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Matthew 26:36-41; James 4:7-10

If we want to overcome temptation, who better to look to than Jesus? In Matthew 26: 41 Jesus tells Peter to "Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation." Wise words for us to take to heart.

So what are some ways we can "watch" for temptation--not just for those areas we know we're weak in, but all areas? How will you (or do you already) pray for protection against temptation? Tami W.

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Our prayer to overcome temptations should be that God should strengthen and empower us to meet our every necessity in life without being tempted. This is powerful in that there's hardly anyone who doesn't need, want or desires things. The control we have over these things is what matters and this can only be good control if coming from God. Then we can ask Him what to do when we are faced with our needs and necessities. When we ask Him knowing well that He will answer us, then we should know that we are on the path of righteousness and ultimately will overcome any temptation on that path.

As we keep God's Word and keep ourselves in the love of God, He'll keep us! Watch and the best defense!

For me, it seems most helpful to think of God and the Lord Jesus upon first waking up! If I think about Him, absolutely FIRST THING, communicate with Him, send up some prayers to Him FIRST THING, then, it seems, I'm reminded of Him throughout my entire day.

It doesn't seem to matter that these "wake-up moments" as I like to call them, may not be my longest time spent with my Lord for the day. For example, I may get out my Bible and other study materials later in the afternoon, or early evening, and really dig into the Word at a time when I'm more alert and better organized. But, the idea is, start with Him, and He carries me through....for the entire day.

In this way, my thoughts are tuned more clearly to the Holy Spirit; and my actions are more likely to follow. Blessings to everyone on P4!

Some ways we can watch for temptations are: (in my opinion).

1. As we rise from our bed give God thanks and praise for getting us through the night and for prior days.
2. Keep away from negative people. Pray for them instead
3. A lot of people get frustrated when it is raining heavily, or it is too hot or there is too much traffic on the road - Be calm, thank God for the rain and the heat. God moves in mysterious ways. He knows what He is doing.
Too much traffic on the road? get up earlier or leave later. Thank God for life and that we can get out and we have a vehicle to take us wherever we are going. The fact that we have a job or children to take to school whatever the reason is, give thanks and praise. Use the time to commune with God and keep our minds occupied with Him only.

The question about protection from evil? Our Lord and Saviour has taught us a beautiful prayer which covers many petitions including "and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil". During the day we must read His Word and pray often. I also use the Psalms 23 and 121 as prayers in the morning.

When we commune with God often, He is there for us and guides our every footstep. May God bless and strengthen us all.

Good thoughts on starting the day thinking about the Lord. Hummm...
Maybe I need to change my morning routine around. Thanks

Thank You God for a Brand New Day!...TEACH THE CHILDREN this and and teach them to by showing them you trust God. My 10 year old granddaughter is asking 'when' and 'how' is GOD? Since she was a toddler I've been saying with her and telling her to say everyday
"Thank YOU God for a brand new day!". Now she (not living in a God fearing home)is asking the harder questions that deserve an answer. We must be in the WORD to know and be prepared to answer everyone the reason for our hope. Sometimes it is harder to do in your own family....Thank you all for your wonderful-filled comments!

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