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October 31st

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Revelation 19:1-10

Praise to the max. If we want to learn how to praise to the fullest, and I do mean fullest, then Revelation 19:1-10 is a great place to go. Full volume hallelujahs, shouting and praising are abundant. Now I think I'm a pretty big praiser, but I can see from this passage that there's definitely some room for growth in my praise life. How about yours?

So what are some things we can start doing (even this weekend) to pump up our praise life? How can we give more honor and glory to God publicly and privately? Tami W.

October 30th

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Matthew 27:57-28:10

With fear and great joy. Today's scripture is one of the accounts of Jesus' resurrection. As I read these verses, I tried to imagine what it would have been like to be there experiencing this incredible event from the different players' perspective. Now I ended up focusing on the women and their emotions and reactions. After the angel talks with the women, he tells them to go and tell the disciples that Jesus is risen and that they will see Him in Galilee. Then Matthew 28:8 tells us the women hurried away "with fear and great joy." Those words, "with fear and great joy", caught my attention. It got me thinking about a time or two when I've had my own "fear and great joy" experience with the Lord. Once I did this, these verses kind of came to life for me. It's funny, but I almost felt like I was there with them. So I think I need to implement this technique more often as I'm reading my Bible. Of course, I won't always have a situation that matches up with what I'm reading, but when I do, my reading will truly be an experience.

So how do you approach your Bible reading? Any ways of reading that you find beneficial or that help bring the scriptures to life? Tell us about it. Tami W.

October 29th

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Matthew 23:37-24:31

I want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Three different places in Matthew 23:37-24:31 Jesus warns the disciples (and us) about being deceived by false teachers and teaching. Now anything Jesus says is important, but when he addresses an issue three times in just a few verses, that tells me it's extra important and something I'd better pay attention to.

So let's think about false teaching. It's basically everywhere we look today. Sometimes it's easy to spot because what's being advocated is just plain "out there." But there are plenty of situations where it's not so clear, and that can be dangerous.

So how do we determine if something is false teaching? One way. Put it up against "the truth"--God's word.

So let me encourage you today to stay in the Scriptures. Because the more you take in of God's word, the better equipped you will be to avoid and combat false teaching and to simply live your life a way that pleases the lord. Thanks for reading, talking and learning with me through P4. Tami W.

October 28th

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Luke 2:1-21

No matter who you are or what you do, Jesus is for you. How much thought have you given to the players in the Christmas story? Today, I decided to stop and take some time to really think about the shepherds. The first thought I had was . . . why the shepherds? Why were they the first to hear of Jesus' arrival on earth? I had a number of thoughts but one was predominant. Here's Jesus, the most important person ever coming to our world yet the first people to be introduced to Him are some of the least important. That speaks volumes. It tells us that God loves every single one of us--no matter who, what, why, when, where... And verse 10 confirms this. It says "And the angel said to them 'Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.'" (emphasis added).

Sometimes it's hard for me to understand and accept that God loves me--unconditionally. Can you relate? So how can we work on not just accepting this incredible love, but embracing it fully? Tami W.

October 27th

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Luke 9:10-36

I absolutely want to follow Jesus--just tell me what to do. Do you ever find yourself thinking Ok Lord, I want to follow You but I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to do? Yeah, me too. Now when I'm asking that question, what I'm really wanting is fully detailed, step-by-step instructions for pretty much every circumstance in my life. I'd love to open my Bible and find a special "instructions for Tami" section. (wouldn't we all?) Well, that's never happened and it never will, and actually God has provided me (us) with quite a bit of instruction and formation on what being a Christ-follower requires or looks like. Luke 9:23 from our passage today is one of those places where we find instruction. Jesus tells us "'If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me."'

So let's jump in and think about being a Christ-follower. First, what does taking up our cross daily mean? And then, what does this look like as we daily follow Christ? Tami W.

