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2 Samuel 5:1-10; 9:1-13

Again today I'm struck by how David was so in tune with God. David is finally made king over Israel in 2 Samuel 5 and we see that he is thirty years old when that happens. That's a pretty long time from when he was first anointed by God to be the next king. But time didn't faze David. He was content to just keep on living by and following God's timetable--no matter what.

So how do we get to that place of being "content" with God's timing--regardless of _________ (you fill in the blank)? Tami W.

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I hope you had a wonderful,blessed weekend. I am still working on getting to that place of being "content" with God's timing regardless of the trials or obstacles that face me and my family. I keep in God's Word daily and I keep praying for God's grace, mercy, compassion and forgiveness on our family. Whilst my family believe in God sometimes our actions do not attest to it. Each day I lift up my family (including extended) that each person will see His glory. Everyday I see and hear of changes for good. I keep praying for the same thing everyday, among other things and give Him praise and thanks for His unconditional love.

The devil tries to block us when we try to get closer to God but all we have to do is call on Jesus' name and He is there for us. Deep in my heart, I know that God hears me and is working in our family. He has been wonderful to us and sometimes I wonder why, and then I say to myself it is because I pray without ceasing and put my trust in Him. We can never go wrong when we seek Him everyday; as soon as we awake and everynight as we go to bed. He is just awesome! Let us praise and thank Him for His goodness endures for ever.

One of the things I've found that helps to be content regardless of circumstances is to remember the promises of God. For example, in Philipians 1:6 it says he who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. I love the song that Steve Green wrote He Who Began a Good Work in You. You can view it on youtube at

I'll admit though it is not easy especially in an instant society.

But the good news for Christians is what it says in Isaiah 40:31
But those who trust in the Lord for help will find their strength renewed, they will rise on´╗┐ wings like eagles, they will run not get weary; they will walk and not grow weak. Isaiah 40:31

Aren't you greatly that we have an everlasting God!

Being content requires us to constantly focus on the "good" that is around us. We can find many things to be thankful for every day, life, love, family health (even ill health), jobs, food, family, shelter, clothing, nature. There are so many things to be thankful for, if we focus on what we have rather than what we do not have then we will always be content. The glass is always half full not always half empty. As Tami says we constantly present our concerns to the Lord we lift up our family friends and our many concerns to him for him to handle and we stay focussed on God and be positive As in many cases God will make the way for us by our very actions.
Today I am happy and thank God for my job even though the challenges are many, it provides for my family, it keeps me occupied, and is challenging.

Praise God

Tami -- and Bloggers,
Thank you for the daily dose of Poweredby4! This ministry is a kindness to my soul! I can view it at my desk and read the Word and take 10 min at my lunch and it makes me through the rest of the day!
I love Isaiah 40:31

this is very hard for me. I worry that I might be/have been like Sarah, who even though god had promised she would bear a son decided using a surrogate would be good enough. That did not turn out well! Thanks Jimmy B. for Phil. 1:6

circumstances. I have to remember that God's timing is always perfect because He sees the whole picture, while I only see the immediate. For God, time has no consequence - like it does for us. We can't box God in!

To be "content" is something we have to learn, as the Apostle Paul did in Phil 4:11 "Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content" It's done through Christ and a close relationship with Him. It's something that's easier said than done as our natures and our feelings always seem to get the best of us.!

I appreciated all the comments today. Patience is not one of my "virtues" as they say. However, I do think I'm becoming more melo as I get older. Good comments in the blog today. Yes, I think we need to look at the good things that are around us and also the promises of God. I would have to say that the blank for me would be "how long it takes." That was a good point to remember that it took years before David became king, and Moses out of Eqypt.

how I feel. I just remind myself that it is not about me! My goal is to be the image of Jesus Christ; to be like Christ. I can't do that if I am acting like the world. God puts us places for reason and He moves us when He is ready (or He may move other people instead.) Just keep on praying for strength to KNOW that God is our Source AND our Provider. We are His! We are His! It's not EVER about us, but all about God!

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