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1 John 2:18-28

Although we're not in Revelation this weekend, we are still hearing from John and he talks to us about antichrists. Last week in Revelation we looked at and read about "the Antichrist" (capital "A" and singular). But here in 1 John 2:18-28 John uses the term antichrists (lowercase "a" and plural) referring to anyone who denies the Father and the Son and that Jesus is the Christ (vs. 22). John warns us about how these antichrists will try to pull us off course and deceive us but then concludes the passage with a little encouragement and the directive to abide in Christ.

So what does 1 John 2:18-28 tell us about antichrists right now? What are some things we can do to stand strong when we have a one-on-one encounter with someone who tries to pull us away from the Lord? Tami W.

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I've learned that it's important to recognize the deceptive words and beliefs of people before you invest time in getting to know them. It's best to pray to the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in ALL your daily interactions with people and if you happen to meet and know someone who is an antichrist, pray for their salvation before it's too late. What I always do is let others know up front that I stand for Jesus and promptly you will learn whether they love God or not...If a relationship cultivates, at least they can see the light and love of the Lord in me and desire to have a personal relationship with our Father.

Today's Scripture reading tells us that there are antichrists that we will meet frequently, people who don't believe in God and they will try to show us that there is no God. We know there is a God, our Majestic God. We believe because we read His Word and we know He is real so if I should have a one on one encounter with one of these antichrists I have to testify of my belief and what my God has done for me. You never know that testimony might change that person's belief. I would not have to argue but just state my case and take my leave. I would not give them the opportunity not to stand up for my Redeemer. He will guide me through it.

If we are strong and if we have on the "gospel armour", no one on this earth can pull us away from Christ. We must always "Take time to be Holy, let Him be our Guide; and run not before Him, whatever betide; in joy or in sorrow still follow thy Lord, and, looking to Jesus, still trust in His Word".

It seems that the criteria for knowing if the person is antichrist is whether or not they believe that Jesus is God's son. In one on one conversations, we can ask the person if they believe this fact or not. It will soon become apparent if the person is anti (against) Christ. Then we can pray for their salvation.

You asked Tami, 1st of all,while we can "witness"to those who might not know God as lord & Saviour, but we aren't to hang around because "bad character corrupts good character"one of Satan/the Devils most formible weapons you need an example?Adam & Eve were in the garden Satan got them to "compromise" & said "did God really say you weren 't to eat of this tree?Next he even outright lied about when he told them if you eat from this tree you will become like God" when someone says anything contrary to the bible,we can pray about it as well ause the word of God stands thick in truth!The God we serve is God but he is in 3 parts God the father,Jesus Christ-Son of God & the holy ghost/holy spirit!

It is important to discern the antichrist from all points of view. I think we should not only look to see and react to the antichrists outside of the church, but we should also take a close look at individuals within our church as well. Not to judge, but to discern as the parable of the sheep and the goats exemplifies. (Matt. 25:31-46) As a believer in Christ, we have the duty to open our hearts to Him and be the vessel (He is the potter we are the clay) that He made us to be. So as brothers and sisters in Christ, we need to encourage, remind, and exemplify to each other this truth, HIS truth.
Praise God for giving us mercy and grace through His love!

I also think it's important not to get into arguments. We should know the Bible, and be prepared with correct,short,clear answers. If a person wishes to discuss it further, we should be ready to carry on the conversation. We need to let the Holy Spirit guide us concerning not only what to say, but how to say it.

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