October 12th

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Song of Solomon 5:1-8

You may only get one knock. By the end of Song of Solomon 5:1-8 the Shulamite woman finds herself in a not so good situation. Now in my first read through, I felt badly for her. But as I read again, it dawned on me that she had really put herself in this situation. Verse 3 says, "I had put off my garment; how could I put it on? I had bathed my feet; how could I soil them?" Notice, no urgency, just hesitancy. The Shulamite woman delays in responding and as a result, she misses her opportunity and a sequence of distressing events unfold.

So does this bring any situations to mind for you? I can think of quite a number of times when God has placed an opportunity before me and I failed to respond quickly enough or respond at all, and because of that, I have missed good things that God had for me. Now a few times, God has put a particular opportunity before again, but not always. That makes me sad, but the blame falls on me and me alone.

Responding to God is key if we want to grow and make our lives count for Christ. So how can we be more tuned in to what God puts before us? Or maybe we do see the opportunity but we're afraid or uncertain. How can we work through our hesitancy to take full advantage of the situation? Tami W.

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I'm very glad that my daughter, Alexandra, subscribed me to your e-mail.

I get refresed every morning reading the word of our Lord the way you described it & make me want more & more of it.

Thank you for the work you are doing on HIS NAME. Please pray for my husband & myself. We are in our 70's & have health problems.

Blessings from above & keep spreeding HIS WORD. You are making a difference!!!!

Isabel E.

Welcome to Powered by 4, Isabel! We're so glad to have you and we will definitely pray for you and your husband today. Tami W.

Hey Tami it has been awhile and boy i am trying to catch up.It has been great reading the blogs , God is indeed faithful. The other day i missed the payment on my exam, the thing about it was that i did not see the deadline notice even though it was all over the place, now i have to do the exam another time because i missed the deadline. It got me thinking that so often in my life i missed out on what God wants me to hear or to do, because the signs are there and i am just not aware that hey God is saying something and even hesitate on doing it because i am not sure. we should become obedient to God and become open to the things he wants us to do without hesitating , he will help us to do even that which we find difficult to do. i got a second chance to do my exams , we dont always get second chances. I am asking for prayer for my brother , he isfacing some mental and emotional problems but i am believing God to do the supernatural in his life. There are times when it seems like God is not working it out but i am reminded that his ways and times are not like ours so i am holding on to faith in him . My brother is only 24 years old and he is missing out on his life please help me pray for him for his deliverance and the saving of his soul. Gods richest blessings to you and family.

Tami, Thank you for your prayers yesterday. I went to church and the sermon was on returning to God. It along with the message on this board yesterday morning were God's perfect message. I expected that after I proclaiemd my desire to turn my life over and follow Jesus, I would never look back. I needed to hear that others hit dry spots too!

Than todays message on missed opportunity,wow! It has been very evident to me that God wanted me to reach out to other Christians. I am so scared. I have lost so many people in my life and been betrayed by so many others. I lost my husband to suicide and that has been kind of the final straw. I find it very hard to reach out and trust anyone.

God has continually put opportunities for me to reach out, but I am so scared. This sight is a beginning for me and I am glad I did not pass-up on the opportunity! I have someone at church that has offered her support and I have not had the nerve to call her. I am going to try to set-up a time to talk to her. Pray for me that I can get past the fear. I will continue to pray for my continued trust in God that He would not lead me astray and that he will give me strength. I am so glad I found this sight.

Dian, glad to have you back on the blog! We'll be praying for your brother, so I appreciate you letting us know. Tami W.

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