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Exodus 14:1-13,

Have you ever noticed that when we're faced with a challenge many times we choose to play it safe instead of trusting God and striving for something better? The Israelites had this problem too. As they approached the Red Sea and it looked like there was going to be trouble with the Egyptians, they cried out to Moses saying "What have you done to us bringing us out of Egypt? Is not this what we said to you in Egypt: 'Leave us alone that we may serve the Egyptians'? For it would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians that to die in the wilderness."

Why are we content to stay where we're at when God has something so much better for us? How can we work on boldly stepping out when God puts an opportunity in front of us? Tami W.

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God gives us oportunities to trust and step out of our comfort zones. If we fail to take a step the less rewards we get. I also wonder how often we dont ask? I started out asking in the little things. for exampel it started when I went to the VA. Being handicap llike so many others their is not enough handicap parking that is close to the front door, it is packed in the parking lot and if i have to be in the back 40 well it takes extreamly a long time to get in cause i have to keep stoping. I started asking for a parking space up close to come open. To my surprise just as i pull in one would be up close and i mean up close couldnt get better. Not just once but every time. That amazed me and showed he was their and i got closer and developed a bond of trust. Then when our church needed volunteers realy bad to go on a mission trip in st.Louis i felt i was called to do so. I had a week to think about it before the sign up. I prayed and asked the lord is that realy is what he wants me to do and how can i do such a thing. I just couldnt shake that it was for me to do and i volunteer. To my surprise they were happy that I did and when we went I was surprised on what I was abel to do. I trusted that he would get me through and he did. I came out better than before in my faith and my trust grew. It was the little things i put out and asked and when i had a big trial that came up well I didnt fret cause I just knew that God would see me through one way or another and the way he did was amazing . God understands our nature and he is their for us we just need to pray and talk to him continously and ask for the little things and thank him. Take baby steps and soon you will learn to hear louder or feel the pull in the riht direction more clearly. And when you go through times that you feel you dont hear anything just remember he is their dont abandon him.

We are content to stay where we are because we are people of habits and routines. But, if the Lord is moving us into a new direction especially after much prayer, we need to trust Him and step out in faith. We may not always see what's up ahead but we can trust the one that made the whole world.

Please pray for me as I am presently seeking the Lord for a new job....presently in ministry 21 years. The leaders have lost the vision and is fearful in the unknown and because of this we are seeing the minsitry going down before our eyes. I am not challenged anymore but yet ask God to help me to continue to do my best with His strength and wait for His timing. I am also praying for God's best...the husband that He is preparing for me and I for him.

I do enjoy reading the comments and will pray for you and your ministry. Thanks for your prayers.

Often, when I am reading God's word I try to pick up subtle characteristics about Him. But with todays reading is the FACT that He is a Savior (rescuer) among many other things. Thank You, Abba, for this example and glimpse of Your Mighty and Strong Arm in Exodus 14.

Fear and forgetfulness. We are so afraid of the future. We know what the past has been, but to step out into something new is frightening. We forget how faithful God is. We forget that He alone knows what is in our future. We also for get that He loves us and wants nothing but the best for us.
Another thing that caught my attention in today's reading is that God says to stay, not do anything; let God do the battle for you.


Thanks for sharing your prayer request. We'll be taking your request to God on your behalf. Tami W.

Thanks for all your comments again. I was very encouraged by them. I was thinking about what Sonia said about God moving us out of our comfort zones. I'm wondering why God is allowing me to go through some "crazy" issues at work. Perhaps He is preparing me for something very special in the near future.

When I readthis passage I think about what I am going through in my own life. I lost my job a year ago. Since then I have been working off and on with the reserves. My husband works full time. It used to take both our incomes to pay the bills. It still does but some how we are able to pay the bills even when I don't ave a paycheck to help out.

prior to me losing my job, I had felt the call to go back to school and get more education for another career field. I kept putting it off because I kept telling myself there was no way were going to make it. Now I am relying fully on God to provide and as a confidant. I am so amazed at how he provides and thankful.

For most of us it is very hard to trust that God will deliver us from our problems when we see absolutely not way out. The Israelites saw a dead end. They came to a sea that they could not cross over and the Egyptians were right behind them. There was no where else to go. Moses clearly told them that God would delivery them; Moses told them to just stand still and trust God. I have a problem with this sometimes. I am in situations that I don't see any way out of. I pray and there is no answer, so I take things into my own hands and the situation gets worse. I pray but I know that I don't totally give the problem to God, I am still thinking of things that I can do to solve the problem. The times when I do stop worrying and trying to solve my own problems, and just waiting patiently (very hard to do) for God to take care of the situation, God blesses me. It is an opportunity to grow closer to the Lord.

I think we get comfortable where we are and do not want to make any changes that will take us out of our area of comfort. Although we "say" we trust the Lord with everything, we still cling to self for comfort. We know we can't do anything apart from the Lord, but we think "we" can do anything needed and that we know what is best for us. We are afraid to step out on faith and FULLY trust in the Lord.

We have to trust God with EVERY aspect of our lives. God had been calling me to find a church home that "focused" on the word of God. I grew up in a certain type of church and that was my "comfort zone". I had changed churches before, but had went back into my comfort zone when the church I was attending went into a direction that wasn't focusing on God's word. The Holy Spirit tugged at me each week and finally I gave in and during Lent, a few years ago, went out seeking where God was drawing me to.

God showed me where He didn't want me during my many visits and finally showed me where He wanted me to be. I have grown so much in His word. I am so thankful that I stopped resisting His call. I know there are other areas that He has guided me; when He has pulled me in a certain direction and I am thankful that God is a God of second chances. He has given us so many examples of His love, His compassion and His abilities. He is capable, but we have to give Him us without doubt knowing that He will provide for us and He will not leave us nor will He lead us into anything hurtful to us.

I did not get a chance to check the blog today and it is now 12:33 a.m. and I decided I must check to see the comments. Powered by 4 blog means a lot to me and I feel close to each of you. Sonia, I am so sorry that ministry has lost focus and I pray that our Lord and Saviour will direct you. He is there for us. Brenda, yes we have doubts, but you know what never give up and just keep in His Word. Pray and pray and pray and remember we are to "wait on Him". He knows what is best for us and sometimes He answers speedily but sometimes I think He sees how impatient we are. So just trust Him, because He will never, ever change and His Word is the Truth. May He continue to bless us as we continue to keep give Him praise and thanks for protecting us from evil. Thanks for all the comments.

I do try very hard to remember that God is almighty and he can do anything. Sometimes, I fail miserably at that. Satan will use whatever opening he can get to try and get to the people that believe in God. It is a struggle for me everyday with that. But somehow, God always manages to help me through it.

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