Me, A Tree?

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Psalm 1:1-6

Am I a tree? And if I am, am I healthy, growing and producing fruit? Those are some of the thoughts I had as a result of reading Psalm 1. Think about it. Can you visualize a strong, leafed out tree, full of fruit? It's a beautiful picture of what we can be if we're delighting in, and meditating on, the law of the Lord.

So, fellow trees, what does delighting in the law of the Lord look like? And how can we keep God's law in our minds throughout the day and night? Tami W.

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It is my hope and prayer that I am, too, like the tree. Maybe I am not a full grown tree at this time, but at least if I stand firmly on His Word and meditate on it, day and night, I will be watered and will continue to grow in His ways! I hope and pray that I will be an evergreen tree!

If I am a tree and want to remain strong and healthy I need to grow
my root base (be rooted in the word & prayer), the evidence of which God/everyone will see. To produce fruit I must bloom, am I blooming? Lord, help me to bloom in your garden and draw others to you that they may find grace and peace for eternity. Thank you for reminding me of the mission for which I was created.

When I read this passage, I also wondered if I'm yielding fruit in my season. I can best gauge this by not only spending time in His word, but also applying what He's teaching me. I don't want to just read for knowledge and forget but to daily put into practice what I learned. My heart desires to spend more time with Him and as a tree that needs sustenance (Word, prayer, praise, etc.) I need to dig deeper with the Lord. Jesus, thank You for this day. I pray the Holy Spirit will continue to guide Your forest of trees and keep all of us bearing much fruit. I also am grateful for the P4 ministry; my life is enriched because of it.

Thank you God for mercy and grace. If we are to be a tree in a orchard then I would be very fearful of being rooted up and thrown out with the weeds. If we continue to stay in his word and under his mercy and grace maybe we will grow into fruit producing Christions. I am sure glad GOD loves me and is so patient. I know that my growth is slow.

Yes, I would like to be like a tree with its roots firmly grounded in the soil so no matter what comes my way and because I am firmly grounded, I will not be moved. Yes I can be like this tree if I read and meditate on God's Word daily. His Word was written specially for me - all of us. I cannot do it alone and that is why I need my Saviour to lead and guide me because without His support I will fall by the wayside. So I pray for His strength, His grace and His mercy. It is also good when we pray for each other so the light will shine in us so we can follow the path Jesus has laid out for us. Thank you Lord for inspiring the Scriptures and questions from Powered by 4.

I sometimes wonder what to say to people in order to "bear fruit"....when I get discouraged from not knowing what to say or feeling what I have said is not effective and is falling on deaf ears or hardened hearts, the Lord's words give me comfort in that as a vessel of the Lord, I am speaking GOD's TRUTH. That is all I need to know. Praise God for His Word!

Meditating on HIS law day and night, or taking every word captive to the obedience of Christ. This is my desire and hope for my life. I think #1 comes the golden rule to love others as Christ would want us too. Getting too legal in the word is useless. And one thing I struggle with. So I find setting my mind on love is #1. God blessings to you all, Janice

Thanks Tami and the rest of the back to the bible crew.Am having a wonderful relationship with our Lord now. Thank God for making me a tree by the river side,i am growing a every blessed day now.The only way to grow and bear fruits is to study the word and meditate in it. I try to talk to people,but i pray that i bear fruits not just be a christian. I receive grace to bring many to the kingdom.

I want to be that tree that is so fruitful and harvested. I know I can and I try everyday by being me and accepting what God has in mind for me. I want to learn more and more about our wonderful God through meditation and learning. I then will be able to say I AM that fruitful tree.

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