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1 Kings 9:1-5

The Lord appears to Solomon a second time here in 1 Kings 9:1-5. (You can read the account of the first appearing at 1 Kings 3:5-14.) This is shortly after Solomon has completed the temple, dedicated it and sacrificed offerings to the Lord. God affirms and recognizes Solomon's words and actions, and then offers (similar to 1 Kings 3) loving instruction and guidance to Solomon, telling him to walk with "integrity of heart and uprightness" and according to all that God had commanded (vs. 4). Those words were good for Solomon, and they're good for us too.

So what does walking with integrity of heart and uprightness mean to you? How will you work on putting that walk into practice this week? Tami W.

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integrity of heart includes: 1)allowing God to work through us. 2)trusting God to satisfy our needs. 3)remaining faithful to Him throughout our lives. 4)praying for wisdom and courage to faithfully carry out what He calls us to do. 5)putting God's principles first.

Walking with uprightness and integrity means living like Jesus. Having a heart that desires Jesus Christ is the critical step to being able to actually keep His commandments and do what God says. Solomon's decision to ask for wisdom is an indication that his heart was in tune with God's heart.

By forgiving and not allowing the devil a foothold. Getting rid of all bitterness to stop the chain of darkness in our next generation of children. Knowing God from my heart to my home is my plea to my Savior. So I will keep in His Word. Follow through on commitments and promises. Helping others to know The Lord. By remembering God all day in everything I do or say. Giving all to Jesus. Lord help me

Walking with integrity of heart and uprightness means allowing myself to be saturated in the Holy Spirit, doing His will rather than mine and letting my yes be yes, and my no, no; not remaining somewhere in the middle, or on the fence but really standing up for truth.
This week I will seek instructions from Christ (reading His word), communicate with Him (prayer) and when I speak with my brothers and sisters, let His truth reign supreme in me, so that it won't be my words, but His words. Father, I need your help.

Thank you Samantha for writing this "letting my yes be yes, and my no, no" ...a reminder to me to be thorough in all I do all day long. If I have integrity in my work ethic I am a good example of Christian faithfulness.

Good comments everyone. I was also thinking about honesty in the workplace - work ethic as Brigid mentioned. Many people try to cheat their employers - don't work their full shift or take things from the office. I'm far from perfect, but every once in a while I remind myself that I'm really working for God - Himself - not anyone else.

Wow, this one goes good with last nights lesson. Love is the main key I believe in walking upright. If we love God, we love His people and we follow His commandments, statutes, laws and laws of the land. It all just falls into place if we have love. God Bless!

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