October 26th

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Acts 24

Not Ashamed. Not Afraid. Paul inspired me today. I tried to imagine myself in his shoes--hauled before the court with the possibility of a severe sentence (maybe even death?) all because I believe in and follow Christ. Think about that for a moment. The temptation would be to shrink back, or worse, deny Christ altogether. Paul does neither. Instead, he boldly defends himself and in so doing courageously shares Christ. I absolutely loved how there wasn't even a hint of apology, discomfort or embarrassment. What a stellar example for us.

So we have this awesome example, now what do we do with it? What are some things we can do or maybe some steps we can try to help us be a confident witness like Paul? Tami W.

October 25th

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Luke 19:1-10

So personal. If you went to church growing up or have been a Christian any time at all, then you're probably very familiar with the story of Zacchaeus. This story was one of the first I remember from my early Sunday School years. We even sang a song about his encounter with Jesus. Do you remember it too? So as I read Luke 19:1-10 for the umpteenth time today, I thought I'd be blogging to you about Zacchaeus. Was I ever wrong. By the time I reached verse 10, I knew I had to write about Jesus. He only said a couple of things in this passage, but the loud and clear message for me this morning was: Jesus is personal and wants to be personal with us.

Now I could give you a description of what I think Jesus being personal and me having a relationship with him is, but I believe that that relationship will look different for each of us. So think about this. What does a personal relationship with Christ look like from each direction--from Jesus to you and from you to Jesus? Would you take a couple of minutes and share what having a personal relationship with Jesus means for you? Tami W.

October 24th

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Matthew 11:1-19

No one is perfect. We're back to John the Baptist but today the setting is different. John is now in prison and the words coming from his mouth are quite different from his words in John 1 (see Monday's blog). From prison, John sends his disciples to ask Jesus if he (Jesus) really is the one to come or if people should expect someone else. Are you thinking, like I am, What in the world is going on here? This just seems odd coming from John--or does it--particularly when you think about what John is experiencing? Yes, he's John the Baptist (and as Jesus says in today's passage, there's no person born greater than him), but these verses show us that no matter who we are, we're going to encounter struggles, and we will stumble and fall at times.

So what are some things we can do now to prepare us for those tough times and help us minimize our stumbling and falling? And what about those times when we do stumble? We've all been there. What's worked to get you back on track? Tami W.

October 23rd

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1 Kings 18:17-46

Take the Elijah challenge. Elijah and the prophets of Baal is one of my favorite Old Testament stories. Elijah's boldness for the Lord is impressive. But it wasn't Elijah that caught my attention this morning. It was the actions of the prophets when there was no response from Baal.

Verse 29 says, "And as midday passed, they raved on until the time of the offering of the oblation, but there was no voice. No one answered; no one paid attention." This verse saddened me. These people were so far off base, yet they were so confident and emphatic in their actions. They didn't want God. They were living for themselves and doing what they pleased. Hmm...sound familiar?

People all around us are lost. They are confidently on their way to hell and don't realize it. So will you join me and make it your prayer to be an Elijah--to be bold for the Lord--no matter the circumstance? Our actions could change lives for eternity. Tami W.

P.S. If you've had some Elijah moments, tell us about them. It's always encouraging to hear other people's stories.

October 22nd

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Matthew 14:13-33

Sometimes 2+2 doesn't equal 4. As I read the feeding of the 5000 in Matthew 14, it felt like déjà vu for me. A number of years ago my husband and I signed up for a financial Bible study through our church. We were a little apprehensive, but almost immediately we could see that we didn't fully know what the Bible said about money or about how we should manage it. At this point we were giving (tithing) some to our church but only after we had paid our bills and purchased things we needed and wanted. Well the further we got into the study and into the Word, we realized we needed to make some changes, and the biggest change was for us to give to God first instead of giving if and when we had money left over. This would be a huge, not to mention scary, change for us.

Even so, we took the plunge and made that commitment. Now, I have to be honest, those first few weeks of checks were difficult to write because on paper if we tithed more (and that's what we committed to), we would barely be able to cover our planned expenses. So each Sunday I wrote out our check--regardless of what was in our account. That went on for a few weeks and when we got to the end of that first month, I was amazed. You see, we weren't short on our bills AND we had enough money to do other fun things as well. Now this just didn't make sense to me. So I went back and did the math again with the same result--we really should have been short. I can't explain it, but it's continued that way going forward. Is God amazing or what?

