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2 Peter 1:19-21; 1 Timothy 6:3-5

God's Word is Truth. But as we see from 1 Timothy 6:3-5, contrary teaching to this Truth abounds. False teaching can be a huge snag or pitfall for us. That's why Paul lets us know that we need to be tuned in, and on the lookout for, false teachers.

So how can we guard against falling victim to false teaching? How can we use our Bible when someone starts suggesting, endorsing, or advancing something that doesn't seem quite right? Tami W.

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Simple answers that take time...prayer and studying God's Word. Check the teaching with the Bible after praying that the Holy Spirit show us the truth.

That is the reason we need to have a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus and we also need to know and study our bible. This is the best defense to false teaching.

Whenever something whether it be a book, a sermon, a discussion, whatever it maybe if we hold it up and DOES NOT SYNCHRONIZE with the (with what the bible says!)then we should not walk but run to get away from it!If you do not have a bible at home,you're still in luck if you have a computer & thee internet just go to: everything in the bible is able to be shown on there

Before I can begin to use the Word for truth and correction, I need to know what it says....Paul even encouraged Timothy to 'study to show yourself approved" Pretty sound advise I'd say!!! We need to know the Word inside and out...backwards and forwards to really be able to stand against false prophets and teaching. False teachings can be so subtle....we need to be on guard with the Sword!!!! Let's keep our Armour on and be at attention!!!!

I never noticed before the words "more sure" in the 2 Peter passage until I listen to Dr. Krowll's "The Authority of the bible". People sometimes equate their experience of greater authority that what they read, but true enough our what we experience might not be in fact truth it might be even acting. Very interesting.

More than ever before in the world's history, we need discernment. I see and know of so many in the churches today who have been led away by erroneous teachings. We need to "square" everything with God's Word & prayer. If we're still unsure - the best advise would be "not to proceed".

After growing up in and raising my children in, then leaving a legalistic church I decided to go back and read the denominations docrine written by one of their scholars on line. Now that I've been in the Bible I saw many arrogant errors. But I still have trouble trusting elders and ministers to get personal guidance. I miss several of the good points about the old church that I don't see happening in the new. And sometimes I miss the way of worship. People will always fail but with the help of The Holy Spirit Jesus is all that matters to me now. So yes, Bible study and reading is very important but Jesus is The most important, to me. For without HIM I am nothing so whatever I would believe is nothing. But Oh! With HIM I can do all things!For He is the Way The Truth and The Light!

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