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Genesis 41:1-36

Joseph was summoned from prison to come before Pharaoh. That had to be scary. After all, Joseph knows that Pharaoh is moody and that he executes people when he feels like it (remember the baker?). So you'd expect Joseph to tread lightly, to respond super cautiously when he gets in front of Pharaoh, right? Well, that's not really what happens. Joseph is very respectful but he is actually very bold about God. Right up front Joseph tells Pharaoh, "It is not in me; God will give Pharaoh a favorable answer." (Gen. 41:16) and he never stops referring and giving credit to God. I find that amazing.

Like Joseph, I want to be bold for Jesus. Not just when I'm trying to witness to someone, but in everything I say and do as I go about life. So how do we get there? How can we attain the kind of confidence that Joseph displayed when he was brought before Pharaoh? Tami W.

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I think that Joseph saw God at work in all his circumstances, and he continued to grow in his faith on the journey to Pharaoh's court. For us to gain such confidence, I believe that we too must look for God at work (especially in the small things). We will grow in our faith, and when the time is right (and we are faithful to obey), God will give us the opportunity He has been preparing us for. It is much like going to school. We can't read Shakespeare if we don't know our ABC's. We have learned in steps and stages along the way.

How do we get bold for Jesus like Joseph was and attain the same confidence he had?
I think its a lifestyle; not an overnight or one month fix. Throughout the Bible, we are called to walk in faith, love etc and I think this denotes progression - one step at a time. As we align ourselves with Christ and His word dwells in us, those roots (love, faith, etc) will be so strongly rooted that whenever we speak to anyone (no matter what setting), His word and truth will flow out of us. I don't think we can attain that kind of confidence if we're out of sync with Him... I have found that when I'm consistently reading the word and having my prayer time with God that as I speak to people, I don't really realize the magnitude of the things I've said until waay after, or when someone else points it out, and that shows me that its not about the self. Now on the other hand, when I'm lazy and inconsistent, I see the difference; I get scared alot more, or nervous even when I'm speaking about something I KNOW and I'm probably passionate about... I think its called God-Confidence, and He's the one who gives it liberally. The question is "Do we want it"?

I think if we can take small steps and gain courage in being bold for Jesus. I love it when I have the opportunity (depending on the conversation) to say something like "I believe God is in charge." At least this can give the person something to think about.

I think that we are called to be the light of the world. I like tihs passage in John chapter 8:12. I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. I think when our family and friends see us walking in the light,they want to know why. People today have been lied to and they want truth. We who know Jesus, know this and the truth should flow easily out our godly tongues, when called to do so. To those who never read the bible or have turned from Gods grace, We may be the only bible they will hear. So how we get their is being a light in the darkness. Praying for those in our life and a ability to pratice what we preach. Live the ways of a beleiver in Jesus Christ because your family and friends watch you and when your life is not truthful they will see you in the wrong light. If we have a prayer life our walk will be full of confidence. Sometimes people around us will mock us. Jesus warns us in John chapter 16:3 These things will they do unto you, because they have not know the father nor me. If you ask most christian today what role do we have as christians? They miss [win soul for Jesus] let the holly ghost work in you and god will come out in all you say and do.

What everyone said is right on. Joseph did the same he prayed and walked in a Godly life. He trusted in the Lord and he was rewarded even in his tough times in prison. He even was favored in Prison by the head jailer. He was tested nevfer compalianed and he was rewarded greatly. We have to arm ourselves in Gods Word and Trust in the Lord and have peace during the troubel times cause God will reward us as long as we trust in him.

To get where Joseph was, we need to seek God continually. We need to be prayerful from the heart. We need to KNOW that God is worthy of our trust and will handle EVERYTHING. We can't allow "self" to get in our situations. We have to be all about The Father.

To attain that type of confidence, is to read His word and to study it, to meditate on it and to believe it. We have to work on our relationship everyday with God. Let us stand on the word of God and not be shaken.

For Joseph to get to where he was as a young man, he had to be groomed by God. God knows us even before we were born and the fact that Joseph had this dysfunctional family God had to be guiding and leading him to be just and faithful to God. God has given us all the right equipment for us follow and obey His laws and for us to be like Joseph we have to shed the wordly things and really dedicate our lives and He will protect us as He protected and never left Joseph's side. We also have to be patient with God and keep in His Word daily and give Him thanks and praise for not just the blessings but also for the adversities or failures as they give us a chance to start anew to become better people.

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