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Nehemiah 7:5-73

Passages that consist of genealogies or are filled with lists of names and numbers are hard to read. The temptation is to skim over these verses or just skip them altogether. And I used to do that pretty consistently. But at some point it dawned on me that this information must be something I need to know, that I can draw on, or God wouldn't have included in the Bible. So now when I come to one of these passages I make myself slow down and then I read all the names by sounding them out phonetically (I actually find this kind of fun). That helps me to not skim or pass over any information. It also helps me think about and process what I'm reading and its importance to God and to me.

So I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the importance of Nehemiah 7:5-73? What can we take away from this passage in addition to the names and numbers of those who returned to Jerusalem? Tami W.

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What was so impressive to me in this passage was the diversity of people and jobs it took to get the work completed...even those with no recorded genealogy. The work of God, especially in our time, requires willing vessels. May we extend open arms to all those who want to help bring God's plan to pass.

I think this is so like life today. We feel that God is telling us to do something and either we let others discourage us and we never start the task or we start and let other discourage us from completing it. Nehemiah heard God tell him to rebuild the walls. He let nothing and no one come between him and the task God had given him. We as Christians are so easily distracted and we take our focus off of God. We should all strive to be more like Nehemiah. God gave Nehemiah discernment to figure out the motives behind those desiring to stop God's work. If we pray and believe I know my God is faithful to give us that same discernment so we too will not lose our focus on what He is leading us to do for Him and His Kingdom. Be blessed!!

It just shows that one man, obeying God completely, made a massive impact. Over 40,000 returned to Jerusalem because of Nehemiah answering God's call.

I've had similar thoughts to yours, Tami, regarding skimming past all the long lists of names & then came to the same conclusion as you did that God had a reason to include them in His word. And I also have a great deal of fun reading the names outloud & laughing at myself because I'm wondering if I'm anywhere close to the correct pronunciation! LOL! But God knows who each of those people & families are. And that's what stands out to me in this passage. Each individual is important to the Lord. He knows us by name. He knows me, Anita. What a comfort that is!

I have a couple of comments about this.
1)As far as I know, the Isrealites kept track of their lineage so they could be proven Israelites, for one, and what tribe they belonged to, for another. The Israelites were the chosen people, and only the tribe of Levi was allowed to serve in the temple as priests. To keep track of the lineage meant that they ensured they were still obeying God - especially in this area.
2)The prophesies about Jesus refer to His family history, as do the gospels. So the lineage was very important in this aspect as well.

Nehemiah, a slave of the King was an excellent leader. He listened to God and he sought support. What was good to read though is that some of these people "gave unto the work" Nehemiah 7:70. This is what we should be doing. Whatever God has blessed us with we should share with ministries such as Back to the Bible. Back to the Bible in my opinion, always focus the teachings on the Bible - God's Word and for all the work (the Bible Studies, the devotions) and all the other wonderful work they do to God's glory we should try to help them so that we will always have access to these teachings. However small our contribution is I bellieve BTTB will be happy to accept them.
Back to the Bible shares these studies and devotions freely and I am sure they have blessed others as they have been a blessing to me. Let us show our appreciation to God for Dr. Kroll and his team.

May God open our hearts to continue to give when we can. Thank you BTTB for your ministry.

Tami and Anita I have to join you in the group of skimmers when it comes to passages like this one. However, I was just reminding myself that the prayer of Jabez is included in a passage similar to this one. If you don't slow down, you miss it. Passages such as this one show how important our heritage is. These people could not claim their property in Jerusalem unless they could prove their genealogy.

For me this says that with God everybody is important. Regardless of free or bond, young or old, male or female, priest or common, whoever you are you are important to God. Moreover each person is equal in God's family.

I think one thing I realized was the importance of their geneology. Those that they couldn't find exact geneology were considered unclean. Thank God for Jesus and His righteousness, hey! I'm one of those who skims fast though too but listening to Tami I slowed down tonight to read it all. Wow I found it interesting that some of the people were grouped together and had so many children while others were told each one. I wonder what the significance in that. I think if i remember correctly the servants were grouped. And I thought wow look at how many chlldren these people had! But I do realize they weren't from just one man, but his children and so on. LOL Praise The LORD!

I love how they read the word of God and heard about setting up booths to dwell in, they just did it. No questions asked. How powerful if we just obeyed God and didn't ask questions.

I am recieving the info snipets about the men+women of the Bible daily. Many are unknown or not spoken of frequently or those unpopular. I am able to connect and understand them in the stories and geneologies and the whole of God's plan. It is exciting and amazing!

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