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Proverbs 10:1-18

I could use a little help. :) Well we're now to that portion of Proverbs where Solomon is giving us short thought after short thought and most of them are not sequential or related. I don't know about you, but I struggle some with this format. I guess I'm more of a "complete passage" kind of reader. Because of that, I have a tendency to not focus as much on this second part of Proverbs.

So help me out. How do you approach this section of Proverbs? How can we make the most of this book? Tami W.

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I'm with you Tami. I have trouble too with those short thought sections in Proverbs. I try to make myself read it more slowly. That helps a little bit.

Tami, I agree with you that it is nice to have an entire passage that contains cohesive ideas, working toward a particular theme or story line. However, when it comes to the wisdom in a book like Proverbs, I can appreciate the way it is written. Picture this if you will: a large meadow filled with daisies. No doubt this can be a beautiful sight in and of itself. You see an overall theme in front of you which you can appreciate for what it is, but you need not spend a lot of time looking at individual flowers because all them are the same. Now take that same meadow and fill it with every kind of wild flower you can imagine; truly a beautiful sight. However, you can't just look at this meadow as a whole and truly appreciate it. You must take the time to enjoy the variety of what lies before you; take the time to examine the intricacies of each individual flower and value it for its uniqueness and beauty. I guess my point is that although the gospels, epistles, and other such books are special in how they are written, I must say that I do like how Proverbs is written. You are guaranteed that the flower you are looking at now isn't going to be just like the one next to it. To me this keeps a hint of anticipation in my head...what am I going to learn next? Perhaps that is an abstract way of looking at things, but just thought I would share with you.


I never really thought about it this way. Guess I need help in understanding about a second part of Proverbs- should I be reading it that way? I know some of them are sequential, but I have never really read it where I got the impression of it being about separate themes other than wisdom. The way I have always looked at the book of Proverbs is that it is mainly short thoughts about different subjects, which is how I tend to do my own writing. I have always envisioned the author writing down his thoughts along with God, on a particular day, inspired by events he had been seeing throughout his life, or maybe something he saw that same day, or the week before, but the theme seems to me has always remained constant. For me anyway. Although I see what today's question implies, I tend to read it as individual nuggets of truth regardless of the order in which it was written. If I'm totally off, someone shed some light. I'm always up for learning more and more about the unlimited vastness and richness of the Word of God. It is incomparable, unparalleled, powerful, living. I love it. Thanks for sharing and for the great teaching:)

I know what you mean about struggling with the non-sequentialness of these types of passages. What I sometimes do (although it takes a little time) is make a Positives/Negatives comparison sheet. I make two columns side by side.

Positives vs Negatives
Wise children=Father’s joy vs Foolish children=Mother’s grief
Right living=saved life vs Tainted wealth=worthless
Godly=fed vs Wicked=unsatisfied
Hard work=rich vs Lazy=poverty
Wise=summer harvest vs Lazy=disgrace
Godly=blessed abundantly vs Wicked=volcanic violence
Godly=happy memories vs Wicked=name forgotten
Wise=teachable vs Fools=fall flat
Integrity=safe walk vs Wandering=slip and fall
Bold reproof=promotes peace vs Winking at wrong=trouble
Godly words=life-giving fountain vs Wicked words=sleeping volcano
Love=makes up vs Hatred=stirs up
Understanding=wise words vs Mule-headedness=beaten up
Knowledge=treasured vs Foolish babblings=disaster
Wealth=fortress vs Poverty=destruction
Godly earners=enhance lives vs Evil earners=squander on sin
Accept discipline=life vs Ignore correction=lose
Then these last two negatives stand alone: Liars=hide hatred & Fools=slander others

You can see how the verses do sort of build on each other and it helps make it pretty obvious which direction I want to be headed. (I used the New Living Translation for my Bible reading today & also used my own wording at times in the comparisons to help me visualize the concept better. Other versions will have different terminology, of course). Anyway, hope that's helpful to you & others. (Sorry, the formatting of the comment leaving program didn't allow for me to copy & paste my nice neat columned work. :-))

Well! I go into this portion of Proverbs with thoughts of,(1) The scrip... in vs.1 talks about what sons brings their fathers and I have two sons, little Calvin(17) and Isaiah(13)and they both are like night and day. I need the book of Proverbs for the wisdom to hand down to them.So,Ch.10,Helps me to 1st. apply the word to my own life, by doing that,hopefully! they would do as I do by applying the word of God to their lives.

Wonderful comments! Thanks for your thoughts!!

And then there are some of us who are just attention defecit enough that thats just how we think :~)
God is good all the time!

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