Justice, Wrath and Judgment

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Revelation 14:6-20

With Revelation 14 we find ourselves at an interlude between the seven trumpet judgments and the coming seven bowl judgments which will be much more severe than the prior judgments we've already seen. For the most part, this passage is quite sobering. The third angel tells of even more persecution for Christ followers and we're also given a look at what hell will be like for those who reject Christ. We then move on to a vision of the harvesting of people from the earth. The final verses focus on the harvest of the non-believing and "the winepress of the wrath of God" and blood will flow for 1600 stadia (approximately 184 miles) as high as a horse's bridle as a result (vs. 19-20).

The details in Revelation 14:6-20 are dreadful and gruesome. But those details show us that what God has told us over and over again in the Bible--that He is Just and that He will make all things right--is absolutely true and that time has arrived.

So how can we use what we've read today to build on our understanding of the God we serve and how we serve Him? Tami W.

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As I ruminated on today's passage, I was struck at how important it is that as Christians we do all we can to take the Word to a lost world so that as many people as possible will be spared the "wine of God's fury". I imagine each of us knows many people who are lost and would suffer the judgment in today's reading if our Lord and Savior returned today. We have a personal responsibility to share with others our relationship with Jesus Christ.

I take from this passage that God is righteous and holy, and always keeps his promises. Even though his wrath against the unrepentant is inevitable, he always provides ample warning and opportunities for salvation, right up to the end.

God has always shown grace and mercy to all who would receive it. Even as we studied the 7 churches, we saw where Jesus said that even Jezabel was given time/space to repent!

Jesus died for all the sins of all the world. Today is the day of salvation; now is the acceptable time to repent. I am reminded that, even though gave my heart to the Lord as a child, I need to examine myself daily and to repent of wrongdoing or any neglect to please my heavenly Father.

I remember reading an article, where a minister was attempting to witness to a person, all the while describing and explaining the Christian walk. He was trying to explain the need to live in a state of self-examination and repentance before a Holy God. The person asked him, "Are you afraid of being lost, after your walk with Christ all these many years?" And the minister said to him, "No, dear brother, but I AM AFRAID of going before my Lord and presenting myself before Him "ASHAMED."

God is holy. We must still continue in our efforts to follow this Holy God in effort to "be holy as He is Holy."

Verse 12 really stuck out on the page for me. Verse 12 seemed to define what was going on in the verses before 12 and in the verses after 12. God is a just God. God is a jealous God. God carries out His promises. In and because all of this, we remain faithful to Jesus Christ, our sacrificial atonement, and keep His commandments in our hearts. God's named be glorified above all else! So let it be in the life He has given us... Galatians 3:26

As the Bible tells us our God is a just God but also a gracious, merciful, compassionate and forgiving God. We can depend on what He says to us. His Word is the gospel truth. He has not changed since or before He created the Heaven and the earth and all that is therein. He is ever faithful. The Revelation to John was recorded for us to heed His Word and prepare ourselves and share the Truth with others. He loves us so much that He everywhere we turn we see He wants us to have eternal life by believing in Jesus our Saviour.

God answers prayers and we must pray for all people and ourselves. May He continue to shine in us so that others may see the light and glorify Him in heaven. Let us by our word and deed and testimony reach out to someone that he/she will seek to want to draw near to Christ.

All we can do is Love one another as He loves us... No preaching is going to change a heart. Only The Holy Spirit. So I pray I'll let the Holy Spirit love in and through me.

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