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Jude 8-16

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew something very important and it was critical that you relay that information to another person? How would you deliver a message like that? Most likely with urgency, persistence and passion. Well that's definitely the tone I picked up as I read Jude 8-16. Jude wants to make sure we (Christians) don't overlook the seriousness of false teachers and teaching and just how dangerous that can be for us.

So what are some of the behaviors and descriptions Jude gives to alert us to false teachers/teaching? And how can we use this information going forward? Tami W.

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What is interesting about Jude is that he doesn't get specific about what precisely the false teaching was that infultrated the community of faith. He only speaks of there belief in general terms (i.e. they change God's grace and deny Jesus' authority). But he gets really specific about their behaviour.

I think that it is more helpful for a community of faith to focus more on the truth and have identifying markers of when there is a problem lurking in their community. I don't think that it is wrong to know exactly what the "false teaching" is. Sometimes this can help. Obviously this community knew what it was. But it wasn't the focus of Jude's leadership with this problem.

I think it would be fascinating to find out precisely what the teaching was but ultimately Jude would seem to prefer to dwell on giving this community of Christians tools that will help them with the immediate problem and deal with issues in the future.

After reading over vs 8-16 and here is the list that I came up with. It is likely not exhaustive but a good start:

1. A lack of respect for "celestial beings" and authority in general
2. A focus on their own personal gain.
3. A lack of spiritual stability and inner substance.
4. Characterized by ungodly acts and words.
5. Discontent and intentionally finding fault with others.

I also believe that Jude is saying a lot about the false teachers behaviour when it comes to vs 11. He highlights three characters that not only give us hints about what might be the false teaching but also about the behaviour of the false teachers themselves.

Jude isn't specific about "the way of Cain" but when we go to the Genesis record there is a drive to be autonomous from God and a willingness to give way to temptation. "Balaam's error" was to seek personal gain through his religious leadership. "Korah's rebellion" had to do with the refusal to submit to God's authority.

I will never forget when I first read the words in vs 13 that says the false teachers are "wondering stars, for whom blackest darkness has been reserved forever." It makes me shudder. This passage grasps the seriousness of the error that is being made and challenges me to ask God for help to stay on His path.

I face people who don't want to hear God everyday. I think that is serious. But people keep saying "Just Love them " No matter what I do say think or feel I cannot out do the love Jesus gave for and to me. I pray whenever i open my mouth I will tell of His love. More of Him less of me. Let God continue to be the judge. Pray for me to be Jesus' right hand and my family's salvation.Thanks be to God. Rejoice in His Holiness.

I find a lot of comfort in this passage...seems odd. However, we spend so much time in our day worrying about what is happening in this world and how our leaders of this day "get away with" how they are ruining, I mean running our country. Isn't it comforting to know that God sees, knows, and has a plan for the wicked not only descibed in history, but that God has that same plan for today? Maybe it is me, but I find joy in knowing that the future outcome of evil has already been displayed for us in the Bible.

I think the Lord is giving us a strong warning to be watchful of such people. People like this can creep in by finding ways to lure us in. once they have done that we can start to think like they think. Grumbling being discontent, finding fault.It can happen like the frog in the boiling water.Be watchful, the devil is slick.

Tami my understanding (I could be wrong) is that Jude is warning us about:
- people who speak against dominion (the Church, the government etc)
They slander God, but as we see archangel Michael refused to slander satan, because this is not his to do. God is our judge and we must leave this to Him
- Some speak about things they do not know trying to corrupt others but they corrupt themselves
- Some are greedy as ref. Cain and Balaam. Cain was jealous of his brother's sacrifice and Balaam was just plain greedy and though of self. He preferred to listen to himself instead of God.
- Some of these were followers before, but have chosen the worldly things instead of the godly things and try to entice us but we have to be wary; always remembering and keeping God's laws.
- They speak with beautiful words to entice us. The word humble is not in their vocabulary or their heart.

We must always pray and read God's Word because there is so much evil out there. As we are approaching the day of Christ's coming The Word it appears to me, that more and more people are sinking lower and lower into sin. Let us pray for all the people of the world and ask God's compassion and forgiveness. That He will open their hearts to receive and confess Him.

I think one of the most important things is that they deny Jesus authority. They see Jesus (and try to get others to see Him) and just another prophet. If anyone denys that Jesus is the one and only Son of God, look out.

Thanks for your detailed insight, Ian P., I found that really informative!

Well what stood out to me was that they are like Cain. They don't accept authority. They lie. And they are boastful. Boy there was a lot in this little bit of scriptures.

luminmary, i too am around people that don't want to hear God. at wk (i wk at a public middle school) they are very negative about praying, reading the Bible etc. They make fun of it for some reason. It is difficult to be around these people. Sometimes I pray for them, sometimes I pray for me. It is very difficult to love those as Christ does who are like this...I have alot of wk to do to love them as He does...I ask that you all pray for me to have the courage to face them and say in a Christ-like loving way my beliefs.

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