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1 Kings 2:1-12

Living out our Christian life, our example, is so important, but sometimes we need to take it one step further by speaking to someone or maybe even writing something. Today we see David doing this very thing as he boldly instructs and reminds Solomon of the importance of following God and His Word at all times.

So where are your opportunities to proclaim, and be a proponent for, God and His Word? And when the opportunity presents itself, what are some things you might say? Tami W.

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We're told not to let the law depart from out mouths, but meditate on it day and night. We're also told to instruct our children on God's law at every opportunity. The obvious picture is that God's word needs to be woven into our lives just like the need to eat regular meals.

It's hard to do this in a society where people think you're a nut or a fanatic when you bring up God, Jesus and the Bible often.

You used to hear the phrase, "the good book" a lot. I think we need to re-establish the Bible as "the good book."

Well, this question could get dicey some may think--proclaim the word of God and others may say no.

Well, the scripture says, "If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me." So to me, I try to lift up Jesus in EVERY area of my life whether good, bad, or indifferent, in my interactions with others. Then let God to do the drawing.

I have to be honest, I do not present myself as someone who uses the "religious terms" in my daily conversation with others, the scripture aslo says to be unspotted from the world. I am a strong believer in living the word of God more so than talking about it. "Actions speak louder than words!" When others see my actions and responses to life situations then they will come to me with their questions and then I would use the wisdom of God to answer.

Besides, this whole journey is all about Him, so why not consult Him on how to conduct myself in a Christian manner? This may not show up the same in my life as my neighbors, but who is to say my way is right and your way is wrong? If we go the way of God then all ways are "Right!"

I found this to be the safest way to proclaim God's Word in my life and the environment I am in. Believe me, I tried other ways and this one,works the best for me. I understand that it may not work for anyone else, but that is the awesomeness of God at work, our expressions of Him are unique, but it makes up the whole body of Christ! Love it!

Think about it, if we all were to act the same and do the same things would we all look the same physically?

I think I have mentioned this before; we have a passion play in Manitoba that is being out on Father's Day weekend. I am one of the 70 or so actors in it. This, for me, is an amazing opportunity to proclaim God's Word. It not only reaches the audience, but also those involved in various ways as well. Everyone comes away with something new to chew on / mull over.

I have to agree with S. Green, it's our actions rather than our words that shows the world the difference. I also believe that it is our reaction to situations, that are louder than our actions. Anyone can live a good and moral life, I see it all the time. What makes us stand out in the crowd is how we react to tragity, and how we endure it. I just got through writting a book [title removed], it's at the publisher's being reviewed for publication. As soon as that happened, I lost my job, then my wife left me, now I'm living in a motel cause I'm homeless. No money, and bills are due, over-due, and some mildew. Satin would have me to sift like wheat, but my Lord prayed for me. I could throw a pitty party and say look at what the enimy is doing to me, give up and allow the ssituation to over-come me. The world would understand and say "that poor man". Instead I choose to stand my ground, knowing that sorrow only last for the night, and that joy comes in the morning. The Lord has sustained me with good friends that help with gas and food when they can. I have a roof over my head for now thanks to my church. I am still doing my college classes on line and maintaining a 3.80 gpa. I know a job is just around the corner, to help me get back on my feet. I know that if my wife chooses to get a divorce, then that deed is hers to deal with. All things are for the greater good. I choose to all I can, then stand firm in the word of the Lord and not faint. I know this is a test of faith to stand behind my book, for it proclaims the power of faith and prayer. It is written, "I will never leave you, nor forsake you". Jesus is the way, the truth, and the Life. God's promisses are true, my life represents those promisses. That is how the world sees the differences between us and them. When they watch you endure anything with the strength and love of Christ, they want it, and that is what opens doors. God Bless

The Christian life is indeed "a journey" as was already noted. We go from enemy territory to our home, in Heaven. We, as Christians and followers of Jesus live a life of faith and trust. Sometimes you "fly- by-the-seat-of-your-pants" with your faith. Sometimes your in solitude. Sometimes dealing with difficult situations, stresses, etc.

But wherever we may find ourselves we are examples of what Jesus has done in our hearts towards others that we come in contact with.

I agree that our lives are a great testimony for God. However, I think there may be times when we can actually say something to someone about God or Jesus. I think we need to rely on the Holy Spirit and be sensitive to His leadings for possible situations. Even a few words, like "I trust God for direction..." can get people thinking.

Everywhere and Anytime is an opportune time to share the Gospel with someone else. It is what you do and say. How you handle adversity and pressure shows where your heart is. When you are a child of the King and have a relationship, what you study shows in what you do.

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