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2 Samuel 13:1-39

Whenever I read the account of Amnon and Tamar, a couple of emotions seem to surface--sadness for sure (my heart goes out to Tamar), but also anger because this terrible situation could have been avoided. Amnon didn't have to give in to temptation. And in fact, he hadn't until his "friend" and cousin, Jonadab, entered the picture. Jonadab was rotten to the core and he didn't hesitate to push and lead Amnon right down the path to full blown sin.

This story certainly highlights the importance of making wise choices when it comes to selecting our friends and who we look to or seek out for advice and direction. And that's true, by the way, whether we're 14 or 40 or 84.

So how do we make sure we're making wise choices? What qualities should we be looking for in our friends and other relationships? And on the flip side, what can we do to make sure that we're being a positive influence or role model to others? Tami W.

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In making wise choices we need to make sure we are connected to God's word. His word is the blueprint for our lives and how we will begin to be a positive influence in others. Our friends can be vast and plentiful, but the ones who are closest to us should be those that will hold us accountable in God's word. Our closest friends should be those who are willing to step up and alert or remind us we are moving away from God's word. Doesn't mean we will always listen to them....but it does hold us accountable.

Friendships and other relationships are a big part of our lives. As Christians, we'd definitely want only to make lasting acquaintances with God-Honoring, God-pleasing people . I like that "flip-side" idea today, because WE also need to make sure we're God-honoring, God-pleasing examples to others.

I agree. We need to heed warning signs and not be friendly with those who are not walking with Christ. This is another sad story in David's world.

It struck me again today as I read this passage how quickly Amnon's "love" turns to "hate" when he's gotten what he thought he wanted. How often would we be dismayed if we got what we thought we wanted!

It breaks my heart that Tamar was a innocent pawn in all this but she suffered the most long term consequences.

To make wise choices, we must first pray before we make the decision. If it feels wrong or bad, it probably doesn't line up with the Word of God.

Our friends and other relationships should be with Godly people. We shouldn't be calling someone who has no respect for the Word a friend. Thas is someone we should be ministering to, sharing the Word with.

To be a positive influence to others, we need to walk the walk of Jesus Christ, not just talk the talk. Our biggest testimony is the one we show when people are watching and we don't know it. It is how you handle a negative situation. We shouldn't act like the world, but be separate in our actions.

May all we do give glory to Our Lord and Savior!

This reading reminds me of the importance of surrounding myself with Christian friends, in fact that is my prayer today that God will enlarge my network of Christian friends and that they share with me some godly insight about parenting...

Associating with non-Christian friends is important to me as well because I fervently pray for them and I often think 'I may be the only one praying for their salvation or that I may be the only Christian example they see' so I shouldn't shut them off from being in the presence of God's love. I pray that the Holy Spirit will give me the words to share with them the love of God.

I also think it's important to listen to God when He says pursue a relationship or let one go, it's critical that we walk in obedience.

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