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Psalm 42:6-11

These words of Psalm 42:8 caught my attention today, "By day the Lord commands his steadfast love, and at night his song is with me." Now I love the first part of this verse. I find it reassuring. But the "at night his song is with me" part got me thinking and I really liked where I ended up.

So what are your thoughts on his song being with us at night? What does it mean for you personally? Tami W.

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Glory to God in the Highest and peace to His people on earth! Lord God,heavenly King, Almighty God and Father. We worship You, we give You thanks. We praise for your glory. Lord Jesus Christ, Only Son of the Father, Lord God, Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world! Have mercy on us, for You alone are God. You alone are the most High Jesus Christ in the glory of God the Father.
A song on my lips, in my mind and in my heart!

When you keep our Lord with you and stand steadfast in your Faith even through the dark times you know he is with you. You know that you can come out the otherside and his love will always endure.

Even though David was going through a difficult time, he ultimately found his consolation in the Lord. And we too, can find the Lord to be all sufficient for every trial we may go through! Only He can truly satisfy our hearts!

The song that David found at night, we also can find - during the night when our troubles weigh heavy and rob sleep from us, we can reflect on the Lord's blessings & look to Him in prayer committing our worries and cares to Him. The "song" we can have can be a song of praise as David's song was to him.

Years ago as a young Christian, my mother in law (who was my spiritual mentor) would always remind me, "God is bigger than any problem you have." When trials come, (and as you get older they seem to mount quickly,) I can sleep at night knowing, "My God is on the throne, He is in control" and I praise him for his omniscience.

His song or His presence is with us day and night reminds me that my heart/lips must burst forth a song of prayer, praise and worship to Him at all times. Only He is worthy.

Our God is an awesome God! Our loads seem so hard to bare God always helps us carry the load and at times take it all so don't have to. God's song has come to me many times in the night when worry overcomes me. As i lay and ponder on how to fix everything God gently reminds me that he is in control.
Thank You everyone that prayed for my son and family this past weekend. We are trusting God to move and that he has we are so thankful to be in such a wonderful family... God's family.

The word is a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path! In my dark days the word navigates me through. I prepare for war in the time of peace. I study like a mad woman when things are "good" in my life, so when those dark times come the word is hidden in my heart and I depend on it to lighten my path!

That was not always the case, I used to wallow in the darkness and question "why me?" It used to be torturous until I decided to hold God's word accountable and try Him like never before! The best decision I have EVER made!

I have grown to be eager for the dark days so I can really see God working in my life. That way I can taste, touch, see, hear, smell the word of God working just for little ol me. When I think of the love of God my soul cries out in gratitude to Him for loving me enough to take care of me like he does.

The dark days no longer have control over me--I have control over them! They increase my faith and relationship with the Almighty God!

When darkness comes,it's always when we are not prepared. When we have failed to stay prayed up, or have the full armor of God on. Then because we live in a physical world, dispare seems to set in. But the reality of the truth is, that I am a blood bought child of God thru the sacrifice of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. That even if my physical life is taken because of evil, my eternal life with the Lord is set in stone. That is what allows me to sleep soundly with a song of praise in my heart. Knowing that God is always with me. Because his word says that he will never leave me or forsake me.

Psalm 42:8 "By day the Lord commands his steadfast love, and at night his song is with me." These words tell me that I am not to worry, the Lord is always with me as He has said. My thoughts are that God is telling me that I must have faith in Him, whatever He says in His Word is the gospel truth and all I have to is believe in Him, trust in Him and continue to live in hope. I must not put my trust in nor fear man. It is He who made me and He who loves me unconditionally.

He is telling me that I can overcome all adversities whilst I trust in Him, because He will take me through them, and as Paul wrote to the Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me". Thank you Lord for your love which is immeasurably.

God surrounds us with Himself day and night. He prepares the way before us, and hems us in on all sides. With a song in our hearts at night, I find that the day also begins with a song. Those are the best days because I know that God is with me all the time.

God is always with me! Even when I sleep, He is with me. We know that He is there when little things happen throughout the day, but we don't know what He protects us for when we are asleep. Then we wake in the day, in our right minds. Hopefully, like me, you are thankful that He protected us to get to the next day.

By day the Lord directs his love at night his song is with me suggests to me that "night" is not a time of rest but really a time when we cannot act. It is the time when we have done our best and must wait on other things to happen to change our adverse condition. It is a call to patience, to be still and see and to remember that "weeping may last for a night but joy commeth in the morning". God is working even when we do not actually see things happening. The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

So we rejoice and are happy for we know that God is working on our behalf even when we do not see a change. It is a call for faith and a test of our belief.

It means for me that i can always be reassured that God is always with me no matter the circumstances. It means he gives me his peace and all i need to do is embrace his love and allow him to place his songs on my heart and on my lips.Whenever i feel down ,singing unto God lifts my spirit and breaks the chains of heaviness and despair.

Psalm 42:8 "By day the Lord commands his steadfast love, and at night his song is with me." ... We live in such a fast pace world and it easy to get caught up into the chaos, but spending time in the Word of God gives me the peaceful serenity to carry me through. God's song is His WORD that we can ALWAYS TRUST in Him! Dear Heavely Father I thank you for sending Jesus our watchful Lord and shepherd who gave his precious blood for my sins. Just as Jesus prayed for his disciples, that they would not fall away I know he has never forsaken me and is always leading back when I have went asray.

I wake up a lot at night, and when I do I pray. And when I pray, I meditate on as many Bible verses as possible such as Proverbs 3:5,6 and Psalm 1 and Psalm 23. I gradually drift back to sleep, but I feel better knowing that I'm trusting and depending upon God to get me through these difficult days.

Hi Tami
Share a few of your warmest moments in Israel, if you can?
I will bet you were at the church built above ? or near the tomb
Christ was believed to be buried in?

God bless you,

John Brady

Darkness is a wonderful gift from God. A plant cannot grow if it does not have dark, a picture cannot be developed except it be worked on in a dark room, we cannot rest without darkness. In creation there was darkness before light. Darkness is a humbler, we realize we cannot see everything, we cannot continue the journey when it is dark, but the journey must continue, so as much as we want to continue to walk, in times of great darkness we're blind, but God's Word, the Bible, is the only true lamp unto my feet, and a light to my path, and I humbly must wait for the sun or moon to shine so I can continue this journey that God has so mercifully commanded me to endure, and press on. Thank you Lord for the light that comprehends the darkest dark(JOHN 1:1-5). No matter how dark it gets, there is always light.(GENESIS 1: 1-5)

at night His song shall be with me.......what a beautiful promise.
I view this as not just a song in the night, but also a song during the hard times in our lives. God gives hope, assurance and peace in the midst of life's difficulties. As we all do, over the course of our lifetime, I have had some very discouraging situations, but when I came to God, in prayer, He encouraged my heart and gave me hope that all would be well. David said "He is the lifter up of my head". God can turn any situation around and give us joy, peace in the midst of the night, until the morning comes, or as David said, until these calamities be past. Joy in the midst of sorrow...gives a wonderful hope.

I am so glad to hear all of these incouraging words.I would just like prays for divine intervention from the Almighty God for what I am going through now.I promised to believe and still live for him even and if he dosen't answer my prays as I want.I pray also to God for forgiveness [personal information removed]. At this moment I feel so tire and hoping to hear from the Lord.Thanks for all your words. A. Massaquoi

A Massaquoi, thanks for sharing your prayer request. We will pray for you. Tami W.

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