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2 Samuel 1:1-27

David responds admirably once again in 2 Samuel 1. Saul has been killed in battle which clears the way for David to be the next king. So how would you expect David to react to the news of Saul's death? Well, by worldly standards perhaps rejoicing, gloating, celebration. We see just the opposite here because David is living by God's standards. He honors Saul and his sons, and as we see, even composes a beautiful song of tribute that was taught to the people of Judah.

This story is a great reminder that our actions and responses are important as well as visible to people every day. So as a Christian how can we keep at the forefront that everything we do is on display and then use it to help us respond to whatever life brings our way? Tami W.

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At church a few years ago in life group they taught us the SHINE principle.

S- Serving others
H- Honor God
I- Integrity
N- Navigate by values
E- Excel in relationships

Being a Christian leader is what it takes to respond to whatever life brings our way and serves as a positive example to others. This doesn't mean that we're perfect but it means that we must stand apart from the crowd, that we are separate and distinct because of the Holy Spirit living in us, and that we must love our enemies as ourselves. David exemplified his role as a Christian leader- he didn't rejoice at the news of Saul's death; instead, he set the tone for those around him to mourn for the loss of the Lord's anointed.
My prayer today is that the Light of Jesus would shine on me/us today and that all will see His love through my/our actions.

Everything we do IS on display, in the eyes of God. So keeping that in the forefront of our minds, helping us censor all we might choose to do, can help us respond in the best manner possible.

We need a steady prayer life. We need to ask God to show us things that are not pleasing. At the end of each day, we should examine ourselves and see where we missed the mark. We need to stay in God's Word in order to know how to live a life that duplicates Jesus Christ. Yes, we will fall short, but we should always be making a conscience effort to live the life God would have us live.

I agree with Kevin and as well keeping in prayer. I think the first causes the latter though.

Lisa, you are correct. We need a steady prayer life. David was the prime example of this as well as seeking God's own heart. I pray daily for God to create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me because of falling short so many times. David realized he could not do it without God, I can't see how we can be any different. I desire so much that every word that I speak every step that I take glorify God - but without spending time with Him it can be quite difficult.

I like Jimmy B's SHINE concept. Because as Christians we have to do all those things because people are watching us. Let us SHINE by starting in our homes and our families, our neighbours, our church, those at work, those people we come into contact with when we go shopping. Our children and young people are paying attention how we behave so let us be very careful how we speak to them. Speak to them with love and not chastisement when they err. We have to be "role models" for all persons with whom we come into contact by showing what a blessing and joy it is to walk with God daily. Let them see our good works and give the glory to our Lord in heaven. Do this in humility.

As Christians we are in the limelight and as soon as we stumble all eyes are on us and this can deter others from following God and this is not good at all because we have to answer to our Lord. If however we should stumble seek forgiveness from the God and the person/s immediately. Remember we are not perfect.

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