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1 Samuel 18:1-5; 19:1-7; 20:1-23

Jonathan is the person of the day. He was a true friend for sure, but what really stood out to me was how he was so tuned in to Saul's sinful intent and how he calmly, boldly yet lovingly called Saul to task about it. That can be super tough to do, in any situation, let alone a family situation.

So when we see a departure from what we know is right in God's eyes, how can we address the issue with courage and boldness (and don't forget love) like Jonathan? Tami W.

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Commenting on today's bible minute below:

Tami Weissert: Faith is not about success or failure. Here's Woodrow Kroll with the Bible Minute.

Woodrow Kroll: There is no relationship at all to success and faith. Either you're a person of faith or you're not. Let me take you back to Hebrews 11. At verse 36 he's talking about others suffering mocking, and flogging, and chains, and imprisonment. I mean, this doesn't sound at all like a success story, does it?
If faith is not initiated by success, then the flip side of that is that failure does not inhibit faith either. Faith is never related at all to the things that happen in our lives. Faith is related to our confidence in the righteous character of God that fosters hope when our situation around us fosters despair.

Okay, let me see if I (Mary)understand this....

When we say "that was a devine intervention," it is not necessarily that we had a success of "faith." But rather just what was perceived as the grace of God (success) "through" our faith. Because we have faith that God is running our lives and has control over everything that takes place we understand that both success and failure is a part of that control. In other words, when there is a "perceived" failure, we know "perceived" success is on its way no matter what "form" it takes.

How many times have we heard, "I don't like the tone of your voice!"?

Since Saul seems to have reacted in a positive way to Jonathan's remarks in1 Samuel 19:1-7 we may assume that Jonathan spoke in a straightforward yet compassionate way to his father although he obviously disagreed strongly with the path his father was taking.

I don't need to tell anyone how difficult this is to do. I usually fall into a tone of voice that communicates my anger or condemnation.

Maybe the key is to know that ultimately it's not our "strong words" that will set the situation right, but God's plan and his strength, so we can relax a little bit.

To address the issues and things we know aren't right is tough. Nowadays, it's pretty easy to "offend" someone (even if we are right). I guess it's a fine line between correcting someone or stepping on their toes! But as you said, we need to do it with courage, boldness, & most importantly LOVE. Seeking the Lord in prayer and bringing the matter before Him, should always be done before talking to someone.

Confrontation is something that I struggle with; however, when I allow God to resolve the situation (via prayer), it is so much better! I agree that tone is everything and to demonstrate love is very important. I also believe it's important to get it out in the open- when the time is right- instead of ignoring the 'elephant in the room'.

I agree with Ed J. and I since I have nothing to add I will just wish you all a blessed day and pray that we will continue to strengthen each other. Thanks to you all.

The first thing I think we need to do is bath the situation in prayer. Ask God to put a guard over our mouth, mind and emotions.
Sometimes instead of causing more hurt and a worse argument, we just have to agree to disagree. Above all else, we have to make sure our heart and mind are in the right place.

Not every situation requires the same action. However, all situations should be bathed in prayer left with God. If He requires our help, He will give us the words and/or actions we need. Our job is to "be ready in season and out of season".

I am so grateful for this ministry and words from people who care. I've failed so much, I just want to put feet on my faith. It is good to have Godly counsel. I'll look for His successes in and around me! Thank you! My hope is in nothing less than Jesus Christ, His Righteousness. May the Lord answer all your prayers, and may His Will be done.

Confrontation is somewhat difficult for me too. I fear saying the wrong thing and causing more harm than good. It's not me speaking but the Spirit of my Lord within me addressing the situation. I desire to be a shining light for Jesus as I see people suffering because of their unbelief and loss of hope. I see Jonathan's truthfulness and consideration for his father and how Saul seemed recieved the words graciously but in reality had no change of heart. After prayer I can only carry the message, and am not the judge.

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