Two Fold Lesson

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2 Samuel 11:1-27

When you read the story of David and Bathsheba do you find yourself thinking David, what are you doing??? Just stop. But he doesn't because even though David was a man after God's own heart, he wasn't sinless and, of course, neither are we.

David and Bathsheba are like a self-contained lesson on giving in to temptation and the consequences that follow. Now we tend to focus on the sexual temptation in this story, and it's certainly there. But did you notice how David was tempted by, and gave in to, his power as well? David sent for and took Bathsheba; he pulled Uriah out of battle to return to Jerusalem, and he ordered Joab to place Uriah at the front of the battle so Uriah would be killed. So David caved to temptation on several fronts.

So what can we do to be more tuned in to the things that tempt us? And then when we find temptation before us, what are some things we can do, right then, to keep from acting on it and falling into sin? Tami W.

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We say this everyday. We have to keep in the Word of the LORD daily. We have to pray and Jesus has taught us a prayer that we must say everyday as many times as we can, especially where it asks to "lead us not into temptation and keep us away from evil." So when temptation comes our way, we should remove ourselves from it. Do not take a second look or even think about it take ourselves away from the situation.

Temptation comes in all forms and they are "wrapped enticingly". Jesus has taught us to watch out for the sheep in wolf's clothing. No matter how deep we are in financial troubles, do not enter into anything that seems so easy and so sure. Nothing good comes easily. When making decisions and plans ask God to lead and guide us. He wants the best for us but He created and loves us and He does not wish to lose any of us. So let us just trust Him and He will strengthen us and work things out for us in His own Way.

Let us then pray for each other and keep in His Word each and every day and give Him praise and thanks for all His bountiful gifts. We are truly blessed!

the scripture that comes to my mind is from hebrews 12 to run from the sin that so easily besets us. wandering around on a roof looking at a naked woman. i guess if your spiritual defences aren't up you might find yourself on a slippery slope. his situation turned into a sinful snowball. like dominoes. a good leason for us to not put ourselves in vulnerable places. even a strong man of god can be weak

I also note that David was not with his men. Didn't the king usually go into battle with them? If that is so, David was no where he was supposed to be. So, we need to be where God wants us to be. God says that He will provide a way of escape for us, so we should pray that we see that way and run to it - away from the temptation. I once heard that being tempted is not the sin; acting on it (rather than running from it)is.

The world we live in today makes it pretty difficult for a Christian to live and please God. We're bombarded by temptations!

For the child of God, the best course of action is to watch and pray. Always be on guard against temptation. And flee it's lure when it first begins - otherwise it will be too late when temptation has you in it's grip.

I noticed that David didn't seek the Lord to ask Him to remove the temptation with Bathsheba, the two times he tried to tempt Uriah, and sending Uriah to battle; worst yet, he involved others in his deception. I too think it's important to pray to ask God to give us strength to remove the temptation and to take the focus off the lure (food, sex, spending money, etc) by asking Him to strengthen us.
We must fight the temptation at the onset before it gets out of control and allow the Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts and actions.

Everyone is saying pretty much the same thing, "RUN FROM TEMPTATION," although this is true we must run from temptations at any cost; what about the temptations we can not run from? David, yes, was a man after God's own heart; but had he not acted on his temptation and then try and cover it up he would not have known that he had a problem in this area of his spiritual journey and needed to repent to God about it. Hence, we would not have the 51st Psalm. I do not know about anyone else but I need this Psalm daily!

I love this story of David because, we as people tend to idolize others by their good works and it illustrates that David was human and not superhuman. It shows that, we may fall into temptation, but its not the end of the world, when we realize our transgression (hopefully sooner rather than later) we repent as David did.

God has a way of giving you enough rope so you can hang yourself, all so you can see yourself and run to him in repentance. Isn't that what we have done when we were children and our parents would give us enough rope to hang ourselves and we see how we have acted and then have to acknowledge it to them? Same with God he is our Parent/Father.

Yes, we should lay aside every weight and sin that does so easily besets us and run the race with patience the race that is before us, but we will fall and we need God our Father to pick us up again and in our falling there are lessons that need to be learned and can only be learned in our falling as we found with David.

Pride is what caused David to yield to that temptation. Had he not yielded he would not have known that he was prideful. God used that to show David his transgression. As he will do us.

We must stay in close proximity to God so that when we do fall into divers temptations we understand that there is a lesson that has to be learned about our inner man. We must question, "What is God trying to show me about me in this?" That takes the power away from the guilt and shame we feel because we heeded to the temptation. That is where enemy wants us stay, because he know God will let the sin go (forgive).

Good comments everyone. I enjoyed reading them all. I have to agree with Janice. Why wasn't David with his men? We need to have God's presence with us at all times, and be where God wants us to be.

When we focus on the Word of God, we will know what is acceptable and what is not. The Holy Spirit is our guide. When we don't follow His guidance, we end up sinning.

In 1 Corinthians 10:13 it states: "No temptation has overtaken you that is not * common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it." With that stated, God doesn't give us more than we can endure and He provides a way out. We must be like Joseph and "turn and run"! Even it is means leaving our coat. The same way with sin, we must know what characteristics are acceptable to Jesus Christ and when we see we have not done what is acceptable we must confess our sins (1 John 1:9). However, we must not use 1 John as an excuse to sin. We do not have a "free ticket" to do anything contrary to Our Lord and Savior. A "free ticket" will lead us straight to Hades.

I was gone for a week and I really missed you all! Glad to be back!

A little leaven spoils the whole loaf. I think one sin blinds and then others follow. It is hard living in the world today. I work in a factory and the people are not upright, well most of them. I hear stuff I don't want to hear and that bothers me. I don't want to be drawn into others sins and end up in my own.

When I read this story, I wonder sometimes if Jonathan had not been killed would David be as tempted as he had been. What I am saying is one of the ways David kept on track with the Lord was when he had an accountability partner in Jonathan. Now as King, it seems he did not have anyone close enough to hold him accountable. I think it is vital for us to have those in our lives that call us on the carpet when we start to move in a direction that is not pleasing to God. I know in later chapters of the book, God does bring in someone to call light onto what David has done, but David needed someone then.

Godly relationships help keep us focused. Doesn't mean we will not walk into temptation or possibly act upon it. What it does mean is that someone will be there to call us out and help us get back on the right track.

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