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Psalm 63:1-11

Psalm 63 is one of my favorites. I love the descriptive phrases of David's love for the Lord and the emotion and intensity David displays throughout the psalm. The very first verse where David says "earnestly I seek you" kind of hit me. I found myself thinking How earnestly am I seeking? Do these verses describe my relationship with the Lord?

So what does earnestly seeking God look like in your life? Is there something you can do today to earnestly seek Him more? Tami W.

Today is the start of a new series on Back to the Bible called "How to Find God in the Bible". Some really good stuff, so tune it!

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To earnestly do something is to do it with sincerity and / or purpose. How often do I purposefully seek Him? Not as often as I should. I do seek Him when I am faced with a task like teaching Sunday School, or going to work in a particularly tough school. But throughout the day, when I am home...that's an area I need improvement in!

I think that 'to seek God earnestly' means to put Him first, to make it a priority to spend time in His presence, and to get to know Him through His Word. As a mum of 2 young children, I find this hard to do, yet I am a much better mum and wife when I do take the time to earnestly seek Him. Some ways I have found helpful to do this, amidst the busyness of life are: to download sermons onto my ipod and listen to them while I clean up at the end of the day, to put bible verses around the home so that I am reminded daily of God's love and presence with me, and to make time with God my first priority when my youngest goes down for his day sleep. The wonderful thing is that when I do take the time to seek God with all my heart, He draws near to me and also increases my desire to know and love Him more. To earnestly seek Him I guess is to put our relationship with Jesus above everything else...a daily challenge, but oh so worth all the effort.

As Leanne says to "seek God earnestly means to put Him first" and as janice said with "sincereity" and what better time to do it but early in the morning away from all distractions, before we have our coffee or tea. The last thing also before we go to bed to thank Him for His blessings. We must draw close to Him by keeping in His Word and giving Him thanks and praise for His grace and His mercy. We must always be in touch with Him even through the day just saying a simple "thank You Lord" there are so many things we can thank Him for during our day. That is also a way of keeping in touch with Him. Talk to Him while driving or listening to something spiritual - a Bible study or a devotion on the radio. The more we draw near to Him, the closer He gets to us. It is a challenge yes, especially when we have young children or work but He will strengthen and guide us. We just have to ask and not try to do it on our own.

To earnestly seek would involve wholehearted devotion. In the sense that our very lives depended upon this, which in reality - THEY DO!

My heart is to seek God earnestly, but the body is weak- at least at the moment. There are times when I am in God's Word consistently- but there are also times, when everything else takes priority.Life gets busy- and I say to myself, "When I get this and this done, THEN, I will settle down and spend time with God. I am so thankful God is so faithful, when I am not. I am so thankful for His mercy and grace, and that He draws me back to Himself, when I have put other things before Him. Thank You, dear Lord!

That is the only way to find true peace... God help our world of strife and anger. Help us to seek you and humble ourselves before you. Help us to LOVE others as you Love us.

In order to seek God earnestly, you must (in my experience) recognize first that you are in desperate need of Him and His presence in your life. We all know how we get when we are DESPERATE we forsake everything around us and focus on that one thing until we get what we want. So it is with seeking God.

In my walk with Him, I found that my spirit has a way of sitting me down and getting into the word and not coming out until I am blessed by the Lord. Like Jacob, who wrestled with the angel all night until he was blessed.

Now I know like the other bloggers that LIFE does get in the way and sometimes my flesh wins over my spirit. And when that happens and the smoke clears, I have learned to ask God to forgive me for being disobedient and give me the courage to forgive myself and move on. And try again, to listen to my spirit when she tells me to stop and look up to God and seek Him right now. Yes, it is not always convenient but we ought not to quench the Holy Spirit. Besides, the holy spirit is a spirit and He does not know of the things we have to do physically nor does He care he has one purpose and that is to lead us back to Father God and that He knows is more important than family, friends, jobs, etc. We are talking about our spiritual well being here and that is what we take into the eternal life with us not the physical (ie family friends jobs etc) Yes, it is a hard concept but it it the way of salvation. I struggle daily with this.

The thing that I will do today to seek God more is to listen to the need of my spirit and get in tune with that so I can feed the hunger that lies within. Because this is the food that we should want to get fat on.

Great comments everyone. I enjoyed reading them all and learning from them. I think one of the reasons God puts us through tough times is so we will be reminded to earnestly seek Him.

I think to 'earnestly seek God' is to seek Him daily as if this was our last day on earth. It's something difficult for me to do when I do other daily tasks and pencil bible study or prayer time when I have the time. David realized the power of God and relied on Him fully. When we earnestly seek God, the more we learn from Him and He shows us His glory. I want to earnestly seek Him all day and store up His word & promises because without it, I'm weakened.

I am grateful for the work that Back to the Bible has been doing while evolving with technology to reach people for Christ and strengthen, educate and help Christians grow. The solid teaching are helpful and now how awesome to have Powered by 4 very innovative!!! Praise be to our God who is giving knowledge for such inventions and wisdom for his followers to use it to his glory and the expansion and strengthening of his kingdom!!!

Thanks for faithful host as Dr. Kroll and Tami

God bless
Sophia spending time with the Lord as important to me as the air I breath or the blood that flows through my veins?! Without seeking after the Father's heart, I would be wallowing in worry and fear....unable to raise my head or put one foot in front of the other. The Lord and His Word is what gets me through my days and nights...the 'good, bad and ugly' of my life. He is my source of strength and joy, peace and hope!!!! The promise that His presence is available to those that draw near!!!! When I do my part----He goes way above and beyond what I could imagine or hope for!!!!! 'Where would I go, but to the LORD'?!!!

Every bless day i love to get close to God more. I so much enjoy the relationship, that i feel like being with Him more. To earnestly seek Him ,one has to seat down to commune with Him,fellowship with Him, and talk with Him in prayer. I always want to get more of Him,God help me.

:-) Loved all the comments. I think for me I get up to my Christian music and listen to it on the way to owrk too. This helps me to keep my mind on Chirst. I find if I am in a hurry that isn't as easy. God keep us all at a pace where we can seek you daily, hourly, every minute. I make a point to read my P4 at least 4 times a week and have drawn closer to Jesus through this as well. I have another devotion I read too and together it has strengthened me to look to Christ more daily. :-)

He walks with me. He talks with me. He tells me I am His own....In the storm, in the tears, in the excitement, in the calm and in the ordinary. He lives in me and I in Him. No one, nothing can separate us. Thank You Lord Jesus, my Savior, friend, my brother. I love You and need You. I want to be used by You.. Thank you for fighting the battle and taking control, Please bring this world and my family to You.Praise and honor and all glory be Yours forever.

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