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Acts 24:1-27

Paul is once again put in a position where he must defend himself. This time he's in front of Felix, the Governor, and the Jewish leaders have brought in a high powered, "hired gun" named Tertullus to put Paul through the ringer and do him in. But, as usual, Paul is all over it and he handles the situation quite brilliantly. He sets the right tone--he's polite and respectful, he doesn't jump in and try to refute Tertullus mid stream. He even starts his rebuttal with, "I cheerfully make my defense." (Cheerful? I had to smile at that.) And then, he very plainly lays out the facts for Felix which includes the real point of contention--that he is proclaiming Christ.

So what did you observe from Paul's response? How can we draw on Paul's example the next time we find ourselves in the middle of conflict? Tami W.

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Paul respectfully acknowledges Felix' position and tenure and waits to speak until the right time. He sticks to "I" statements and facts. I love how he says "cheerfully" - a positive spirit can help ease conflict. This is a great pattern for responding to conflict.

Paul was a brilliant man who minded his tongue, yet honored God. Even in yesterday's passage he apologized when he saw he was wrong by striking Ananias. I can draw on his example by not being afraid to speak the truth yet doing it in a way that brings glory and honor to God

Paul look at every situation that he got into as a forum to proclaim Jesus Christ. That is why he was ceerfull, He had a captive audiance, people wanted to hear what he would say to get out of this situation, I wonder if their was some wondering if he would stay strong and not waiver on his convictions. Paul not waviering on his convictions for Christ and the peacefullness about him was a testament also. People had to admire that, we admier that still today in a strong but calm rational leader. Paul was all this and people listend. While Paul was in Prison he planted the seeds in the Roman cities and those seeds grew and then they were so strong that One day the Roman Emporor Augusta Proclaimed it an official religon in rome. WoW what seemed small and insignigicant at the time to most wasnt.

This scripture reminds me: Declare only truth (don't try to expand beyond the facts). Acknowledge earthly authority over me, but also the devine calling to speak respectfully as God wills. Most importantly-any situation I find myself in is not about me but what the Lord wishes to happen as a result of how I react. Wow! This is why it is important or me to remember Christ is always with me watching all that I do or don't do and I pray I can be an effective tool for Him and His kingdom to come!
Thank you for the nuggets of wisdom Powered By 4 reinforces daily!

Paul's response is measured factual and and proclaims Jesus Christ as the son of God. This response I belive affirms to us the need to always let our answers be factual and proclaim Jsesus s the son of God. We might be giving answers that do not require assertions of God's goodness, eg. at work, but they must always be factual and we must always show respect for authority and all people who we are talking to. God respects humility, respect and truth, remember the fruit of the spirit and remember how he exalted Jesus so that at his name all should bow. Like a sheep before the shearer is dumb he opened not his mouth.

Although Paul was confident, he was also humble. He was confident because he knew he was speaking the truth and he knew that God was with him. He was affirming that Jesus is the Son of God. That Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one can take that away from him and if believing this meant he would die, he was prepared to because he trusted in God. He knew that the outcome would be whatever God willed. What I have learned from Paul is that I must always be loyal to our God and stand up for Him no matter what the situation brings. You never know, standing up for Him might even bring someone to get to know and believe in Him.

Thanks for all you do to help and encourage us. I agree with the above statements but also Paul knew he had to go to rome and he knew what would happen. When you know God's will you can speak with confidence. always speak the facts.

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