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Judges 5:1-31

Deborah and Barak are celebrating and giving public recognition through song to God and His guidance and goodness. I love it and even found myself wondering what this song sounded like. Now when we get to verse 10, Deborah and Barak's song actually calls for public declaration of God and His works. "Tell of it. . . repeat the righteous triumphs of the Lord. . ." Think about it. What a great way to let others know you love and follow the Lord.

So what are some of the "righteous triumphs of the Lord" concerning your life? What can you do this week to tell someone else about how the Lord has worked in your life? And, who might you tell? Tami W.

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O for a thousand tongues to sing! The Lord woke them up. The earth shook and heaven poured at the fear of The Lord. The Lord cares for the poor and slaves. New leaders were chosen and led Israel out of complaisance. The people were inspired and freely volunteered. They obeyed, Ah GRACE. They followed The Almighty. The Lord was victorious and peace came to His people. There are many songs for praise and thanksgiving for His victories. We must be thankful worshiping Christians. He has done so much for me this week. Gave me children to teach, family to love, computer help, and food to eat.I remembered God loves me when I don't feel loved.His grace is sufficient for me. I'm like the dirty pumpkin picked from the patch and all the yukky stuff scooped out. I pray that I will "Be" honest, truthful faithful pure and dedicated! I want to be awake and live!

Today I will tell how the Lord has revealed himself in the success of my team at work. I will tell how he caused me to protect a driver from having a punctured tyre. I will tell of my happiness with my family.

God is good

I went on the website for today's blog. I'm not receiving it regularly. It might be a spam or security filter issue. Anyway,
for me having a job right now is such a blessing. I even got a very small raise earlier this year. Who to tell - whenever the appropriate subject, time and person comes up. Thank God for His faithfullness.

For Carol (and everyone),

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