July 23rd

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So, I'm reading John 19:1-17, and a few words about Pilate caught my attention. In verse 8 I read, "When Pilate heard this statement (that Jesus claimed to be the Son of God) he was even more afraid." I didn't recall reading that Pilate was afraid earlier so I went back and read John 18 again and even the passages concerning Pilate in the other Gospels. I didn't find anything. That caused me to spend a few minutes just thinking about Pilate and the event and experience through his eyes. I'd never done that before and it was a good exercise because it made this passage richer and more meaningful for me.

In this very familiar story, what was it that caught your attention today? Did it enhance your understanding of the crucifixion at all? How about telling us what you uncovered? Tami W.

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Good observation about fear. Something that caught my attention was when the priests said, "We have no king but Caesar." I thought God was their king?--at least spiritually. They could have said "Caesar is our EARTHLY king" but they just carte blanche said, "Caesar is our [only] king." It convicts me to examine my own heart--I would say that Jesus is my king--theologically, spiritually, but in the earthly realm, is my attitude [who is my earthly king?] much different from the priests who delivered Jesus to be crucified?

I took a second look at the scripture this morning after reading your post in an effort to gain a different perspective. I ended up looking at this paricular scene through Jesus' HUMAN eyes which helped give me a better understanding of the emotional crucifiction that must have taken place before he willingly hung from the cross. Sometimes I forget, as a result of his perfection and pristine examples, that Jesus was on earth in human form and experienced not only human pain but human emotion. How broken hearteded (perhaps even angry) must he have been when his own people insisted on his crucifiction? What anxiety he must have felt as he faced impending death! Did temptation loom as Pilate presented a way out to Jesus? Within the human manifestation it certainly did; and I cannot help but think how I would have succumbed to these emotions. Yet, Jesus was at the same time divine and contained an unprecedented love for humanity, so therfore we witness through scripture His calmness, confidence, faith, and commitment to God's plan for our salvation. It is not by accident that I end my post by attending to these characteristics...and thank God for that!

When I compare the scriptures, I notice in Mark 15:5, Pilate was "amazed" when Jesus made no further reply to his questions. I wonder if on some interpretive level amazement and fear should naturally follow one another, for it was after that Pilate tried to release Jesus. By then it was too late. What stuck out at me was how many times Pilate's conscience spoke to him, but he wasn't strong enough to do the right thing. I see myself here sometimes, when I know what I should do but I don't do it (Paul's sentiment in Rom 7:19). I have to work every day to keep my eyes on Jesus, because in my weakness I "fear" the pull of this world will take me away from the "amazement" of Jesus' love for me and what that all means. We don't know what happened to Pilate after Jesus' crucifixion. I wonder if the situation brought him to the understanding of the power of the cross.

What caught my attention was when the Pharasees stated, "We have no King but Cesar." I hadn't noticed before it was only the Pharasees that stated that. I guess it would be like today. Maybe some think they have no God except the Governing authorities.

Jesus remains my King! When the governing authorites of this world demand there is no God and set themselves up as God, it is to Jesus I must bow my knee and heart. Though I love the Lord God with all my heart, I still find I tremble inside when faced with the idea that I might live to see the day when our government sets itself up as the only god. As God has not changed His original plan, neither has satan. He is still trying to usurp God's rule and power.

You know, reading this portion of scriptures ,well, it sadden me because, [He] did it for me,and thinking about, that in the past that, I have been the Pilates and the Peters and the others in so many was in my life.Even though perhaps unknowingly, it still hurts. But! the thing about it all is that God knew it all ,because [He] is all knowing.I also notice in vs.11, that [Jesus] told pilate that he would not have the power over [Him] unless it was given to him from above,therefore the one who handed [Me] over to you is guilty of a greater sin. My observation, is this, [He] had to be God in the flesh because, only [He] can say that [He] [God] is guilty of a greater sin,by handing [Him] over to pilate,which is a sinner, and [Jesus] is Holy.God is so awesome!I love [Him] so much for dieing in my place.

The eye-opener for me is that all mankind, Jew and Gentile were involved in the crucifixion.But the ultimate power for this came from God. For the religious leaders, their hatred of the message and ultimately of Jesus led to the crucifiion. Yet they could not perform the sentence.On the other hand, the "super-power of the day" represented by Pilate found Jesus innocent yet were unable to stand firm and listen to his internal moral compass and release Jesus. In a way we are like both these groups at times. But I thank God that what was meant for evil resulted in the redemption of all men. The results are available for all of us today.

But when you compare these to Jesus you see thet true power comes from knowing God and being fully obedient to His plan no matter what others do or think or the pain you sometimes need to go through.

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