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Revelation 1:9-20

The charge to all of us yesterday was to look for Jesus in the first half of Revelation chapter 1. Today we move on to verses 9-20 and Jesus is everywhere here too. Now we're going to come back to Revelation 1:9-20 next week as we study the letters to the seven churches, but for today, let's continue to focus on Jesus. John gives us quite a detailed description of Him in verses 13-16, and Jesus also provides information about Himself in verses 17-20.

So, what did you take away from Revelation 1:9-20 about Jesus? How did what you read today build upon or add to what you saw from Revelation 1:1-8? Tami W.

P.S. This week Dr. Kroll is giving us some foundation and prep for studying Revelation before we really jump in. So check out today's program where he answers the question "Why study prophecy?"

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The main thing that spoke to me this morning was "Do not be afraid" in Revelation 1:17. The vision John saw of Jesus is awe inspiring. Johns description is vivid and powerful. Upon seeing Jesus display His powerful presence I would be fearful. I would want to hit the ground and hope for the best. I would be incredibly grateful for the words "Do not be afraid." These are words spoken by Someone who is Sovereign and Almighty. They demonstrate an in built confidence to support His words that are uncommon in this world. Today they bring comfort to me knowing that I do not have to be afraid as I meet what I will today.

To give up being God to become human and then be transformed back into God - wow! This shows us what He gave up to become a baby. Incredible! It is hard to wrap my mind around it!

once again He said "I am the first and the last " . He started it He will finish it . Phillipians 1:6 tells us He will bring it to completion . and He has the keys . death and hell have no power over His children because He has the key's to them ... HALLELUJAH !!!

It's interesting to parallel the description of Jesus' appearance in Revelation 1:13-16 to that of him during the Transfiguration in Matthew 17:2; in both cases he is clothed in white and his face shines like the sun at full strength. I think this goes to show how far he went to humble himself to become like man when we read of the glory of his appearance to John.

Again, Jesus is telling us that he is the head of the Church and we are members of that Church when we trust in him. He will watch over us and bring us through to the end where we will know eternal bliss with him and the Father, and the Holy Spirit. But all that is available to us today if we connect with them on a daily basis.

You all illumine me! Thank you for these insights. Even though Jesus came for the Jewish people,and John is writing as a Jew with all the traditions that go with them, Jesus IS the head of the church and HAS plans for our future. We must listen and use our heads and obey all he desires so we can join in the celebration.
God be with us and help us in this world. To live as if He is coming immediatley.

My impressions of today's reading is that Jesus is to be feared (with regard to reverence, awesome wonder, power) and I also noticed how loving it is of Jesus to appear to John/us- He is always with us. His love is no mystery and He is REAL!
His awesome appearance is hard to picture, yet I sense power, holiness, and authority. Jesus is KING!

Interesting parallel in Matthew 17:2, Eric. There is also a great correlation in the vision of the son of man that Daniel had in Daniel 7:13. Wow powerful stuff. Ian, I have to agree with you too. I would be very afraid. I'm so glad God gives us peace and comfort when we need it.

Folks, your comments can introduce/appeal to a beginner wanting to meet Jesus. I picked up the word humble somewhere there. Indeed Our Lord was humble and as humble as He was He considered our emotions when He said Fear not! What a loving Father and accommodating One too. While His awe was felt and is felt, He has still made it easy for us to approach Him. His coming will be glorious. Let's watch and pray.

For him to repeat that he is the frist and the last and the biginning and the end,the alpha and omega reasure us that his exitence was not at the time mary gave brith but that he is eternal

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