people turning away from the Truth and going after what sounds good to them (vs. 3-5)? Tami W.

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Fighting the good fight and finishing the race. Most people believe deep down that simply believing in Christ and living a good, as pure as possible life is good enough, with going to church and tithing and giving to missions, that that's good enough; oh, and living a life that will HOPEFULLY be noticed is a little exceptionally good and want to know.

From today's passage, though, living the Christian life is more than that. It does include telling - evangelism. It doesn't say IF someone asks or IF someone notices, it's to be a deliberate act.

But it doesn't stop with simply telling. It's building a relationship and when the person is ready, to help him or her come to the Lord, followed with nurturing them in God's truths and helping them grow in their own Christian walk followed by training and teaching and helping them to go and reach out and tell others and build relationships with others to bring them to a saving knowledge of Christ just as you did with them. This is discipleship.

Fighting the good fight to me means that I can never or should not give up on God my Creator. God has never forsaken me even when I faced obstacles. These obstacles I believe are to test my faith so that I will persevere and never give up. So many times I have failed God and He still loves and guides me. I can only live His Word each day and by this I will draw closer to Him. I have to keep His Word so that I might not sin against Him.

I have to keep praying for my family, my friends and all the people of the world and I believe that by so doing, at least one person will come to know Him and he/she can also share with someone else. May we never cease to pray for others. We have been asked to do so, and we should obey our Master. May God continue to bless us and our families and friends. May the good seed we sow this weekend be fruitful.

What a wonderful thing to be able to say, looking back over your life, that you have fought a good fight, finished the race and kept the faith. So many people look back over their lives with great regret. I'm sure that Paul would have done some things differently if he could have (like all of us would) but I want to get to the end of my life and be able to say that I've finished the race. The key to doing this? I think the key is to trust the Lord each day and follow what His word each day. We don't need to worry about the end of the race, but just run it one step at a time.

For me I can really relate to this passage. I am a counselor and I often work with people going through trials and suffering. I am able to do some Christian counseling which I love about my job. I think I will share this verse with come who are struggling to keep their faith in hopes that it will help them to not give up.

spiritual warfare is alive and well...and is raging on the the realm of this earth, where I happen to live. for me, fighting the good fight involves keeping my heart and mind focused on the Living Word of God so that I can successfully make it through each of these battles. as I emerge from each battle, I am a bit stronger for facing the next attack. one of these battles will be my final one and my Savior will be cheering me on as I cross that finish line and enter eternity...where the battling stops and sin and suffering no longer exist. He daily prepares me for my departure.

To me keeping up the good fight means keeping our faith in Jesus Christ and also living a godly life (as an example) the best we can.
In our society it seems like it would be so easy to give in and stray away from what God's word says about marriage, pure hearts, our thought life, work ethics etc.

I think putting only what is good and righteous in our minds is a good start at fighting a good fight. Mostly to love others in word and deed. When they see the difference in you they want what you have and become saved.

So what does fighting the fight, finishing the race and keeping the faith look like for you? How can we take part in combating people turning away from the Truth and going after what sounds good to them (vs. 3-5)?

I really love the first part of first part of verse 7, "I have fought the good fight" (2 Tim 4:7). I really want to think that everything else is completely vain if we are not willing to fight to know Christ and make Him know. I really want to know Christ.

"I have fought the good fight" - It's worth fighting for what is right even if people may resist and redicule; it is the most important part after realizing who Christ it.

"I have finished the race" - Paul kept focused throughout his life on the importance of chasing after God.

"I have kept the faith" - And Paul was faithful to God where ever that chasing led. For Paul it led to many places but he remained in faith that God is big and God is in control. We are just living as a part of the beautiful story of his all powerful, unstoppable, knows no bounds, transforming love.

It is worth it to fight the good fight.

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