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If someone you know has doubts about the Bible--what it is, why they should care about it, why they should read it--then 2 Timothy 3:16-17 would be a good place to take them. It's packed with information and answers these questions. "All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work." (Incredible verses!)

So what does "All Scripture is God breathed" mean for you and your relationship with the Lord? What does this passage tell us about the importance of knowing and following God's Word? Tami W.

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God's words are precious! ... and they give us life! (an abundant life of blessing & Eternal life afterward) They need to be held with high esteem! Unfortunately today, God's Word isn't popular amongst most. It's so easy to see, that the more our nation departs from God Word, it's plain to see the worse things are getting! I doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out; "we need to get back to God's Truth's found in Scripture"

Well I believe that the WORD of God is true and right and usefull for living and believing in Jesus Christ, who is and always will be my Lord, not that my life in anyway is perfect or without troubles. As the scripture says that those who decide to please Jesus will suffer. In fact, evil men and false teachers have become worse and worse deceiving so many, satan has a huge grip on this world and on our country. The United States is no longer a God fearing God believing Country and is headed right down the tubes. We will not be a powerful nation and I believe that the end is near, if we as christians do not begin to stand tall for our beliefs, the church is the worst offender, we have become so complaciant in our little pews, the church is being destroyed not from the outside but from with in its very own walls.

Knowing this verse says all scripture is God breathed (I actually learned these as a child put to music) tells me that I can not skip the hard parts of scripture because I don't or don't want to understand them. God's Word is all or nothing. It is food for us if we want to be competent and equipped for every good work.

"All Scripture is God breathed" for me this means that God inspired the authors to record His Word which tells us His plans for us. It is not the words of the authors but His Word recorded by them. It teaches us about God's love, His wrath when we disobey Him by doing evil things He has commanded us not to do. It tells us how we should behave and that we should walk uprightly. It tells us that yes we will sin, but He loves us so much He sent His One and Only Son,Jesus to save us by shedding His blood and dying for us. That by His resurrection we can live in hope to be resurrected on the day He returns to earth and a promise that we can be with Him for ever and ever. His Word teaches us what to expect if we believe in Him and to expect if we choose not to listen to Him. The Scripture teaches me to be reverent to Him and that I can always talk to Him directly through prayer, praise and thanksgiving. Having such a relationship is unique and no one can top it.

"All Scripture is God breathed"- what an amazing thing to think about! That the words we read in print are God's very words! And how I take God's Word for granted sometimes!- when I should approach my time reading His Word with awe, and humility- and just love and cherish every moment, soaking it all in.
God is righteous, holy and good- His people can completely trust His Word to be righteous, holy and good, as well- perfect in teaching, for reproof, for training etc.- we can be confident we will be perfectly equipped , if we obey God's word, walk according to His will and by the Holy Spirit's leading.Lord God, please help us!

John 6:63 Jesus says that the words he speaks are spirit and they are life. So seeing as though, Jesus is the word wrapped in flesh, the scriptures we are studying are very important. If we want to have a relationship with God and know what he is saying to us it would behoove us to read the Bible God's word's written down on paper.

Although, Jesus said when he was tempted of the devil, that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, tells us that we need to start with the Bible but as we grow in the grace of God and build a relationship with him we will then develop a spiritual ear to hear HIS still small voice down in the deepest recesses of our souls.

It is important to know God's word and most importantly to follow it because it gives life and truth which will set us free from the bondage of sin that causes damage to our souls. I do not know about anyone else, but, I would much rather get my instructions DIRECTLY from the one who created me than to get it second hand from another human being who is wallowing in sin and NOT studying nor seeking God. Of course, Godly wisdom must lead you to be able to discern between this.

God breathed, leaves me with the picture of a mother and a new born child after she has given birth and the completion of her pain she has endured. There he or she is and the intimacy they share at that moment THAT IS GOD BREATHED, HE MEANT WHAT HE SAID (I LOVE YOU ) and he gave his son and he hates all sin so why do we not hate sin and love the sinner . The church needs to pray for revival. Lord send a great revival ,have mercy on us .

"All Scripture is God breathed" means to me that God spoke the words of scripture into each writers spirit that then poured out onto the papyrus. I believe fully that the whole bible is God inspired...that all is to be learned and gleaned from.....that all of it is true. My desire to live my life according to the words of Scripture I pray reflect that. I truly want to 'master this Book so that the Master of this Book can master me'!!!! ( a delightful quote from an author, Stephanie Grace Whitson in reference to the Bible).

Paul is preparing Timothy to leave the fold and go spread the message of Jesus Christ. Fortunately he's armed- his buckle is the Word and the Truth of Jesus Christ. I can only imagine Timothy fears (Paul had BIG shoes to fill) but Paul recalls for him the trials and tribulations he suffered as solid examples of the deep love, protection, and security he received in Jesus. That's how our Father is today- he watches over us, clears the way for us to get through our day and the Holy Spirit comforts us in all things. Timothy is told that without spending time in Scripture, he's prey. We must drink in the Word daily because it's power- it confounds the evils of the world and allows His righteous to shine.
I love the Lord for blessing us with so many life-saving resources- the Holy Spirit, the Love & Grace the God, the Intercession of Jesus, the Bible, His angels, other soldiers of Jesus Christ, church, prayer, etc. We need all of this to exist on this side of heaven and when we don't take the time to use our 'tools' we are weakened.

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