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Genesis 37:2-28; 45:4-15

There are just so many life examples and lessons we can take from Joseph's story. In our two passages today, for example, I saw learning opportunities on parenting, family relationships, coping, responding to mistreatment, jealousy, forgiveness.... But the most important thing I saw was how God was present; He was in control and He was working through each and every situation.

So that's some of what I took from Joseph today. How about you? What learning opportunities did you see? Tami W.

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The lessons that I saw the most in these passages were those of forgiveness. I think it would have been so difficult to forgive after so many years, but the outcome may have been so wonderful that it became a vague memory. It was obvious that the whole incident of the brothers "getting rid" of Joseph was meant to be; it was God's will for it to happen. Once again, we sometimes have to experience unpleasant things in order for God's will to be done.

Perhaps I can tap into other user's God-given wisdom here. I wonder if it is right to hide ones nature sometimes, especially when it tends to cause envy & jealousy, when people just despise you for no reason. You try to please them but later find out that it's not that you've wronged them but that there's something about your personality is their problem. You can't change that thing but it continues to cause this destructive problem - picture Joseph's situation. What can one do to arrest this ugly presence in-spite of being a laid-back person.

sometimes we're in a pit and wonder why . we may even get mad at God because we're there . this story shows He allowed it when He could have protected Joseph from it . God is sovereign but when He allows what seems to be bad i have to believe that His plan is going to work greater good . I have to stand upon the promise of Romans 8:28- "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." The Lord is going to build Godly character through things and good is coming even when it doesn't seem good .

Dear Tami, We thank God for you, Back to the Bible and for the Holy Spirit guiding you in our daily Scripture readings and comments. I look forward to them each day. Some of the lessons I took from today's Scripture are family relationships how important these are no matter what the circumstance is. Also that I must not be jealous of anyone but instead praise God for them and ask Him to always be with them as they serve Him. No matter what anyone has done to us (yes it is hard, but when God is on our side it is so much easier) forgive and pray for them. Forgiveness is key to our life, whether we are confessing our sins to our God and seeking His forgiveness or whether we are forgiving someone. Our hearts must always be pure and sincere loving God with all our hearts, and all our mind and our soul and loving our neighbours as ourselves. Our Lord wants us to live in unity. He will help us if we ask Him.

Joseph was so perfect how can a youth his age not be discouraged. Im 47 yrs old ive been a christian 18 yrs the last 8 of which have been in the wilderness. God blessed me spirtually a lot those 1st 10yrs in the word then he exalted me in my church I asked God to help me to be humble but it did not happen, I went to my pastor and told him how I felt because we are to confess our sins to one another, he told me he didnt think I was prideful. I isolated myself from fellowship with my church because i was so ashamed of my pride. I wanted to call those at my church closest to me and tell them but was to ashamed. i work shift work so I only get to go to church every other sunday.I still went but it turned into bitterness which then turned into unforgiveness because no one seen my pain nor offered friendship probably because I was so bitter. I know I was wrong because God makes no mistakes. God helped me to over come my bitter spirit and forgive my church but now since I have not been close to them I have a hard time even striking up a conversation with anyone, although just recently one man has offered his friend ship and I told him I was thankful for him doing that. I dont blame my church now because God let it happen, I dont blame God because He does no wrong. I just want to be healed and I want to be in fellowship with my church, I want to be in an intiment relationship with God like I used to be. Please pray for me that I will be sensitive to Gods Holy Spirit and I will walk in his ways and be obedient. Im so tired of making mistakes.

the lesson that so important to me here is about no matter what you go threw in life god is still there and with you the whole time . and that threw the hard times GOD IS TEACHING US LESSONS THAT MAKES US STRONGER AND THRE THE TRAILS WE COME OUT TO BE BETTER FOR IT .


Thanks for your blog today. We all make mistakes so you are not alone. It is my prayer as well that I will walk in the Lord's ways and be obedient so as I pray that for myself today, I'll include you.

Tami W.

to sharon m - i'm not sure it's possible to hide who you are . there are always people who won't like our personality etc. sometimes it's a darkness vs. light issue . we should try to please the Lord and not people for sure . God made us and uses us even in our imperfections . sometimes i just stay away from certain people if i know that there is going to be conflict and problems . i don't know if your situation will allow that or not . i will say a prayer that God will give you wisdom in your situation .

Thank you Tami I appreciate it very much.I hope and belive Iam headed back accross the Jordan to the promised land where I belong.I wait for the Lord my soul waits and in his word I do hope.

The lessons I learned from today's reading is that when God speaks to you (and it's always CLEAR)that we can't waiver when life throws us a wrench. Twice God promised Joseph that he would be a leader among men and Joseph faced many obstacles to this but God hand carried him through it all. I think that is why Joseph remained so calm despite the serious opposition of his family because he knew he served a BIG God and that God will not only fulfill his dreams, but also deliver him through his trials...
I also learned that when you are hand-picked by God to do His work, He will protect you. Joseph's brothers had evil intentions but God was Joseph's Protector. We serve an amazing God and His plans, His ways, His timing is always perfect. Thank You Lord!

Steve: When I first turned to Christ some 20 years ago, I picked apart my life because I wanted no sin in it at all. I found that I failed time and again. Others didn't see the sins I saw and I found it easy to find fault with myself. Martin Luther went through something similar -- he visited confession (as he was catholic) so many times that a priest said to him "don't come back until you have something worthy to confess". People like us, Martin Luther, you and me, have a tendency to see our own sins as "10's" and others sins as "1's" and because of that feel unworthy, and then perhaps resentful. A person who took me under her wing made me read Romans 8 and a few other places. It seems I lacked a rooted understanding of what exactly the grace of God meant for me. And look -- the shame you felt kept you from what you needed; a healthy balance of christian friendships. And not surface friends, but those who can share the good, bad and the ugly. No one friend can, or should, meet all your needs, but consider attending a home fellowship. In small groups, people often share more deeply and the bonds of friendship are formed. I'll remember to pray for you that you find the freedom for which Christ set you free. :)

To Leo F. - Thank for your useful counsel. Indeed it could be an issue of darkness & light. I had already resolved to keep away from them and pray nothing makes me want them. May the Lord guide us.

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