So have you had any "feeding the 5000" experiences? It would be really encouraging to hear how God turned your "little" into something much more. Tami W.

October 21st

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1 Samuel 31

I want to finish well. How about you? Today (Wednesday) our reading is all about Saul. It's really quite a sad chapter. Not only are the Israelites defeated in battle, but Saul's sons, Jonathan, Abinadab and Malki-Shua, are killed in the battle and then Saul is critically wounded and takes his own life so he won't be captured alive. Then, to top it all off, the Philistines behead Saul's corpse and hang him and his sons on the wall at Beth Shan for all the world to see.

Sad for sure, but also heartbreaking, particularly when you look back over Saul's life. He started strong and in tune with the Lord, but as time went on he turned his back on God and fell farther and farther away. Saul did not end his life well.

1 Samuel 31 is a great caution for us. It lets us know that even as Christians we can get off course. Finishing well doesn't just happen. It takes effort and planning. So what does finishing well look like to you? I'd love to hear your plan. Tami W.

October 20th

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John 1:19-34

I am not the Christ.

John was just plain old John. Are you as impressed as I am with John the Baptist in John 1:19-28? The priests and Levites are questioning John about who he is. At this point quite a number of people are following him and his teaching, and the Jewish leaders are wondering if he might be Christ or Elijah. But John will have none of it. He lets them know in short order that he "is not the Christ" or any other esteemed Jew and that he is simply the messenger. Now, it would have been easy for John to put himself in the spotlight here. But we don't see that all at. There's not even a hint of "I may not be The One but I'm still important." Pretty remarkable. I'm not sure my response would have been so selfless.

So here's the big question--how can we be more like John? Regardless of what God has called us to do, how do we stay humble and not make it about us? Tami W.

October 19th

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Psalm 18

God is good all the time. There are times I tend to forget that, but David never did. We're in Psalm 18 today, and it was just a tremendous reminder to me of God's goodness, faithfulness and love. David starts out by giving us a big picture view of what God has been and is to his life--my rock, my fortress, my deliverer, my refuge, my shield, my salvation. Then he provides us with some specifics and details. He starts with the tough times and then leads us up to the good. By the time we reach the last few verses, David is exuberant and freely praising God. There is no doubt in his mind that God has been and will continue to be good all the time.

So how can we model the attitude and heart of David that we see here in Psalm 18? Do you have any examples of God's goodness in spite of tough times? Encourage us with your story! Tami W.

October 18th

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Haggai 2

Be strong and work for I am with you. That's the message I took from Haggai 2 today, and what a timely message it is. You see sometimes, even though I love the Lord with all my heart, I get a little weary. Now I'm not talking about being weary from working or doing. I'm talking about getting weary when I don't seem to see things happening after I've been diligently doing what I fully believe God would have me do. In times like those my inclination is to start doubting myself, wondering if something's wrong with me and my attitude or if maybe I'm going down a wrong path or.....you get the picture. (Now I'm guessing I'm not alone here and you've experienced this a time or two as well).

So how can we use Haggai 2 and those key words "I am with you" in verse 4 to help keep us strong and working without doubt and weariness creeping in? Tami W.

October 17th

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Haggai 1

It must be in our DNA. We're reading in Haggai over the weekend and all I could think as I read chapter 1 was, if we're in the Old Testament, why does it feel like I'm reading about today?

God is unhappy with the people because he is no longer their desire or focus. They are caught up in themselves, what they have, what they're doing. But by the end of the chapter, we see a change of heart. The people reprioritize. They return to obeying God.

The US is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, and we have plenty of things and activities. So what can we do to keep our focus (or bring it back) on God and our priorities in order? How can we help and encourage other Christians and our church body to stay the course?

Tami W.

October 16th

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Song of Solomon 7:11-8:14

Goodbye Song of Solomon......So here we are. It's our last day in Song of Solomon and I have a few questions for you. Here goes. What did you think of this book? Was there a particular theme or message or maybe a special verse that spoke to you? And finally, what did you learn?

