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Psalm 71:1-24

It's so important that we come to the Lord and talk with Him when we're distressed, overwhelmed and burdened. It's also important that we give Him our praise. But when I'm stressed out and overwhelmed, I don't necessarily feel like praising. But here's what I've found. As I'm talking with God and telling Him exactly what's happening in my life, as I release my burdens, it's like the Lord takes that space and fills it right up with thankfulness and praise. I love that because then I find myself just like David here in Psalm 71--praising God for who He is and what He's done and what's yet to come in my life.

Has this been your experience? What helps you praise in the middle of tough circumstances? Tami W.

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What helps me to praise God in the middle of tough situations is the ability to reflect. When I take a moment of reflection on my life I always realise that I have been with the Lord's help through many tough situations before. Even as I write I am remembering days when I said quietly and also out loud, "Father God please help me?" When I remember those days, and God's help in overcoming my adversities, I am more appreciative of God's power and so my only response, whatever the circumstance, is to praise him.
"Praise him, for his surpassing greatness". Ps 150:2

Tammy,God takes your questions 24/7 for 52 weeks a year. It is great to have dialogue when depressed. But, God is more than a one trick pony. Even less stressful everday life concerns are most appropriate to discuss.Personally, I have found daily God dialogues knock down molehills before they become mountains. At Talk With The Lord, our program has 4-5 neighbors meeting monthly in friendly home to teach and inspire all to have daily talks with the Lord. program is totally free and open to all everywhere [address info removed] talkwiththelord.blogspot.com/

I also think of all the many blessings God has bestowed on me and my family. Taking the time to reflect and give thanks is important because we serve a Mighty God who is more than capable of lifting us out of the valley to the mountain top. I also am learning to take God at His Word and take those 'leaps of faith'. If I have a need, take it to Him and wait for Him to bless me because of my great faith in Him. I'm not waiting with open HANDS but I am waiting with an open HEART for Him to pour out His wondrous mercy, grace and provision.

I think the Psalms help a great deal in praising Jesus thought trials. And keeping in God's word. I find myself looking to HIM and praisiing HIM at work through all the trials. And praying for those who are against me. Because that is what is appropriate and pleasing to GOD. I like these verses in the Psalms too because David cries out for deliverance from those who are against him. It reminds me of a day when I was entrapped in the snairs of a therapist who was not Christian and she was doing more harm then good for me. Hypnotising me and such. I took my bible and read from the Psalms like this one for deliverance and in 3 weeks I was able to say good bye to her in a proper manner and able to stand as I left. God sure is good. And I am thankful for all his servants and friends!

I lost it this evening. Technology, just not cooperating. And a lack of patience and endurance in dealing with the frustrations that came my way. How I hate when that happens! Not a good witness for my wife who quietly watched/listened to the whole episode. Forgive me, Father, for me acting in that way, putting MYSELF to shame and neglecting what you can do in my crisis of need! And thank you P4 for reminding me to turn to Him next time, in my exhaustion and frustration, seeking His strength in my inner turmoil to withstand and to be a better witness. You have been so good to me, God, especially this past week giving me strength to do what needed to be done, and I know none of that was me but You, alone!! Yet, how quickly I failed to live in the love of Your Spirit, and in the power You have over all! Jesus, have mercy and I pray for Your grace to do better next time! Let my life be a song of praise to You!

What Eglon says about refecting is so true. There are times when I think back as far as I can remember and I thank God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us as a family. My father and mother had left us with our paternal grandmother when he moved to a new job and then when he had permission to take us along he did. We bonded together as small children with other relatives and that has kept us close together to this day. When we ate our meals we ate them together and we were always doing fun things. I believe it is through this care and love that we today care for others so much. Sometimes I feel down because I felt I did not love my Heavenly Father as I should, that makes me feel not good about myself because He has never ever let me down. The great thing about this though, is that our Heavenly Father lifts us up and brings us under His wings. He is merciful, compassionate and forgiving. So no matter how bad things seem to us, He is always there for us so let us always remember that and draw near to Him.

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