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Philippians 2:1-11

Paul is pretty clear in Philippians 2:1-11 that we need to model Christ, and he lays out a number of things for us to strive towards. He instructs us to not act out of rivalry or conceit, to count others more significant than ourselves and to focus on and pay attention to the interests of others. Now I don't know about you, but typically my first inclination is to think about all things me. (It's that old human nature again.) So getting in line with Paul's directive--putting my interests, my wants, my well-being aside, is going to take some effort and intentional action on my end.

So what's it going to take for us to put others needs and interests above and before ours? Think about this. What might putting this into practice look like as we're out in public--maybe driving in traffic, grocery shopping, eating out? What about at school, work, home or church? Tami W.

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Good Morning all!
Yes, this is a challenge. but if one can be patient and bring to
mind, what would Jesus do in this situation? It takes patience to
act according to this love principle. This is my challenge with others in relationships,but I think if we can take the time to stand back and not emotionally react or treat others as they are treating us sometimes we can continue to abide in His love.

Good morning to Tami her team and fellow bloggers.
Tami, your question on what is it going to take for us to put others needs and interests above and before ours? I think we have to take our cue from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Paul and David to name just a few. God has placed us on this earth not just to take care of ourselves but also those who cannot. He gave us gifts that we should not hold on to but for us to share them with others.

What would putting this look like as we are out in public? Be courteous to people we meet. Do not treat them as they treat us. Sometimes people get up on the wrong side but a calm word or a smile can melt their hearts. When we are at the traffic lights and someone takes a moment before they go at the signal. Do not honk them but be patient. When we eat out, treat the persons who serve us with respect greet them politely let them see that we are blessed and pass some of the blessing unto them. At school, work in our homes or in church show love, be kind, listen and when asked for advice or if someone wants to share something with you, something that they need guidance on, try to help or lead them to someone who can help. Do not listen to gossip. Stop it immediately and try to mediate when you see strife before it gets bigger. We cannot do these things alone so always pray before you leave your home and ask our Heavenly Father to be with us in, every plan, every thought or word we utter. He will guide us and do not forget to give Him thanks and praise for our day.

Looking out for others as well as ourselves might mean that we have to actually let that person in who is cutting in front of us on the road or at the grocery store. It may also mean that we have to carefully guard our thoughts, words, and actions when we are out period. In everything that we have been discussing I have seen that living the way that God wants us to live requires care and patient attentiveness to our daily activities, and that is something that I really need to work on.


I know at different times in my life I try either successfully or unsuccessfully to live this way. It's perhaps the most difficult character one can adopt as christians because the unbeliver who sees this in one thinks one must be stupid and definitely takes advantage of one. I am not relenting though until we pray them all into the Kingdom by which time this would have become our nature, happy and content with Our Father's principles and doctrines.

Hello saints, I belive that to model Christs behavior we must make our selves avaliable for God to use as his vessels, that means for myself I cant do what I always want to do, I cant be selfish verse 2:3. I love to play golf and thats what I have spent much of my free time doing untill a couple of weeks ago when God showed me that idolatry was one of my problems.Since then Ive been asking God to lead me into his good works , so I believe because of that I keep hereing in my mind I must be avaliable when he calls me.When He does it may not be anything earth shattering but it will be what he wants me to do and I want to be obedient. I want to have that intimacy with God I once had. Please pray for me thank you. Please forgive my lack of correct spelling and punctuation.

In order for us to do all these things; count others better than ourselves, act without conceit, etc. We all need to have the mind of Christ formed in us. I think it would more understandably be to have the mindset/focus of Jesus as we go through this life. To love others with His heart. To have His devotion and commitment. It's certainly a battle for us! We'll need to die to self (our wills & desires) and have hearts full of faith and devotion towards God and His perfect will.

COUNT OTHERS MORE SIGNIFICANTLY THAN YOURSELF. This is how I have to see my husband.
Got it. That helps. Even though he doesn't look like it. Lol. I have to know that my treating him so, and seeing him so will bring about Christ like changes in us both.

this takes effort on our part . it's like bringing a wild horse under control sometimes . ( the flesh that is ) the more you bring others first the more the Lord blesses you though . at least i have seen this in my life . the more i think and do and pray me me me it seems like things are tougher . today , my son and i stopped for gas and we were running late . we paid and came back out to the van . there were 3 youg girls at the pump next to us with their hood up . i got in my van and so did tony . i looked at him and got out . he said something but i kinda ignored him . we asked if they needed help . she said her car started o.k. but now it wouldn't . i asked if she had cables and she went to get them . i checked her battery cable lines and twisted them a little and the car started . lol . maybe this was a teast from the Lord . i'm not great at it but i know in my heart this is what i'm supposed to do always ... bring others first and your needs will be met ...

I was lead to your website, nothing but the Lord. I have been reading your post everyday and it encourages me in my walk with Christ. The flesh wants to keep ourselves on our minds, but when we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us we will walk by the spirit and not be lead by the flesh. I want to be more like the Lord and walk in a lowly mind and a humbled heart so pray that I will bear my cross and deny myself and follow Jesus forward taking myself off my mind and my own interests and put others first. That's walking in love and I need help with this. Love puts itself last. WOW. Thank you Jesus for your word.

I have been thinking about the "thinking of others better then myself" for some time. But I haven't yet gotten it fully. I think I need to thank on these verses in Phillipians a little more to be changed. :)

Remember the old slogan, WWJD. Well we need to take that a step futher, WDJD...what did Jesus do. We live in a world that is so biblically illerate that has only a vague notion of what would Jesus do. We need to absolutely know what DID Jesus do. Our light would shine just like His to a watching world.

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