November 15th

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Luke 9:28-43

Make the most of every mountaintop experience. Peter, James and John clearly had a mountaintop experience in our passage today and I love that we got a little glimpse of it. It got me thinking about how many times we have mountaintop experiences as we live out our Christian walk. There's nothing like them while they last. But you know, as do I, that these high points are only for a time.

So here are some things to consider when it comes to those mountaintop times. First, how can we harness our experience and put it to good use after the fact? And, second, it's easy to stumble and fall once our mountaintop experience ends. So how can we guard against that? Tami W.

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I had a "mountain top experience" that I described in a comment from the blog on Friday. I have shared that with many believers that have veiwed it as the same strong testiment. But the first person I shared it with with was my father. I was in the middle of the "awe", crying because the power of God's work was so intense. I asked my father (who is a deacon in his church) if he beleived this truly was Gad's work. He said, "I don't know, but I certainly don't not believe." I was crushed. I was looking for him to validate my belief. After being in this place of feeling like I needed him to validate me, I realized. I don't need human validation. Although true believers "get it". I am not looking for approval in this world.
"I don't want to gain the whole world and loose myself"

I believe that when we have these mountaintop experiences we must first thank God for them and share them with others. We must also share the down times because we never know if someone else might have been in a similar situation.

When we stumble and fall we must ask God's forgiveness and thank Him for chastising us. We should feel blessed when God chastises us because it means He loves us and be faithful to Him as He is to us. When others let us down God does not. He is always there fore us and we MUST believe this. that we must trust in Him and not place our trust in man.

We should share some of our experiences with family or friends because we never know if our testimony will bring even one person closer to God. How wonderful for this to happen.

We must continue to read His word, find a real good Christian fellowhip group within or without your local Church, but we must keep in His Word to keep Satan out. The stronger we grow in His Word the harder it is for Satan to break through that barrier. Ask for prayers and pray without ceasing. We know it was never going to be easy but we do know He will never ever leave us or forsake us. He will strengthen us.

Our Mountain Top exps. are indeed life lessons to be shared as testomonies with others. We should also thank God for the opportunity to have them . Not only does it make us stronger it also allows us to see who is in CHARGE!
We need to learn to Praise God through the good and the bad, Praise Him at all times!:)

I am in the process of creating my "God Journal" where I am recording every awesome moment between me and God or times when I have heard Him clearly speaking something to me. For those times when I feel that God is very distant, I want to read my journal entries to lift my spirits and remind me of God's intimate love for me. I got the idea from King David who "strengthened himself" in the Lord by remembering previous mountaintop experiences in his own life.

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