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Ephesians 4:1-16

Paul talks about unity in the Body of Christ in Ephesians 4, and part of attaining that unity is us becoming spiritually mature. So what does that look like? Well, Paul tells us that our goal is to be like Christ. "We are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ" (verse 15). But growing up is a process. I find it helpful to think about growing up spiritually as a journey. I'm on a road with my destination being living my life like Christ. But here's the thing. When we accepted Christ as Savior (whether that's six months, five years, twenty years ago) isn't necessarily an indicator of where we are on that road.

So take a minute and consider how far you've come on your journey. Then, let's talk about how we can move further down the road. What are some specific actions you and I can take to grow our relationship with Christ and in so doing become more like Him? Tami W.

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Growing up to maturity is a journey. I am not sure if we ever get there while on earth. It is taking one step at a time by faith, just as we do in life. I have a picture in my head of a little child trying to cross a stream. All the child can see is the stone he is on and the stream ahead, but his hand is firmly being held by his Father. That is how I see growing up into maturity. The more we read and think about what we read, allowing the Holy Spirit to teach us, and the more we practice what we learn, the more mature we become. Earth is where we learn some things in preparation for our Heavenly home. (Dare I say - like school is preparation for earthly life?)

I know that I am on a journey. The journey of life, growing from an infant to a mature person takes a lifetime. So it is with my spiritual journey, I need to keep growing up every day. But I have to admit, growing up can be difficult. Sometimes all I need to remember is that I can live a better life tommorow than I lived today.

When I think of how corrupt my life was before inviting Jesus into my heart, I really do shudder. Up to the age of 36 (I'm now 50), I sincerely believed that my happiness was the end all, and if I could be happy, then I could contribute to society. Trouble is, as we all should now know, finding happiness without Christ is like finding an invisible coin in a dark room (ain't gonna happen).
Today, sharing Jesus with others, especially my family, is my joy, and God continues to bless our obedience, as we ask the Spirit to allow us to live humbly.

To maintain the Christian life in our world today, is a task ... and certainly not to be taken lightly! Everything our Lord teaches us (in most cases) goes contrary to the way of the world. It can only be done by us relying on Him constantly.

Besides my personal Bible reading, sermons I listen to, or other Christian articles I might read - prayer, to me is one of the biggest ways to solidify our faith and walk with the Lord.

Always maintain that childlike posture of trust and dependence with Him!

How beautilful is it to listen to a seasoned Christian. A person who studies the word daily, but also living the walk in Christ. I was a worship leader at my church . We had christian coffee houses monthly. It was a place where new Christian would mix with mature Christians. I have seen how perfect gods plan was each time we came together. The coffee house was call Rainbow . I felt this calling then to lead people to Christ, their each night.To spread a wider knowledge to other brothers and sisters. God took me to another place and someone else took over the coffee house. Gathering and listening to other christian has help me in the past. All that being said I will be just a child of god because that is how I need to learn. I just need to remember that God is perfect and I am not. What will take me farther is letting Jesus live through me in all I do. Don't give satin a foothold in anything I do. Pray for knowledge daily.

We are all called and given the opportunity to follow Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. However, we accepted Jesus at different times in our lives and are at different levels in our relationship with Christ. I have always been in church, but I wasn't a believer growing up. When I look back to when I accepted Christ, I can say that my journey has been sometimes pleasing and at others a struggle. While I have desired to follow Jesus, I understand what Paul meant when he said that he does what he does not want to do.

I have come a long way, but I will NEVER stop growing in the Word of God. I will never be able to say that I have learned everything that there is to know about God. Our growth will continue and as long as we desire to follow Christ, to take up our cross daily, we will continue on the journey to hear those words that all true Believers want to hear "Well done, my good and faithful servant".

To be more like Jesus, to develop a deeper relationship and to do the things that God has written down in the Book of Life by our name, we need to keep focused on the goal. Yes, we will mess up. Yes, flesh will get us in trouble, but we have to be mature enough to refocus, coming back to our first love. Yes, it will be a struggle. Flesh will always struggle against the Spirit (Galatians 5:17), but we as Christians, must read, study, examine and meditate on His word both day and night. Our relationship with Jesus Christ depends on how eager we are to develop it.

I have been a born again Christian since Christmas of 1978. A very slow learner. God has brought me through many hardships and losses.
He has always been with me and through each one he has made me grow in my faith. Am I a mature Christian? No. The journey is rough sometimes but it is a blessed one. He keeps my hand in his and he does make this journey interesting and exciting. The most exciting thing about growing up is watching and bringing others to Christ. He is Awesome.

I thought I had reached a far way, but the more I read God's Word on my own and also through Bible studies and devotions from BTTB I realise I still have a very far way to go. I am sorry I did not start many, many years ago but you get "goose pimples" when you see how awesome our God is. Better late than never. We can never really measure His love and there will be no one else who has lived on this earth that can ever love like that again. Thank you Lord Jesus. We do not deserve your grace, mercy, compassion and love but you give it to us anyway because you are God and you really care about us.

I can only continue to read His Word and learn through BTTB and other bona fide teachers who use the Bible to teach God's Word. As we mature spiritually we can only ask him to empower us to decipher the false teachings and ask Him for His lead and guidance. Keep away from negative people. It is better to pray for them away from them. Keep company with people who are holy and righteous but at the same time praying for them also. This is a corrupt world and we must always trust and obey for ther is no other way but to trust in God who created and loves us.

I am not sure I really know what he has called me to do sometimes. I feel like I am taking two steps back all the time.

I became a Christian when I was 18 years old. Although, I didn't truly start my realtionship with Christ until years later, I have seen how much God has changed/improved my life. I can honestly say that I have seen a difference in my life, and I serve God with all my heart.

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