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Philippians 1:1-11

Do you remember that children's song "I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart"? I used to love singing that song in Sunday School--but I didn't fully understand the "joy" part until years later when I finally got serious about seeking God in His Word.

For the next two weeks we'll be in Philippians here at P4 and on Back to the Bible as Dr. Kroll teaches us about "Discovering the Joy of the Journey." I hope you can join us for these studies because as the title suggests, it's all about joy--acquiring it, keeping it, spreading it, living it out...

So here we are at the beginning of Philippians, and one of the first things Paul mentions is his Christian friends bringing him joy. Would that be your experience as well? How have your friends brought you joy? What can you do to return the favor? Tami W.

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I have one true friend, who I can discuss any and eveything with. She tells me when I'm right or wrong, and we discuss how the Word of God relates to whatever circumstance we are going through. She is like the sister I never had. I try to return the favor of her loyal friendship by being there if she needs anything or helping her with things that she may need. I truly thank God for her.

my 2 best friends died . 1 about 4 years ago of a heart attack and the other of an accidental gunshot about a year ago. they were warriors for Jesus and brought me joy by always being ready to go do battle for the Lord . if the phone rang we went . i knew that if i was struggling i could call them or go see them and we would just begin to pray and praise the Lord until victory came . we also had our faults being imperfect tho. i think we have to see the Lord at work in people and not get hung up on what some are doing that's wrong . to return the favor i need to do exactly what the apostle paul did . theank God for them and pray for them . be there for them when they need me.

I have many friends and family who give me joy. Some of these friends take time to share God's Word and many times the Word has to do with something going on in our lives and we become so excited. Tami, I must say that BTTB through your ministry P by 4, The Bible Studies and Devotions by Dr. Kroll has brought me not only joy but a great awareness of the Word. I cannot have too much of God's Word. I pray that the Ministry will continue and I do hope to help when I can in a tangible way. Every little helps and God has placed in my heart to do so. Thank you all - BTTB and the bloggers. God has been truly good to us and I thank Him for these blessings everyday.

It's great how the Lord "engineers" things in life. He knows just what we need & and works through different people we meet and the friends we have!


I have often said to my friends that the fellowship of believers is the place to be. I am truly happy and filled with joy when I fellowship with my fellow believers at church. At home fellowship with my wife and daughters also gives me joy as we reflect on the goodness of the lord.
And in a similar way P4 has brought me joy. I am always able to read the word whereever I am and it provides many moments of reflection for me during the day and many opportunities for me to impart God's way to others. May God continue to bless you and your team.

The last 6 months have been extremely challenging for me with the sudden death of my sister and stage 4 cancer diagnosis for my mother-in-law. I truly have experienced joy in the Lord during this difficult time from friends and casual acquaintances who are believers through their outpouring of prayers and words of encouragement. The Body of Believers is amazing and truly held me up during this low time. I pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal other people's pain to me so that I may in turn offer them a bit of the same love.

leo I'm sorry to hear that about your best friends. I pray God rises up some friends that you will know are truly "Godsent".

I belong to an awesome bible based church. There are about 24 nations represented from church members and probably another 10 nations represented from non members who regularly attend and this is incredible because I live on an island of about 60,000 people. God is showing me a glimpse of heaven when I'm at church when He says in Revelations 7 that every nation, tribe, people and language will be standing before the throne. And I know many of these people love the Lord.

I feel much joy and take great delight when I hang out with others who I know love the Lord. And while I haven't been on P4 long, I feel it here,too. The best way for me to return the favor is to be willing to be available when needed, willing to serve, willing to pray and willing to speak the truth in love.

I have so much sadness {information removed] I have no home of my own, i feel like a total failure, i fall so short of the glory of God that i can't see over the edge of a small hand held Bible, im not feeling love from any place in my life.....except from my best friend and Saviour, Jesus Christ....Now, the other stuff may make the journey easy and nice but i don't need all the other stuff to make me "Joyious"...that was a gift and i can't lose it. Misplaced Joy is paying more attention to the other stuff and forgetting whos' i am..(insert JOY here!!!)

I actually changed churches (not something I usually do or recomend) but I needed to find some ladies that were about my age and working. I am now going to a larger church where I found these ladies. We have our own little prayer together after the morning service. I have some family issues going on right now, and it's great to know that these ladies are praying with me.
Beverly, your church you described does sound wonderful. I remember being in a very international church in Brussels, Belgium. It was a great experience.

Thanks,'s amazing!!!

I get together with a small group once a month and sitting around the table discussing God's Word and how it applies to our life could be Bermuda, USA, Canada, Jamaica, Uganda, Zimbabwe. I KNOW these ladies love the Lord. I asked them to join P4 and I'm overjoyed that one or two of them have already signed up.

Carol if you or anyone else reading this wants me to put in a prayer request, my church has a prayer band and someone will pray for your request for 30 days. It doesn't matter that you aren't a member, because you're part of the body of Christ...the bride of Christ and that's what matters.

If you are ever in the neighborhood, come join us!

Tami, thank you for praying for me. After church service was over Sunday an old Sunday School friend asked me to go out for lunch, I accepted and enjoyed fellowshipping with him, his wife and some other old friends. It was nice feeling like I belonged again.

to beverly : tami and others on this blog have prayed for me . if you will ,, i need God's wisdom and direction in some business decisions . after 15 years we may close . but there is debt and i may need to file bankruptcy etc. or if God provides a new place for us to live and operate it out of . so many thoughts . but His will be done . ty

Thank you for your prayers Tami. I must say I have not really been blessed with such friends I can see in this light though I appreciate them for who they are and still thank God for them. As I persist in prayer I pray I can be who God wants me to be to my friends and enjoy His joy enough to spread it.

Dear Tami YOU have put the rubber to the road. You are acting just like JESUS. May He be with you always as you keep on track, your HIS true servant. I pray for a friend like you who is an example in speach, life, love, faith and purity.... 1 Tim 4:12.

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