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2 Samuel 22:1-57

David is exuberant and praising the Lord through song here in 2 Samuel 22. But it wasn't so much the praise element of this passage that caught my attention today as it was what this song reveals to us about God. As we get into and read this chapter, the more we see and learn about God and His character and attributes. Right away in verses 2-3 we see that God is our foundation (our rock, our fortress). Verse 7 shows us that God is a listener. He's a protector in verses 8-16 and a rescuer in verses 17-20. You get the picture.

So what did this passage show you about God? What would you add to the list of: foundation, listener, protector, rescuer? Tami W.

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This passage shows that God is our "All in ALL". Apart from the attributes you have mentioned, He is our Shield -our Buckler,Our Salvation, Our High Tower, Our Refuge and Saviour. He is our Deliverer, Our Stay - He is always with us. He is our Lamp that sheds light on our path. He is our Avenger and our Strength and our Power. He is our Heavenly Father, Our Creator. There is no other person with these attributes and when I look at the list that goes on and on, I cannot but love, trust and obey Him. He is just awesome. Thank you Lord for caring for us so much that You provide us everything that should make us remain loyal to you. Thank you for Your Word and the Holy Spirit that guides us as we read and ponder Your Inspired Word.

That we CAN praise HIM in every circumstance. God give me courage, wisdom and compassion and endurance to the end in Christ Jesus.

Oh I forgot the most important thing. I want to be a thankful Christian! Grateful for my life and all God has done in it. Praise God for His unspeakable gifts.

God is our Source! He provides, protects, loves, and will never depart from His children. Our Father is worthy of praise!

Vs 22 "For I have kept the ways of the LORD and have not wickedly departed from my God" shows us the confidence that David had in the Lord. We too!, can have that same "confident trust" that David did. There are so many positive attributes of God in this passage, but I think they all spring from David's confidence in God.

God is infinite, soveriegn, he is a God of mercy and also of judgement. He saves according to v4, vs 5- 18 tells us that when we face trouble on everyside, when we cry out to God he actually hears us and comes to our rescue and delivers us. vs 19 says God is our support and v20, when i live my life as one pleasing to God ,he will delight in me. God is my shield,my hope in a world of hopelessness, my provider,he forgives me ,he is my everything,literally i cant breathe without him- he is just altogether worthy ,altogether wonderful. There is a song that simply says " for you are great, you do miracles so great, there is no one else like you, no one else like you!Awesome God!

God is a personal god. He meets us where we are right when we need him the most. His grace, love, and salvation are given to us not because we deserve them but because we need them.

Father, thank you for meeting me in my life and for equipping me to live according to your will. In Christ's name. Amen.

The attributes of god ARE INFINITE. A reminder of his attributes, through david, gives me hope and relief that I am going to make it out because he hears my cry. "For you are my lamp O Lord and MY GOD lightens my darkness. For by you I can run against a troop and by MY GOD, I can leap over a wall. THE WORD PROVES TRUE".
Oh when I hear this, I feel the power of god all around me. MY GOD will lighten my darkness and I believe it. I believe it and will proclaim it for the rest of my days while glorifying him and exalting him for his awesomeness, love,kindness,greatness, sovereignty, power and all the infinite attributes that he holds. Glory be to MY GOD.

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