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Jude 17-25

Jude does more than just sound the alarm and put out the warning about false teaching. He also gives us encouragement and instruction on standing strong and how we can and should help others do the same. I especially liked verses 20-21, "But you, beloved, building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life."

So what does building ourselves up and keeping ourselves in the love of God look like as we stand strong for Christ? Tami W.

P.S. Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian bloggers!

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Hi Tami, enjoying a beautiful, sunny Canada Day in Nova Scotia, thanks!

To build ourselves up, I think firstly we need to pray to God for the power of the Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen our resolve to follow the Word; to pray for the ability to act out the Word in our everyday dealings with others; and to pray for the Holy Spirit to strengthen others in their journey as well. For me, I need to constantly come back to reading the Word of God to pull me back to the right path as I constantly stray into bad habits. This blog has been so helpful for keeping me focussed on studying God's Word and trying as best I can to apply it in my life. Thank you so much!

Happy Canada Day to all!
Building ourselves up and keeping ourselves in the love of God is a totally refreshing and peace giving feeling. Indeed if one has built this feeling through fellowship with God and getting intimate with Him, one cannot keep the feeling. It is the kind you want to share and get others to feel also; thus helping others to GET INTO IT. I pray today that the strength to carry on will be ours as we continue in this attitude and many more will be affected (amen)

"But you, beloved, building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life."
Jude gave us the answer on how to build ourselves up "in your most holy faith". First part is to pray in the Holy Spirit. Always pray as the Holy Spiri leads us in knowing the needs for which to pray. Our first need to pray is to communicate with God in praise of Him and His holiness. Thankfulness is a basic part of prayer also. Then we prayer concerning the needs of others. Lastly we ask concerning our own needs. Second part of building ourselves up "in your most holy faith" is to keep ourselves in the love of God. That often involves Scripture reading/studying and daily application of Scripture to our lives. Finally we come to the hardest part of this instruction: "...waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life.". Why do people often find themselves too busy to wait? Do we require so much instant gratification that waiting seems like a waste of time? In this verse of Scripture we are told to wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Waiting is the last part of the instruction given in this verse. Jude gives us instructions on how to build ourselves up. We start with prayer. We live in love. We wait on the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life. If we stay deeply rooted in Scripture this type of living becomes embedded in our daily lives. I'm going to keep on trying to build myself and others up? How about you?

To agree with Sunny day in Canada, I would also like to insert that we have to test each church by the Word of God. So many times people are led astray by false teaching. Kind of takes me back to the "Jim Jones" incident. We have to read our Bible, and I must say that there is only ONE true Bible, THE KING JAMES Version. If you study the Bible at all, you will know that this is true. All other Bibles are missing verses and are not printing all verses as they should appear. If you do use another version please have a KJV available. I know I have a hard time understanding all the "thous ans thys" in the KJV so I use both the KJV and another version as clarification. So my advise to all is be careful how you read and study the Bible and Please be extra careful about the type of church you attend. TEST THE CHURCH BY THE WORD OF GOD.

I think that it is like body-building (pun intended). In order to be in good shape physically we must exert some physical effort. Lifting weights, dieting, aerobic-exercise, and rest. We also need to exert spiritual effort to be spiritually fit. Bible study, prayer, witnessing, and living a holy life. These things help us to meet the challenges of life and to persevere in the faith when the going gets rough.

Yes The Holy Spirit must be in control. I must pray in The Spirit! I used to say a prayer when young ."Oh Lord have mercy on us save us from the fires of hell and lead all souls to heaven especially those with the greatest need of Your mercy". Now I say say it but with "THANK YOU for saving me from the fires of hell!" This world needs The Lord but He will return. I pray for our country to wake up before it's too late. A revival may jump start us. It isn't over till it's over! God be with all of your families. May you say your children are growing knowing Jesus!

Standing strong for Christ begins with acknowledging the warning that people in the world will attempt to cause us to fall (vs 17-19). The best protection is having an ever deeping awareness for the "holy faith" (vs 20). We must start first with what God wants us to believe and develop community around those beliefs if we are to build ourselves up and keep in the love of God.

Prayer is also essential (vs 20). Experiencing the relationship between prayer and the Holy Spirit is powerful. Belief that leads to genuine experiences cements our resolve against the onslaught of differing voices, evil paths, and ungodly ways.

But what do we do about our nagging doubts and the doubts of others? How are we to interact with those around us that are being ensnared by grave danger? What do we do when our own flesh and the flesh of those around us cries out in rebellion against God?

These are all addressed in vs 22-23 of Jude because he wants his readers to see how we are to build ourselves up and keep in God's love in the theatre of the real world.

When doubt rears it's head we are to respond with mercy. When people are in grave danger, we do our best to snatch them from it.
When we see compulsion to sin on the rise in our own hearts or the hearts of others we must again respond with mercy but also mix our mercy with fear.

The dynamics of these real life situations are profound and complex. I think this is why Jude ends with the doxology that he does because he point us to the only one who can help us live this thing we call life.

Jude's doxology in vs 24-25 illustrates the fact that we can't build ourselves up or keep in God's love without the sustaining influence and power of God and His Son Jesus.

Jude's doxology is one of the most beautiful in Scripture. It's one of those Scriptures that we can read when we are at any point in our journey of faith and be reminded of our desperate need for God.

Great comments everyone. I enjoyed reading them. I also want to say thanks for P4. It really keeps me going during the week. I liked what was mentioned about being an "instant society." We think we need everything now. As was mentioned by Rev. Kevin M, I can relate to people wanting instant results when it comes to exercise and weight loss. I am a fitness trainer. Spiritually speaking it is the same thing. We need to spend time in the Word and prayer. As a life coach we have a saying "minimal effort long term." If we can spend a little time each day reading the Bible and praying it can go a long way toward our spiritual growth and closeness to God. When we are close to God, He will speak to our spirit when something is wrong.

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