Overall, I found Song of Solomon challenging mainly because its poetry, and that means it's not always a straight forward message. I didn't have a special verse, but it just seemed to me like there was a consistent tone of purity throughout the book (see 2:7, 3:5, 8:4, 8:8-9) even though the subject matter was physical, intimate and even sensual at times. It was also a good reminder that God's design is for a husband and wife to enjoy one another.

So those are my thoughts. Now let's hear some of yours! Tami W.

P.S. Today is also the last day on Song of Solomon on Back to the Bible. If you missed any days or just want to go back and review, the series was called "Love Done Right." The entire series is also available on CD or DVD.

October 15th

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Song of Solomon 7:1-10

"I am my beloved's, and his desire is for me." (Song of Solomon 7:10) What a telling verse. One of the most important things I've learned through my marriage is that my life is no longer just "mine" or about me. (Yes, I know, this seems pretty obvious.) As I started this journey called marriage, I sure thought I knew about functioning as a team and two becoming one. I mean, how hard could that be? Honestly, though, I didn't really understand what this meant for me. So it wasn't until Jeff and I started experiencing our lives together--making decisions, going through struggles, good times, celebrations, disappointments, you name it--that I finally realized and appreciated that functioning well as a couple was the result of us giving of ourselves to and for the other person.

So what are some things we can do to build and foster our relationships (relationships generally and in a marriage relationship if you're married)? Any examples of giving of yourself that might be helpful for others? Tami W.

October 14th

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Song of Solomon 6:4-13

Here we go again. Seems like we have more of the same today here in Song of Solomon 6:4-13--lots of gushy, sweet talk. Well, we basically do, but in all that gushing, a few words caught my attention. Here they are: "Turn away your eyes from me, for they overwhelm me." (verse 5). Even before I finished reading this passage I found myself going back to this verse and asking Why this comment about her eyes? I came up with a couple of thoughts (and maybe you'll have some as well).

First off our eyes reveal our emotions. They're kind of like a window to our soul. And secondly, we can use our eyes to get what we want. Flirting and seductive looks would be examples of this.

So what did you take away from Song of Solomon 6:4 regarding our eyes? How can we use this verse as a caution for what we do with or how we use our eyes? Tami W.

October 13th

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Song of Solomon 5:9-6:3

Contrary to popular belief, looks aren't everything! Have you ever met someone so in love that all they can do is talk about the other person in their life? Meet the Shulamite woman. Well the "daughters of Jerusalem" get a little irked, and they basically say to the Shulamite, "What's so special about this shepherd of yours?" And, boy, the Shulamite is more than happy to tell them. For seven verses she gives a glowing description of her shepherd from head to toe. Now at this point, you're starting to think she's all about appearance. But then, she ends with these important and telling words, "This is my beloved and this is my friend."

Physical beauty goes away sooner or later (don't you love growing old). But what gives a relationship foundation and keeps it strong is friendship. If the only thing we have with our "beloved" is a physical attraction, chances are the relationship won't last.

So what are some things we can do to help strengthen friendship in existing relationships and build friendship as we enter into new relationships? Tami W.

October 12th

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Song of Solomon 5:1-8

You may only get one knock. By the end of Song of Solomon 5:1-8 the Shulamite woman finds herself in a not so good situation. Now in my first read through, I felt badly for her. But as I read again, it dawned on me that she had really put herself in this situation. Verse 3 says, "I had put off my garment; how could I put it on? I had bathed my feet; how could I soil them?" Notice, no urgency, just hesitancy. The Shulamite woman delays in responding and as a result, she misses her opportunity and a sequence of distressing events unfold.

So does this bring any situations to mind for you? I can think of quite a number of times when God has placed an opportunity before me and I failed to respond quickly enough or respond at all, and because of that, I have missed good things that God had for me. Now a few times, God has put a particular opportunity before again, but not always. That makes me sad, but the blame falls on me and me alone.

