Three strikes and you're out...

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John 18:12-27; Acts 2:14-41

It was hard for me to read John 18:12-27 because, if I'm honest, I see myself in this scene. This is definitely Peter's biggest stumble, and boy, does he fall flat on his face--and three times no less. Well thankfully, living for Christ isn't a game with the three strikes and you're out rule (a big amen to that!!!). Living for Christ IS life and He is loving and forgiving and willing to take us back when we mess up--even in the biggest way.

The Peter we see in Acts 2 is absolutely amazing. He's a 180 of the Peter in John 18. So how can we get to being like that Acts 2 Peter? What are some practical things we can do to help us stumble less and shine for the Lord instead? Tami W.

P.S. Something I try to do is let people know that I'm a Christ follower early on in whatever situation I'm in (many times that can be accomplished by simply telling people where I work). It takes the pressure off of me right away and opens the door for the Holy Spirit to work.

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Good Morning,

I was listening to you this morning while on my Eliptical. Although the static was high & my first thought was to change stations, I was caught by what you were sharing about Peter.

I am so like Peter. Thank you for reminding me that God is right here waiting to help me get back on the right track.

Good day.


it seems we are all are like peter in our in our day to day liveing we sometime fail to to speak the name of jesus to others when it is neeeded.then others times we do it depends on the issue and who it is we are speaking with often afraid to turn people off or offend then in some way.we half to trust the holy spirit in each issue.

I really enjoyed hearing the contrast of Peter this morning. We are no different than he was. I proudly wear Whose I am and I try to walk according to the Scriptures, but I too fall short.

To become more like the evolved Peter in Acts 2, I believe we need to study the Scriptures; READ the book! We need to spend more time learning the Word of God and meditating on it to be more like Him. We should NEVER be afraid to say we belong to Jesus Christ. We are not just part of the Family on Sunday, but every moment of every day.

To shine for the Lord, we should do what ever it takes. From telling others about His love and grace, to sending out text messages praising Our Lord and Savior. We should examine everything that we hear from our teachers and examine ourselves daily. We should invite others to join us as we deepen our walk and explore the word with P4.

Today is my first P4 experience and I look forward to this journey.

Today's Church should take note of Peters' dibocle. Even though Peter majorly blew it, our God is superbly forgiving. Dening Christ is no small transgression. So Pastors, preachers, teachers and laypersons understand our God's ability to forgive and imitate it. When you/I "deny" Christ in some shape or form, don't RUN and HIDE.


I noticed something new in the passage today: the other disciple actually tried to help Peter get in to see what was happening with Jesus, and yet Peter still refused to even acknowledge that he knew Him! I always pictured Peter being alone, following from afar. But he had a fellow believer pulling for him, and couldn't take advantage of that to strengthen his resolve.

Though it's good to fellowship with other believers and edify one another, it ultimately comes down to the individual and the choices one makes - every day. Fear can be such a limitation in one's life and have such regretful consequences! If only to take that one little step, that one choice; to follow our head and heed the help and support of others in spite of what our emotions are pulling us to do instead.

I am encouraged, in Peter's case, to see that even that remorse can be turned into an impetus for good if we fall on God's mercy and allow His grace to work through us!


Welcome to P4 and thanks for jumping right in with your comments and thoughts. I love that we can all talk through the site and grow together! Tami W.

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