November 11th

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Luke 7:18-35

Here we go again. Now you might be thinking Didn't we just read this a couple of weeks ago? Because that's what I thought as I read Luke 7:18-35 this morning. But then I realized that the passage we read earlier was really Matthew 11:1-19. Now this is the same account, but a different author. So don't skip reading this parallel passage today. (Click here if you want to read or review my blog on Matthew 11 and the comments that followed).

Now I love it when there are parallel passages in Scripture. I find them very valuable. Would this be your experience as well? I'd love to hear how you have benefited from reading different accounts of the same event. And speaking of different accounts, did you learn anything from Luke's account that maybe you didn't find in Matthew 11? Or vice versa? Tami W.

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About the only difference I could see in the two passages, was when Jesus was addressing the crowds. In Matthew 11, He expounds on the significance and importance of John's work on Earth in greater detail. He says John's ministry has brought forth (or prepared the way for) Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (which would be Jesus, I'm assuming).
It is amazing how two authors can write virtually the same story, give or take a few variances.

Jesus was making it clear to John the baptise followers and to others that he was fulfilling a prophecy from the old testament. In the old testament it was fortold that a messenger will prepare the way for the King of the Jews. That elija would come back. Jesus was letting everyone know that John the Baptise was that messenger and Jesus was the Christ King of the Jews. Jesus fulfilled all the old testement prophacys, which was proof of who he was.
I found it interesting how in Mathew 11:12 and in luke 7:29-30 was so differently described. If i understand it right in the paralles the ones who does the violence against God is the very people who were in charge to teach and proclaim Gods Word and that was the phar'isees and lawyers. The ones who listen and heard John the Baptise and repented and was baptised even though they were the tax collectors and sinners they were richer than the so called pahr'isees and lawyers cause they did secure a place in heaven.
If I am way off on anything please tell me where my mistakes are I am trying to learn and as you can tell by my writtings I am not college educated. I am blessed that i have found this site cause i am eager to talk and learn. Thank you

To me the amazing thing is that John said plain I am not a Elijah nor am I a prophet but I am a messenger tell you tho prepare the way for the son of God.....but in Luke Jesus calls him A Prophet and we see in Matthew we see Jesus saying in verse 14 and if you are willing to accept it, he is Elijah who is to come wow just a couple days we were saying wow so humble a man and now who is putting titles on him Jesus himself.....
Wow it just dawned on me what this passage or both of them are saying to me we should not look to be boastful nor lift ourselves up but do the work to build the kingdom of God and not worry about me recognizing us or praising us let all praise and all glory go to God and he will give us the recognition I want Jesus to give me a title not men....What about you...

WOW!!! Shanna right on!! Very well said !! That is amazing so very glad that you shared that

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