Unusual Kindness

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Acts 27:39-28:6

I was struck by the actions of the centurion and the Maltese people today. The centurion, "wishing to save Paul," stops the soldiers from killing Paul and the rest of the prisoners on the ship. And the Maltese people welcomed, took in and helped the entire shipload of people who washed ashore on their island. Acts 28:2 says, "The native people showed us unusual kindness." Now none of these people are Christians, yet they all responded exceptionally when it comes to kindness. So that tells me that as a Christian, I should be responding at least to this level, and probably more.

So what can we do to ensure that we are approaching and responding to all situations with kindness and love? Is there someone or a situation you're aware of where you could show a little extra kindness and love this week? Tami W.

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I've spent a little time with a couple of evangelists. The thing that impresses me about them is that they make the most out of every human contact they have. They see every passing stranger, every store clerk as an opportunity to express God's love in one way or another.

It reflects a Godly attitude. He gave his life that none should perish. We need to see each little encounter with another person as an opportunity to be Christ in that person's life.

One of the things I have learned to do to help me approach situations with kindness and love happens long before the situation arises. During my morning quiet time, I spend some time thinking through the upcoming day. If there is a meeting or event that I know will be especially trying, I am very intentional in praying about that event so that my responses, reactions and words will glorify God. (However, I am not 100% successful, but each day I keep on keepin' on.)

It shows us that people who don't believe in and worship the Lord, have those built-in Godly qualities. All of the human race are God's creations (created in His image)..... but not all are His children, unless they are born-anew through Christ. It's sad to say but I've met a few people who reject the Lord totally yet they show more kindness and love than some Christians I know! So, we as Christians need to always "go the extra mile" and show any unbelievers and fellow believers alike the love of Christ through our actions and life.

I think what helps me is patience "of a saint". By that I mean, I always try to remember that God has had infinate patience with us, so I've got to use the same sort of patience with others. I mean, when I think of what keeps us from kindness is often that we are annoyed with people, or apathetic, or holding grudges...etc. But if we just keep pumping out the patience and forgiveness, (which for me means focusing on God's goodness, and his will for us to be this way, and not theirs), then we can go over and above with kindness for others. I am able to treat my husband and his family well based on Jesus' goodness, and not his or theirs.

Tami your question on what can we do to ensure that we are approaching and responding to all situations with kindness and love? We just have to live it. By our actions, how we interact with people. Be courteous, kind, generous,patient, respectful, smile and share our time or other resources. When anyone asks why are you always so happy and kind? Just let them know " I love Jesus and He is shining in me today".

Your other question, Is there someone or a situation you're aware of where you could show a little extra kindness and love this week? Yes, there is someone I know (worked with her during 1980-1991. She has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She needs support and I am with other fellow colleagues who are helping her to get through it. We help her with her banking, take her to the doctor, take her for a walk on the beach. One of my friends even went with her to her church. We visit with and call her up. I am still praying for a miracle for her because she has had so many adversities (deaths in the family and sickness) and she was always taking care of her family and other people's children. I am asking God for another chance for her even though others feel that there is no help for her because of the stage of the cancer. I still hope. I will not give up because in the end it is God's will and who says His will is not for her to live and testify of His awesomeness? What ever God decides will be just fine, because she believes in and trusts Him.

Hi. I "googled" unusual kindness and your blog came up. I have never spent time "blogging" but if I were to, I probably would pick this one. I love the phrase "unusual kindness"

Hi Terri! We're glad you stumbled upon the P4 blog! (And yes, what a cool phrase the Bible uses to describe the generosity of the people of the Maltese people.) We'd love to have you as part of the P4 community where our hope is that you'll find the daily readings and discussion to be an encouragement!

Thanks again for your comment!

P4 team member

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