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Romans 8:1-11; John 14:15-17

I don't know if you're like me, but I don't typically sit around thinking about and considering how powerful the Holy Spirit is. But as I read Romans 8:1-11, that's exactly where I landed. For whatever reason, I hadn't noticed before the numerous references to and/or examples of the power of the Holy Spirit in this passage.

  • verse 2--the law of the Spirit of life;
  • verse 5--living according to the Spirit;
  • verse 6--setting our minds on the Spirit;
  • verse 9--we are in the Spirit;
  • verse 11--the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead.

So now with our attention fully on the Holy Spirit and His power, a couple of questions come to mind. Are we drawing on, and taking full advantage of, the power of the Holy Spirit living in us? And if we're not, what can we do or change to make that happen so we can live our lives to the fullest? Tami W.

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I now truly understand what living in the spirit means. I used to believe that living in the spirit was only manifest by the speaking in tongues. Now I understand that once we are baptised we are also baptised into Christ's body and into the spirit. My life now will be to live as Christ lived and so when i have a decision to make I will ask the question, what would Christ do? My daily life must be to live as Christ would have lived. I must no longer live by the flesh and do things as non Christians do. Living in the spirit will also mean that I will manifest the fruit of the spirit daily i.e. love joy peace etc.

O praise Jesus for allowing me and all men this opportunity.

Praise him

Wow - this was a great study. So many times, I have quoted Romans 8:1 - you know, during those times under tremendous attack by the enemy. But today, reading all the way thru to verse 11 - I have a more full understanding of what it means to walk in the Spirit.

Life, here on earth, is filled with so many distractions (some good, a lot bad) - our focus needs to always be upon the Lord, His will and plan for us. If we keep our focus and priorities in order; than we'll continue to draw from His power upon our lives.

With that said though - there are times in our lives when we don't feel or sense His influence. After searching our hearts, repenting of any sin His Spirit reveals, we just need to continue to live a faith-filled life before Him. Living a life that pleases God is always best!

Life throws so many curves our way, that I cannot imagine living without the power of the Holy Spirit keeping us on the right path. It is when I get a curve ball that I can cry out to God and he hears my cry and comforts me. My comforter, the Holy Spirit. So many times I can feel "his arms" wrapped around me, knowing he cares for me and desires to show me the best in life.

I don't think I take full advantage of the power of the Holy Spirit living in me; in fact, I know I don't. Many times I still feel bound by the laws of sin, forgetting that for me its not about the law, but rather grace.. we are saved by grace through faith.

Clearly the bible states that those who live in the flesh cannot please God. I find that when I don't read/study God's word, then I see the works of the flesh being manifested in my life; and mostly its in my thoughts.. the heart is deceitful and terribly wicked; which is why David had to ask God to create in him a clean heart. This is a daily walk and each day we need to give ourselves to God because our times are in His hands. Let Him lead and guide us.

I know that I don't fully focus on The Holy Spirit dwelling in me. I think that day to day, we allow outside influences to distract us from Him. I read and re-read the Scripture and it's funny how the Holy Spirit is all over the text and I hadn't noticed it before. (See another distraction.)

I quote it. I try to live by it. I pray about it. And all I can do is pray some for wisdom and understand. I will continue to be drawn to His word and try to follow the guide of The Holy Spirit as He shows me where I need to be.

I'm glad that the questions are back - kind of the miniature Bible study that I've always found helpful

Rachel, Your not alone. At times I fall and immediately satan put the one two at me and trys to convine me I'm not saveable. Since he tries so hard I imagine he is the lier. Hey. I enjoyed the reading on the Spirit. I have given my life to Christ and have been baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit. Sometimes things of this world temp me though like the lotto. Oh if I win I can help the Church and what not. And take care of my neices and nephews. Wrong. This lesson today brings that even more clear to me. If I'm thinking on fleshly things, which the lotto is I'm living in the flesh and not Christs. But if I take every thought captive to Christ I am in the Spirit. Isn't it great even though this all I have known Christ to hold me as I cry out to Him or just cry. The comforter comes and holds me and I feel peace. God sure is good.

I trust and believe the Holy Spirit lives within me, and has been in me since I trusted in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior many years ago. It is in those "Job" episodes of life - those moments when circumstances I cannot anticipate or control surprise me and I really am not clear on how to pray - that I am acutely aware of His presence, His peace, His power. Somewhere in that moment He calms me down, reminds me that He is in control, and gives me clarity on how to pray, and the ability to put together a coherent thought so that others know how to pray. I think the fact that my first thought and action were to reach out to the Lord came from the Holy Spirit, not from me thinking that would be a really smart move. I thank the Lord for His constant presence in and with me and that He makes the truth of Scripture come alive. God's blessings to all.

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