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2 Timothy 1:8-18

It's easy to say that we love the Lord and that we're not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. But then we walk outside the church walls or maybe the comfort of our home and get hit with the message of the world which ridicules everything we as Christians stand for.

So I'd love to hear your thoughts on what's helped you take that strong stand and say "I am not ashamed." Tami W.

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I am ashamed to say yesterday, I believe the Lord wanted me to visit a brother in the Lord who has suffered a brain injury 7 1/2 years ago and still is suffering every second from it. i gave into my flesh and did not go and see him. All day yesterday I was regretting it. By God's grace I am going there today and I pray that the Lord will help me not to be hesitant or fearful, but that I will be willing to share the gospel with his nurse and encourage his family. I believe God is calling me to work with those who are hurting the way my friend is. I want to encourage them, but my fears get the best of me. But I do not want to encourage people and then not share Christ. Because in these cases sometimes the only hope they can have is heaven. I cannot give into fears because it is stupid. Pray that I would not be ashamed but share Christ love today and in the days to come. Thank you Tami for this post.

2009 was not an especially good year for me. Like so many others I lost my job--I was a non-tenured middle school science teacher. It didn't matter that I have a master's degree in science, have jumped through all the state's hoops to be designated highly qualified (college classes, expensive exams, etc), or was teaching because that is what God has called me to do at this point in my life. So many people could not believe that I had gotten a plum position in a plum district--I never failed to tell them it was God who made those arrangements. Now, some ask did He make these arrangements too? I tell them He certainly knew it was coming! I am not ashamed of the Gospel--it is God's love story, the ONLY Person who can give hope and life where there was/is none. However, right now, my heart is bruised, sometimes it feels like it is crushed. I know all things ultimately work out for God's glory and my own good, look at Joseph! There is a dichotomy within myself--what I know is true (God is able to keep that which I have committed to Him against that Day) and an ache that threatens my breath at times. Please pray for me.

Hi, Tami!
long time listener, 1st time caller :-) I suppose I should set this up a little. I was raised well and both religion and spirituality were a big part of me upbringing. While int he Army (but because of it) I ended up hooked on hard drugs. If any folks thing 'having other gods' is an ancient sin, think again! Heroin certainly became the graven image I was worshiping. I abstained for many years but did not have a real 'recovery' program. With no foundation, like the house built on sand, when me mum died I started using again. This did not end until I was incarcerated. This is where it becomes relevant to the topic :-) One hears so many disparaging remarks about 'jailhouse conversions' that it has come to mean just a ploy from the judge. Occasionally that is true but not on the whole.
Once you hook up with the truly repentant and are not afraid to be identified ads a 'Jesus freak' or whatever they want to call you, life on the inside is truly bearable. Now, keeping that mentality when you get out is the challenge. "God will make the back fit the burden" a drill sergeant once told me and his words were echoed by a true friend when I FINALLY took responsibility for my actions.
I have 74 months heroin free, walked off a year and a half of parole and did 5 of 7 years probation without a single write up. This can only be attributed to turning my will and life over to God and not be ashamed of it. I do not evangelize but I try to preach by example. Has it been tough? Absolutely. To have a degree and professional certifications but not even get hired as a stock boy is tough. One's 'debt to society' seems to be never paid but that is OK. As long as I try not to second guess God, let others know how profoundly He has changed my life, and truly try to do the right thing, it is going to be all right. I am no longer ashamed of having a record because I know I am forgiven, saved, and (VERY important) behave as if I am. To me, that means trying hard to obey His just laws and quickly admitting when I am wrong.
WOW, thanks for letting me get that off of me chest.
Yours in Christ,

I believe that no matter what circumstances we are in, or have gone through, God is there. He chooses to use us to be an invitation for others to join Him in Heaven. People are watching every move we make, every reaction we have to whatever situation God allows. We don't have to be loud mouths about it, but we do have to be "ready in season and out of season" to share. If we blow it (and we all do), we have a forgiving God. Praise God! It is up to us whether or not we obey. If we don't, we discourage others from following God. The thing is, we may never know (on earth) who we have had an influence on. Walk the talk and talk the walk. Someone once said that without faith there is no courage, and without courage there is no fear. Fear needs courage to overcome, and courage requires faith to make a difference. Hmm...

I am a quiet Christian. I don't argue about the word of God. However, I am constantly challenged by people (I don't want to call them non-believers because I don't know) about my beliefs. I am asked why I read my Bible on my lunch or when I am filling in for our Receptionist on her breaks. I am asked why I sing hymns if I am not in the chior. I have had to remove the "tag line" on my email at work because I was told it was offensive to some.(1Thessalonians 5:16-18)

I don't know why it seems like I am sought out, but I don't back down. When I am asked a question, I give a biblical answer with the scripture proof. It use to frustrate me when people came asking what I thought was a "test" question. (i.e. Why did Cain kill Able with a rock?) But, I have learned that it is my role and responsibility to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ anyway I can. I thought talking about Jesus was just enough, but I know it is not enough. To spread the Gospel is sharing God's word with someone else on their level. I am glad to show other's Whose I am!

I want others to experience living a life that has rewards. I struggle just like everyone else and I have problems too, but I think it's how I handle my issues. God is the focus of my life and sharing Him with others is a command that I glady accept.

Mary, Cindy, Ellen, Thom, Janice and Linda,

I was out most of the day and just logged on to read your comments. My heart was moved. Thank you for sharing your hearts, emotions and thoughts. Thanks, too, for being part of P4 and encouraging me and, I'm sure, many others.

I will pray for each of you tonight. Tami W.

Like Tami my heart was moved and tears were in my eyes, but they were tears of joy. Seeing how much you all love the Lord and how you keep in His Word is awesome. I am praying for each of you and ask that you also pray for Tami who has been strengthened by God to bring Powered by 4 to us. Pray for me also.

Just this morning, after the first service at Church I was speaking to one of our Church members who was struck down with an illness and he has not been able to work for the past months. We are supporting him with food, and this morning at Church I mentioned to him that we had some items for him. It was quite a bit and he would not have managed especially since he would have to take about two buses to get home, so I told him I would wait for him and take him home. This was not in my route but I just had to do it. The joy was not taking him home, but what he said. He said to me, "It is really true when you do God's work that He looks after you". That gentleman was so happy for the groceries. He told me about all the blessings and the support he had received. He was so happy that God has been looking after him and that during Christmas until last Sunday friends had invited him and his wife to have a meal.

Ellen and Thom God is watching over you and you have more blessings to come so just keep giving our Lord praise and thanks and you too will have joy, Keep in His Word and pray without ceasing. He is watching over us all.

For a long time I tried to hide my religious beliefs at work because during my first few weeks I was told about a women who was trying to push her religious beliefs on everyone. I felt like I couldn't do things like blessing my food, say "god bless you" to someone when they sneeze or pray for someone when they need it. For months I came to work and didn't do the things that came natural to me. All the while I was slowly dying.I was losing the real me & my close relationship with god. I began to realize that fear had control over me. I had to rebuild my relationship with god & chose to trust god instead of being controlled by fear. Now I bless my food, I say "god bless you" when someone sneezes. When people share with me what they are going through I pray for them. I do my best to encourage others. I am very proud to say that I am a child of God! Be blessed everyone.

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