Treasure hunt

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Proverbs 2:1-8

Solomon tells us again today that we should be looking for God's wisdom. And not just casually looking for it, but seeking it actively, like we would hidden treasure. Now that brought to mind backyard childhood treasure hunts, but also ways I seek for things I value in the here and now. I'm not so sure that I always seek out God's wisdom with that kind of intensity.

So let's all do a treasure hunt this week for wisdom. What will your hunt look like? What tactics and approaches might you take? Tami W.

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A treasure hunt is a great concept for us to keep in mind as we approach Scriptures. We are seeking. Seeking wisdom, comfort, encouragement, guidance.... and a host of other reasons.

A primary and important tactic would be to come to the Word "empty". Empty of our own opinions, any "wisdom" we think we have, etc.... just coming humbly and open.

Prayer, prayer, and more prayer for each situation I am in, and for any who request it. Then there is the believing side - that God hears and answers my prayers. Trusting God to answer with His wisdom, not leaning on my own understanding. Obeying what He asks of me...sometimes that's harder...more prayer. Resting in the knowledge that God knows best and He will only give me what is best for me, and He will lead me where I need to be. He gave me the Holy Spirit to guide me through any I can rest, trust, obey and pray.

James 1:5-8 lays out one way we can gain wisdom.

The passage starts out telling us that "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him."

I have the "asking" part down pretty good, but then I don't take time to listen. I need to spend more time in quiet meditation so my heart, mind and soul can receive the direction/wisdom the Lord promises to provide.

It seems that I seek "the treasure" more fervently when I am going through a trial. One of the ways I seek God's wisdom is to thank him for this trial in my life. It is His way of blessing me and of drawing me closer to Him. As I seek His face and His wisdom I also seek understanding for which path I should take or what I should do, sometimes being told to "do nothing, just to wait". I am trusting the Lord with all my heart and "leaning not on my own understanding" to figure out the complexities and intricacies of His plan for me.

Thank you, back to the Bible. This is water for my thirsty soul. Solomon's words are as relevant today as they were so many years ago. I am looking forward to meditating over them today.

God bless

As I just started Power 4 today I thought it was appropriate that God gave me this passage to start out the journey. I thank God for allowing me to find Back to the Bible to help draw me in the word everyday.

Tonight I am going to a bible study at church called the pursuit of passion. This is a study on the Ephesian Church in Acts 18, 19 (as well as Rev. 2). The Ephesian church began with passion, but then lost it. This study will probe what true passion for Christ is, how it can be lost, and how to regain it again. The theme of the study is this - The level of our passion, not the level of our knowledge, will be the measure of our impact for Christ.

The verse for the week at my church was Acts 20:24 However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace.

I'd like to invite everyone to download You are For Me by Kari Jobe.

It always opens my heart when I worship God and then ask him to reveal his truth to me in his word.

This morning I read Dr. Woodrow Kroll's "The Search for Wisdom Part 2" and his teaching is very solid because everthing he shares with us comes from the Bible - God's Word. Dr. Kroll than you very much and may our Lord continue to bless and strengthen you to continue to help us in getting to know our Heavenly Father.

So Tami, to answer your questions, In my quest for wisdom I have to be reverent to my God, be in awe of Him because He is the source of all wisdom. For me to seek wisdom, I have to be prepared to listen to the Word as I read it. I have to apply what I hear from reading God's Word. By prayer, I will ask God to help me understand His wisdom and then dig for the Wisdom in God's Word and be transformed by His Word. He will do the tranforming. And you know what? God loves us so much and cares that we want to truly worship Him by getting to know Him better that He will not disappoint us. He will surely give us this wisdom and understanding. Thank You Lord for always being here for us. Amen.

Ask, and it shall be given. Seek, and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened to you. So powerful those three action words--ask, seek, and knock. God is sooooo AWESOME in that he does not withold anything from those who are sincere in wanting to know their creator! How would my hunt look, hmmm, it would first require me to ask for the specific thing--WISDOM in the word, which can not come without UNDERSTANDING. Get wisdom get knowledge but above all, GET UNDERSTANDING! So I ask for understanding of the word of God. Then I will meditate on the word understanding and really get to know what that REALLY is in the eyes of GOD! Then I will most important of all, ask the Holy Spirit, who is the master teacher to guide me to the things that will lead me to the Wisdom of God. Study, Study, Study, Be alert to every thing that I see, and question EVERYTHING good, bad, or indifferent, in the hopes that it will lead me closer to the treasure I so desperately see. I MUST continue to be active in the hunt for this treasure called Wisdom. I need it like I need air to breathe!

Thanks Tami that your words are so basic - we can get very 'spiro' if we're not careful - and you keep things very real - 'good on ya' as we say down under. Yes we should seek - remembering that God is faihful, not us - & he will give us Wisdom as he gives his Spirit freely - to us - just because we believe & we ask - not because we've prayed more, meditated more or done anything more ...
Love ya blog!

All of the above...PLUS...pray for others and take our eyes off ourself and look to THE ONE WHO has the answers! Love to all.

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