Responding to God is key if we want to grow and make our lives count for Christ. So how can we be more tuned in to what God puts before us? Or maybe we do see the opportunity but we're afraid or uncertain. How can we work through our hesitancy to take full advantage of the situation? Tami W.

October 11th

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Psalm 69:19-36

Through thick and thin--we can and should praise. I'm all about singing to the Lord. (I know I've told you that before, but it's one of my favorite things to do.) So when I hit Psalm 69:30, I wanted to break into song! Here's what it says, "I will praise the name of God with a song; I will magnify him with thanksgiving." Now there are lots of verses that talk about praise and singing and I love them all. But considering David's situation here (dejected, asking for help and deliverance, crying out to the Lord) this verse is especially meaningful.

So how are we doing with praising the Lord in song and magnifying him with Thanksgiving? As we head into another week, are there things we can do to keep us on track--regardless of our circumstances? Tami W.

P.S. How about encouraging us with your story about continuing to worship and praise God in and through tough times?

October 10th

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Psalm 69:1-18

It's ok to be honest, open, candid and sincere. Psalm 69 tugs at my heart every time I read it. David is pouring out his heart to God and the emotional way he communicates draws me in. I find this entire psalm refreshingly open and honest. It is such a great picture of David's complete reliance and trust in God.

So what are some things that might hold us back in our communication with God? And how do we get to that point where open, honest, and sincere communication with God is the norm for us? Tami W.

October 9th

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The right words are key when it comes to relationships. Song of Solomon 4 brought a smile to my face as I read this morning. I could almost hear these words being spoken in love. It made me think of my sweet husband and the loving, tender way he often compliments me. His words touch my heart and draw us closer together in our relationship, even after 24 years of marriage.

Words are powerful. They can influence, damage, hurt, encourage, bring us joy...and once they're out, we can't take them back. Getting married and entering into this intimate relationship with someone completely different than me really highlighted this for me. It didn't take long for either of us to realize that words that "build up" go much further than critical words that tear down.

So with this in mind, how can we be more intentional in thinking and speaking loving words in our relationships? What might that look like? And the flip side, what can we do to curb our tongue in those situations where we're inclined to just speak what's on our mind? Tami W.

October 8th

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Are you in love? We really get a good picture of how love can drive and motivate us as we move into Song of Solomon 3. It's the middle of the night and the Shulamite woman wakes up. She is longing for the man she loves and this longing is so intense that she goes out searching for him. Then, when she finds him, she holds him tightly.

This sweet, beautiful depiction of love got me thinking about my love, and particularly my love for Christ. So I did a little self examination and asked myself "Does this passage reflect how I act when it comes to God?" My answer? Not all the time. (Ok, I wanted so much to tell you I am perfect, but I knew you wouldn't buy it. So you got the honest answer.) Arriving at that conclusion was hard, but it was good, too. I have some work to do which translates to me needing to be more diligent in my pursuit of God and His Word. He and He alone should be my first priority--ALWAYS.

So how do we develop our desire to yearn and search for nothing but God? Tami W.

October 7th

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Song of Solomon 2:7-17

It's wise to keep temptation at bay. That warning, to stay away from temptation, is certainly not a new message. It's been around for thousands of years. The Shulamite woman had obviously heard it and repeated these words of caution several times in Song of Solomon (2:7; 3:5 and 8:4).

Here in Song of Solomon this warning is clearly aimed at sexual desires with the message being to stay pure. This is so important especially in this day in age when sex is encouraged and exploited everywhere. But staying pure (not awakening our desires) is wise when it comes to many other areas as well. The less I go to the mall, for example, the less I "desire" or lead myself to believe that I need two pairs of new shoes or jeans or whatever. You get the picture.

So when temptation knocks, what are some things we can do to stay pure? How can we encourage purity (in sexual matters and other areas) within our families, to friends, even within our workplace? This is an important one. Would you take some time to give it some thought today? Tami W.

