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Genesis 49:1-15

Well Jacob certainly took a bold approach with his sons in today's reading. Some of what he had to say certainly would have been hard to hear. I found myself asking I wonder if Jacob had addressed these issues and problems with his sons previously? The sense I get, is probably not. And if that's the case, it's unfortunate because maybe some of these problems and behaviors could have been changed or avoided.

So what did Jacob's interaction with his sons show you today? Did it prompt you to think about or consider some of your relationships? Tami W.

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This is very good. I am a father of three and live a very busy life. I run a local mortgage business and coach football and basketball. all my kids are into sports and time is tight. My wife does the best she can to keep it all in line, but I have done a poor job of doing family devo's. I started this week making power of 4 a priority in my life and then doing it with the family at night. This has been a real blessing. Thanks for your work.

Joe Jauch

Jacob certainly knew the character of his sons. I wonder if we really know the character of our children like that. Looking around us today, we see those traits in all humanity. I also wonder if Jacob was being prophetic with Judah - referring to Jesus' coming.

Although some of Jacob's word's seemed harsh, I feel he was being quite honest. As parents...we have an ideal vision of what we want our children to be, but they are often much different. God made each of them very different. It's amazing to see the array of personalities in one family. It helped me to see how NORMAL my family is. :)

I also believe this passage showed the transparency in which parents should see their children. See them for who they truly are...flaws and all.

I remember my father telling me that I was the solid one of the three kids. I was the steady solid rock. That was quite a few years ago, and I still remember it. I also remember him telling me that I needed to work on having a happier attitude when I was home. I guess it can go both ways. We can teach children things to work on, and also point out the good parts of their personalities.

Both Jacob and Joseph are great examples of Godly men who lived and walked with God as the center of their lives throughout their entire lives. Both lived lives of "up-times" and "down-times"; yet they both had a grip on God that wasn't loosened by the events in their lives.

I agree with an earlier comment that was made; that Jacob possibly was being prophetic in his words to Judah. I think that the Lord was working His plan of salvation out here.

We trace our lord line through Judah. As earlier,said the plan of salvation started well before david. We think we know the heart of others,but only God really knows. So I am certain that Judah's heart was right, inspite of what we read before. God sees through the sins and find goodness. The apostole Paul for example. The sons seem to lack discipline.I had discipline as a child and it taught me to respect others. I remember when I was a small child and I had a fight with my friend. My friends mother told my dad and he order me to go to my room. Well being the smart kid I was I said NO. My dad chased me to my room and spanked me,the right way.I never disrepected my dad again. My dad was not the father in leave it to beaver or somthing. But he did teach me how to behave and to work hard. I Think our heavenly father does this also. My dad taught me values and morals that prepared me for life. He knew that life would be hard somtimes, He loved me so much that he disciplined me.So I would know right from wrong. Our Heavenly father loves us so much ,that he disciplines us To remind us that we were created in his image.He sent us Jesus to die on the cross to save us. NO GREATER LOVE THEN THAT!

Jacob may have been old and blind, but he knew, truly knew, his sons. He knew the good and the bad. It is funny that I have read this scripture before, but, this time, I found myself trying to understand why Jacob "adopted" Ephraim and Manasseh (Gen 48:5). However, as I read Israel's prophecy of his sons, it all became clear. Joseph's sons have a "direct" connection in the twelve tribes.

This has been a great study and I can't wait until next month to see what we will be studying.

Regarding my own relationships, I just had a conversation with my son today. See, he is eleven years younger than his brother and he constantly compares himself to his brother who is married, made mistakes and living in another state. I had to explain to him that he is to be the best that he can, not to "be" his brother.

May God continue to bless P4 and all that are teaching the Word of God and spreading the untainted Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Wow it struck me the same way Janice and Ed saw Judah's prophecy. As I read it I thought the same thing. How does it relate to Christs return. It sure was hard information for some of his children to hear I'd amagine. Unless they liked being that way? God Bless!

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