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Proverbs 15:19-33

Proverbs 15:19-33 reminds me of reading classroom lecture notes on wise and godly living--complete with dos and don'ts, advantages and disadvantages. It's loaded with good advice and information. The advice that grabbed my attention today was on counsel in verse 22. "Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed." That really got me thinking about where I go to get counsel and why. My number one place for counsel is God and His Word but as we can see, it's also wise for us to get counsel from other God-following people. For me that list would start with my husband. Other God-following people would be my pastor, a small group or Sunday school leader, Christian family members and friends.

We make plans every day and if we're not careful, our default position of relying on our own understanding will kick right in. So what can we do to make sure that we're actively seeking God's wisdom and counsel as we make our plans and live out our lives? Tami W.

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So true. I have learned over the years that no matter how many books I read, sermons I listen to, and seminars I attend, there is in me that 'default' position which I constantly have to watch out for. And if I don't watch enough, I catch myself making choices not based on Wisdom from scripture, or other believers in my life. I make them based on immediate and short term circumstances. What a waste! I am thankful for the many ways in which God has been pointing out to me to constantly rely on him over the years, and little by little I see change in my life when it comes to making decisions. I realize however that I will never outgrow my constant need for scripture or input from mature fellow believers. I praise God for his word and fellow believers!

My starting point is usually God (scripture, prayer, scriptures committed to memory). I'm not always 100% consistent with that, though! Sometimes I start with people, and that's why surrounding myself with godly people is so critical - people who will point me back to the starting point, God and scripture! And people who will pray. My husband recently advised me as I wrestled with a decision. We had discussed it endlessly. The day i needed to answer, he simply shared two scriptures and said that he strongly believed I needed to accept the job offer I had received. That was godly confirmation.

Read the book of Proverbs is a good one!Always love that book cause its packed FULL OF WISDOM!What an extreme way to come up with such a book!From the brain of God!What exactly is he saying here?Stay the course!Hang on & hold on to God for dear life!Pray-praise God-preach the "Great commision"(the gospel of Christ!)to those that don'tyet know it and those who've never heard about the great & mighty God whom we serve! Amen?

I think the first thing is to ask God for HIs guidance in our plans. Proverbs the Book of Wisdom is also a very good place to start and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us. As Tami has said and the reading for today suggests, seek out the support and advice of other God-fearing people. But to me the best counsel will only come from God.

Scripture passages and memorizing divine truth principles are
my starting point. I tend to ponder these and try to reach out and
grasp God's way of living. I am learning to trust and obey and am
finding that feelings will catch up with good behavior as I walk
and lean on God's word.

I love the Proverbs. I think reaching out to good counsel is very important. It is hard to get a group of people who you can go to though. Someone said they go to God first. That is very important and something I need to do more. I think when it comes to importanta things I jump too soon. God give us all the wisdom to seek you first in all situations and rely on your people for counsel as well. Amen

I totally agree with the person who said we have to ask God for guidance and reading proverbs as a great way to start. I think it is an excellent way because we totally need to rely on our source which ir God. I think we should also ask God for a spirit of discernment and stay connected throughout the day.

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