June 26th

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John 11:1-44

Martha. Martha. I want to be like Martha. I know what you're thinking. Really, you want to be like complaining Martha? (see Luke 10:38-42) Well, not the complaining side but definitely the "confident in the Lord" side of Martha. We see that in John 11 and boy, does she ever shine! Lazarus, Martha's brother, has just died. Now if you've ever experienced the death of a loved one, you know how difficult it can be. Yet, Martha doesn't lose hope. She is confident in Jesus. Here she is in a less than optimal situation but accepting it as being part of God's plan even though she doesn't understand it all. (Go Martha!!)

So how did Martha come across to you in this passage? Anything you want to put into practice based on her responses? Tami W.

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Amen, sister!!! I love Martha...we've taken one little question (why can't Mary help?) and turned Martha into a complaining work-obsessed woman. But when the chips are down--like John 11--she's the one who's got the faith that Jesus will come through in whatever way is best. You could say that she's grown in faith since that earlier incident over dinner. Mary--maybe not as much; she comes to Jesus here with a similar criticism (why weren't you here) but she doesn't express any faith or hope that Jesus will do something. It's like Martha doesn't do hopeless...and with Jesus, there's no need to.

One thing that stood out to me today was, "Now Jesus loved Martha..." Since sometimes I feel like Martha, busy, distracted, missing Jesus because of that, it really was a great reminder that Jesus loves me, too. How reassuring to know Jesus loves me today.

What I want do today because of what I learned from Martha is ... GO TO JESUS! Talk to Him. BELIEVE Him.

When I think of Mary and Martha I think of the incident when they were in the house and Mary was listening while Martha is cleaning, which I totally relate to Martha in this. But this passage is a good reminder that Martha is the one who is the believer that Jesus will do what he says and doesn't complain. GO MARTHA! I definitely need to be a Martha at these times.

It was so interesting that I had studied this on power 4 and then we had a sermon on it this last Sunday. The thought he brought out was that Jesus did not respond for 2 days to Mary and Martha's request. He brought out how much Jesus loved Lazarus, Mary, and Martha and yet he was silent during their prayers when they called upon him. He had a bigger plan, but at this time, they didn't know that. They and the disciples were confused, why was Jesus letting them down, why didn't he do something? He related it to when we pray during our struggles and trials and feel like we aren't getting answers; that God is silent when we need Him most. I find comfort in this. Still, it's hard when you are in the midst of trials to just wait and have Martha's faith. I confess I tend to react more like Mary, too quickly losing faith when things are looking bleak.

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