Subtle and Dangerous

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Revelation 2:18-29

Tolerance was a BIG problem for the church at Thyatira...and it's a big problem for us too. In Revelation 2:18-29 we see that Jesus won't tolerate our tolerance when it comes to things that are contrary to God's Word.

So what can we do to guard against tolerating those things that are wrong in God's eyes? What are some checks we might put in place to help us be more aware of the messages around us and how they are impacting our thinking? Tami W.

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It seems amazing how similar sin is, with yesterday's lesson and today's the sin is identical. Additionally when we fast forward to today's time indeed, the sin is also similar, sexual immorality is everywhere. The remedy for John's time and today are the same, repentance. The key to maintaining a Christian walk after repentance, is in a constant and close study of the word of God. We cannot know what to do unless we follow the instructions and God's instructions are in the word, the bible.
We should all pray for wisdom to understand the word and fortitude to do what is required.

Constant study of the word and prayer is the answer.

Thanks Tami and P4 for providing another opportunity to study the word.

now a days everyone tolerates immoral sin because they say were in the 2010 era. they think just because we don't live in the old days we should be OK with doing things that are against Gods teachings. like sexual immoral sins. but its not like that at all,God is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow. so that means if Gods said its wrong then its wrong and we need to stop and repent and not go back to it and stay away from things or people who will bring us back to the things u don't want and shouldn't do. its not just sexual sin its the things we know are wrong in Gods eyes also always be aware of the things that might be guiding u in the wrong direction.

Since we know how God wants us to act in His presence and we are in His presence is all the time, no matter where we are. God is always watching us. When someone around us become immoral or offensive we either excuse ourselves and let the persons around us know we do not tolerate such behaviour. There are times depending on the circumstances that you will just leave without saying anything but find an opportunity to tell the person/(s) that their behaviour was ungodly. They may not be aware of what he/she has done. Let them know why it is offensive or inappropriate. When we can, we should try to lead the person in the right way. He/she may or may not accept it but it is right to bring it to their attention.

If we do not say anything or do not react, then people will think it is funny or it is OK to talk about immoral things. It is hard, but do not condone bad behaviour. God will guide what we say or do.

I am very guilty of allowing this to happen, I have non christain friedns who are fine with being a christin and I have let myslef beleive that by not judging I was simply following gods word. However in teh same regard being around negative behaviour has not helped me emotionally or spiritual so how do you break the cycle?

I am enjoying listening to Dr. Kroll's discussion on Revelation so very much! I can hardly wait for Monday's discussion. I ordered the CD set, so I can listen to it over and over again. This is the first time I have heard Relevation discussed where the emphasis isn't to scare people into repentance. I've often thought that by scaring people, you give Satan more power than God. I don't think "I believe in God because I don't want to go to hell" is what God wants.

Shauna - I don't know if this will help you, but I focus on what I call POSA - Pray, Obey, and Stay Away. Unfortunately, I have had to end relationships with people who interfere with my relationship with God.

we had an instance at our church were a man and women were dating and the women became pregnant. They loved the church and so they went to the pastor and explained what happened. The pastor had them to come in front of the congragation after a Sunday morning service and confess their sin to the church. The pastor wanted to send a strong warning to the church and to save the couple the future embarressment it would cause them and the church. After the couple confessed their sin they spoke of their plans for marriage. The pastor then had the congragation to come down and love on them and to express their compassion. At first I thought this was harsh but after contemplating it I realized the pastor was correct. The couple are now married and have a beautiful baby. I have not heard one person gossip or say anything derogatory about the whole situation.

Shauna, I hear you. On the one hand, as Christians, we are not supposed to tolerate behavior contrary to God's word, but on the other hand, we aren't supposed to judge others as well (John 8:7). How do we reconcile these two teachings?

Someone I knew said, "Know matter where, or what the problems of the people, the source is still the is a sin problem." I believe that is true. No matter the region, and regardless of culture, education, or personalities, our flesh houses want to sin (and want to, somehow, overlook it in our environment). It is good to remember how, in the Old Testament, Lot kept edging closer and closer to the "Sin City," until he was finally IN IT.

We hear "tolerance" preached at every turn. We must remind ourselves that God is holy and is not able to "overlook" sin. He does not go back on His promises. When we receive Jesus, thankfully, the Heavenly Father sees Him when He looks upon US! But we are supposed to turn away from the sins we have committed, lay them aside as the weights they are!

We should remember that, while we are not judges (thankfully), the Bible does say we ought to prove all things by the Word and to look for the "fruit" of a person's work and life. If the results come up lacking, then as Christians, we need to pray about it, address the issue in a gracious and Christlike way, then MOVE ON. Sadly, we can't "come together" with everyone, nor or we supposed to do so.

we are told not to judge,this means,i believe,not to judge the unbeliever.the unbeliever is living without the blood of Jesus covering him,so he is blind to Gods word,therefore judgment towards him for his sins from a christian does the christian more harm than the unbeliever.i do believe we are to judge our beloved brothers and sisters in order to save them from the fire.if we tolerate sin within the church because we are afraid to hurt someones feelings or are afraid that they may not return to our "church",are'nt we in sin because of this?to tolerate sinful behavior among our brothers and sisters is to condone it.if God does not condone it ,we do not condone it.simple,right?well,look at the shape the church is in it because of the lack of responsibility to our brothers and sisters to warn them when they fall?probably. i hope that when i fall that my beloved brother or sister will pull me from the fire.

I thank you all and Stephanie for your prayers and kind words of encouragement. You all have great responses and experiences to ponder. Every breath I take is a gift and I’m truly thankful to God my Savior. Living in a world where people reject good and tolerate evil is not where I want to be. But what I do with Jesus is more important than my comfort. When I fail I will not let the devil get a foothold even though his grip is tight (Eph 4:2; 1 peter 5:8; Ps.73:2). I will turn it over to Jesus and leave it at the foot of the cross. Sometime I feel hypocritical because I don't speak up and when I do it comes out wrong, but I trust God to make something good out of it. He is my Rock! Being in The Word is peaceful even though convicting at times. Reading through the entire Bible gives the big picture and a new perspective. I’ve tried doing it chronologically. That’s interesting . My joy comes as I love, serve and give Him my all .

I have a great & spiritual friend thats taught me how to "not show our spirituality & religious issues down the non-believers throat"!So like she says "We should pray for them befriend them if thats Gods wish even!
Tak homosexualism for example!This gay couple of men went up for communion in a Catholic church and DENIED them communion!Why?
If you look at it from the preist point of view,hes saying here why take communion if you're to sin intentionally anyway?
Fact!If God hates sin,then we ought to as well!But we have to be careful here!Use care & compassion while we point out wrongful behavior!Where pewople get it wrong is they think God hates them but thats absolute wrong!He LOVES US BUT HE HATES OUR SIN!AMEN?

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