October 6th

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Song of Solomon 1:8-2:7

There's so much more than just a love story. Yes, Song of Solomon is a love story, but that doesn't mean that we'll only find lessons pertaining to husbands and wives and dating couples. Our reading for today is a good example. As I read into chapter 2 this morning, the way the man and woman were speaking to each other (I know, it was syrupy and a little over the top) grabbed my attention. The importance of what we say and the manner in which we say it was not lost on me. Almost every phrase and utterance was complimentary, approving, praising, encouraging--need I go on? Think back to a time when someone praised you. How did it make you feel? How did it affect your outlook? Your day? A little encouragement can go a long way.

We all have relationships on many different levels. Making the best of these should involve giving encouragement. So what does being an encourager look like? How can we stay motivated to be an encourager when maybe we're not receiving encouragement ourselves? What about being an encourager to someone we struggle with? Tami W.

October 5th

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Song of Solomon 1:1-7

Don't take a pass on Song of Solomon. I know, this is a different book, and one that might seem a little odd, even make us uncomfortable as we read because it deals so openly with the intimate relationship between a man and woman. But God put it in the Bible so He must want us to read it.

Now I don't know about you, but every time I read this book, I seem to have questions. So if you find yourself wondering about or not understanding something, you're not alone. Shoot us your question and let's talk. That's what P4 is all about--taking in and working through Scripture. (BTW--We're starting a brand new series on Song of Solomon today on Back to the Bible. Dr. Kroll is taking a little different approach with this one so I encourage you to check it out.)

As we start into Song of Solomon today we get introduced to a key player in this drama and love story, the Shulamite woman. We're not given her name, but we're still given a fair bit of information about her. Read these seven little verses again. What did you learn about our young woman? Tami W.

October 4th

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Psalm 68:19-35

He's got the power. All through the Bible we read about God's power--that He is all powerful, He gives us power, not to mention many instances and demonstrations of His power. Psalm 68 is a good example of this: "Summon your power, O God." (verse 28); "Ascribe power to God . . . whose power is in the skies." (verse 34); "he is the one who gives power and strength to his people." (verse 35).

So when we read scriptures about or hear someone referring to God's power, what comes to mind? How is God's power meaningful to you? How can we draw on and make the most of His power? Tami W.

October 3rd

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Psalm 68:1-18

God provides for the needy--that's you and me by the way. I was feeling a little blue as I came down to breakfast this morning. No real reason that I can put my finger on, just kind of lack luster. Do you ever get that way? Anyway, as I ate my standard breakfast of peanut butter toast and fruit, I opened my Bible to Psalm 68 to start preparing for my blog. By the time I got down to verse 6 and then verse 10, I was smiling and thinking God, You are so good. You see, I needed a reminder, a kick start if you will, to get me back on track this morning. And it's pretty cool how our assigned reading "just happened" to be what I needed.

So how did God meet you through Psalm 68 today? Did any particular verse or thought give you a little kick start? Tami W.

October 2nd

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Romans 16

A common theme. Romans 16 is kind of fun. I love how Paul gives us this little peek into his personal life and acquaintances. It's quite a group of people (if I'm counting correctly 26 specifically by name as well as a few others). So did you do like me and find yourself wondering what some of these people were like in person? Well one thing is for certain, they all loved the Lord. Paul also lets us know many times throughout this greeting that these people are workers and servants for Him.

So what does that tell us about us as Christ-followers and what working for the Lord looks like? (Keep in mind we all have different skills and gifting so our answers won't be the same.) Any thoughts on how we can maximize our work and service? Tami W.

October 1st

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John 4

There's no such thing as a cover up when it comes to God. Every time I read the account of the woman at the well, I laugh (just a little) when I get to verses 16-19 because this woman is no different than us. Seriously. No matter how old we get or how many lessons we experience along the way, we still make mistakes and do things we aren't proud of. What happens next? Well, the less people who know about it, the better. So we definitely don't talk about it and if we can, we try to cover it up or brush it under the rug.

While that strategy may work with friends and family, it doesn't work at all with God. Let me say AMEN to that!!! It's a good thing that God sees and knows our every thought and action. Why is that? How does being aware that God knows it all impact our lives? Tami W.

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